Written by chuck_chelsea

1 Oct 2011

A few months ago I had my dirtiest and craziest moment of my life. My partner was away on business so I decided to go to a club with a few of my friends. The night started out pretty innocently we had a few drinks and were dancing and enjoying ourselves. I had decided to wear a tight black dress to show of the weight I had just lost. Anyways as the night continued on I was getting drunker and drunker, I was dancing with my friends when all of a sudden they were gone! The next minute I felt hands around my waist as a guy began rubbing himself against me. We were dancing for sometime before he began to run his hand up my leg and under my dress, I could feel his hands slowly rubbing high and higher up my leg until eventually his hand was on my warm wet pussy. He slowly rubbed my pussy through my underwear. I then began to rub his cock though his pants after a short period of time he suggested that we leave being horny and wet I decided that it would be a good idea. We began to walk towards the taxi rank but we instead decided to walk down an ally to continue our fun. I began to rub his cock and he began to finger my wet little pussy. Then I pulled his cock out of his pants and got on my knees, I sucked his cock for alittle bit before I stood up and bent over in front of him. I felt like such a dirty little slut bent over in an alley with a strangers cock deep in my pussy! He fucked me for a few minutes before my wet pussy was too much for him and he blew his load deep inside me. I felt his cum dripping down my legs so I pulled my panties up and we left the ally. He said he was going to go find his mates so I said I would get in the cab line and wait for him. I waited in the line and as I got closer to the front I realised he wasn’t coming back. So the next cab came and I quickly jumped in it. I could still feel the cum between my legs and in my panties. I faded in and out during my trip home but as we got closer I opened my clutch to see how much cash I had left. It was only then that I realised I had no cash left. At this moment for the first time I looked at the cab driver, he was a older white man about 50-60 with grey hair and abit of a belly. I also had failed to notice in my drunken state that my dress had begun to ride up my legs and was not leaving much covered. At this point I tried to flirt my way out of paying for the taxi knowing that I didn’t have the cash for it. I chatted with him for abit as we drove home. I could see him looking at my dress riding up. Once I could determine that he like what he saw I placed my hand on his leg. I began to rub his leg and get closer and closer to his crouch until just before we neared my street. I told him to stop just near a park that back onto my house. I kept rubbing his crouch as he began to put his hand up my dress. He began to put his fingers into my cum filled pussy. I became even hornier as this dirty old my had his fingers inside my pussy. I then started to undo his belt and pull his pants do. He had a decent size cock but it still looked dirty, this just turned my on more! I started to suck his dirty old cock until it was nice and hard in my mouth. I suck his hard dirty old cock, I licked down his shaft and lick his old balls. He began to fuck my throat with his cock until he blew his dirty load in my mouth. I quickly swallowed his big load and gave him a kiss on the cheek and got out and walked through the park. Once I got inside I got into the shower and fingered myself until I came. The thought of the dirty old man and the random guy from the club made me so wet and every night I think about how dirty I was and if it will ever happen again.