Written by Colt

27 Apr 2011

Many sexy times have passed since Christmas Eve and Jenny & I have been having a wonderfull time together, we enjoy each others company and our relationship has grown quite close. Karen recently broke off her relationship with the guy we watched her suck off on Christmas Eve and those visions have never been far from my mind since.

I stayed over at Jenny's last Friday night and Karen was out for the night so Jenny and I had a wonderfull time together making love in the lounge room whilst watching a porno, Jenny was as hot as, however, she wanted to retire early as she had work on Saturday. I woke with a massive headache in the morning & Jenny suggested I lie in for a while as she was off to work and would see me around 2 pm. I fell back to sleep and rewoke at 10am feeling much better so headed straight to the shower, I had just lathered up my hair when I heard Karen comming into the shower room saying "Mum I have been calling you" as she flung the door to the shower open and noticed me there she stammered "where is my mother?", I daren't open my eyes for fear of getting shampoo in them, she has gone to work for the morning. With that Karen slipped her hand around my cock & balls saying "so this is what is keeping a smile on mummy's face! impressive" my cock sprang into action rising to the occasion almost intantly as Karen had lowered herself to the floor and had begun to lick and suck on my now stiffenging cock, it was not long before her expert actions had me beyond the point of no return, although I did manage to to suggest that she should stop. At this point I rinsed the shampoo from my hair and opened my eyes for the first time since Karen had entered the room, she looked up at me with a naughty smile on her face syaing "you Like!" I responded by pulling her up to me and kissing her whilst slipping my tongue into her warm mouth, by this time her skimpy nighty was all wet and I pulled it off over her head, grabed the bar of soap and promptly began washing her tits giving plenty of attention to her rising nipples. Slowly I slipped one hand down to her pussy and began to wash over her clit and slowly penetrated her with first one the two fingers, Karen suggested we head to her mums bedroom and continue so I reached for a towel wrapped her up in it and picked her up carrying her into her mums room and layed her down in the middle of the bed before climbing in between her parted legs and proceeded to lick her juicy pussy. Karen tasted just as yummy as her mummy does, only Karen has a beautifull "V" manicured bush and Jenny has a straight landing strip. Karen was not content in just having her pussy played with and she soon moved around so that she could return to sucking on my cock at the same time as I continued to lick & finger her delightfull cunt bringing her to an orgasm the likes of which I had not seen before. I turned around and slowly inserted my throbbing cock into her jucing pussy an inch at a time, by the time I was fully in Karen was begging for me to hurry up, so I picked up the pace a little before reaching for her legs and puting them up over my shoulders giving me complete control over how far I would insert my cock, this was driving Karen wilder than ever and it was not long before she came to another thunderous climax. If I was to last much longer I needed to change the pace so I rolled us both over so as to have Karen on top and allowed her to take charge, but I had left this manouver a little too long as I to was extremly excited and before long I shot an enormous amount of cum high up into Karen just as Jenny came walking into the room screaming at the top of her voice, "what the fuck is going on here!"