8 May 2020

Well, I'd be dressed in loose shorts, but with no top, just in case of oil spills! You would start out on your front in traditional massage style and I would fold a little towel across your bum, pretending to be protecting your privacy. Then I'd start standing by your head and rub right from our shoulders down to your bum. Leaning across you, you would feel my belly against your hair. Then I'd move on to your legs, oiling each one up and rubbing in long strokes right up towards your inner thighs. You'd have your legs a little bit close together and I'd ask if you mind me spreading them a bit so that I can have room to massage. You would oblige and I'd move up towards the thighs and occasionally just lightly pass over your pussy, which I would hope would begin to tingle with anticipation.

I’d then remove the towel and pour oil on your behind which would run down your pussy. I’d move near to your hips so that I could make nice long strokes from the top of your thighs up along your slit, allowing a finger to separate the lips from time to time. Meanwhile, all of this excitement would have left me with a hard cock, which would be bulging in my loose shorts, right next to your hands, lying loosely by your side. Making my hard on rub against your wrist, so that you’d know it was there, I’d strategically move a little further away, allowing you to touch it through the fabric. Eventually, you manage to release it from the loose shorts and, just as you are beginning to fondle the excited tip, I’d say “Time to turn over!”

You then roll over and I place the towel once again across your hips and move towards the end of the table to begin massaging your beautiful breasts. Applying loads of oil, I take one in each hand, paying particular attention to your erect nipples. I then run my hands through the centre of your breasts and move both hands down your body ending up at your mons pubis, hidden under the towel and back.

You take the chance to kiss my belly as it hovers above your face and I bring my hands back from your hips along your sides and repeat the process a number of times. Just when you think I’m about to turn my attention to the area under the towel, you feel my hand drawn along the full length of your body and I’m now at your feet, where I liberally apply more oil and make long strokes up each calf and thigh towards my prize.

There are a few different endings to this story. If anyone wants a different one, let me know. Here's the first

Once again, I make you open your legs wider, and, as you’re expecting me to begin touching your clit. You feel the massage table move and realise that I’m kneeling between your legs. Before you know what’s happening you feel the warmth of the full blade of my tongue making long luxuriant strokes up your pussy. This unexpected action makes you even wetter and you beg me to enter you. I enjoy the teasing of my tongue on your clit until I can sense there is only one more thing to do. You then feel the tip of my penis edging ever closer, up and down your slit, touching your clit and then moving down and thrusting deep inside your pussy. We both gasp with exhilaration together and writhe in unison as we enjoy the sensations we are giving each other. Your hand moves to your clit and you touch it gently as I thrust deeper until I feel you come beneath me. Your excitement passes on to me and as my chest moves across your face you suck my nipples, gently biting them from time to time, which tips me over the edge and cum spurts from me, warming your vagina as it does. I withdraw and kneel between your legs, bending down to lick up my cum as it dribbles slowly from your pussy.