27 Jun 2015

I wanted to share a fantasy of mine.

I've always wanted to "break down" on the side of a busy highway with bonnet up.

Frustrated at our broken down car she bends over to look at the engine. She knows she doesn't understand what she's looking at, but she knows her mini skirt will show me a way to calm down to find the problem. She bends over the engine, without panties and wiggles at me to get my attention. Not that she needed to wiggle...

I quickly find myself rubbing her mound, running my finger over her clit and into her wetness. I am intoxicated by her and she knows I can't resist no matter what the surroundinga. She rubs at my cock gesturing it out. I frantically rip my pants open and she takes me in hand with a firm grip. I'm hard as a rock and she wastes no time pulling me towards her hot wet pussy.

She braces on the corner of the car as my cock slides slowly into her pussy as far as it will go. She jerks her hips pushing backyard, signalling to me to get on with it. I pound her from behind hard and deep. A smack of her ass tells her she's a good girl.

The traffic whizzing past a few with horns blazing. Every horn just pushes me to fuck her harder and faster until we both tense up in a very loud earth shattering orgasm. We slowly pull back and take a deep breath as I fix my pants up. As I do she sees me look toward the engine she steps in front of it proudly displaying her cream pie. I pause to take a picture of her like that, sharing back with you all the most unfortunate breakdown we suffered today.

After that we drop the bonnet and jump back in the car, start it and drive off.

It's been a fantasy of mine for years... I would love to share it with someone.

If you try it out or have done this one, let me know how it was please. Would love to hear it to inspire me to make it happen:-)