Written by hornybitch

22 Feb 2010

It was a warm night, and my male friend and I decided to do a dare, and see how many men I could "score" at an adult shop/cinema.

We arrived around 9pm, and went through to the back, got our tickets, went inside.

It was a very small theatre, with a couple of guys wanking off, here and there. We sat up the back, and decided to attract some men to play with me.

I had a short skirt on, no undies, and I started off by sucking my friends cock, while he fingered my pussy. It didn't take long for a couple of blokes to make their way over!

They got behind me, and one decided to fuck my wet pussy, at the same time as another one crept underneath, and sucked my clit, I was starting to enjoy the fun, and excitement, as I also got a bloke to suck off at the front of me, then another, all the time getting a good pounding from behind from adventurous men.

Then after about an hour, the door squeaked open at the back, it was the manager, shit we were in troubl;e, then!

He came up to us, and said, hey this is not a swingers club, people come here to watch a movie, OUT you all go, so we had to move out as soon as we could, even the blokes who Had been playing with us.

My friend said, to the manager, "mate, if this is a movie theatre, then how come there are so many men wanking and looking for a bit of sex, they wanted to play, anyway.

We were told that we were being watched on securitycamera, located in the back corner of the room, lol.