5 Aug 2018

Part 1

I have the day off and have booked a room at the Mantra. I arrive early, check in and txt you the room number. I go up to the room to get myself ready. I know you won’t be too far away and am excited , knowing what lies ahead.

I slip the key card under the door so you can just see it and can pick it up and open the door.

I make myself comfortable on the bed, lying naked and slowly begin to play with my clit. I’m already wet with excitement thinking about what lies ahead.

I hear you open the door and walk inside the room. You come over to the bed where I’m playing and Kiss me. I can see the bulge in your pants and know your cock is rock hard. I tell you to sit on the chair and watch me, you can’t touch yet!

You sit on the chair as I begin to play faster. My clit is swelling and I’m dripping wet as I finger myself. I’m rocking on my fingers and moaning. I rub my juices onto my nipples and tell you to take your clothes off. I want to see your hard cock. I tell you to come over to me. Your hands run up my legs and straight to my mound. You spread my legs wide open exposing my wet and excited pussy. You begin to flick and lick my swelled clit. I moan as I feel the sensation of your tongue. You start slowly and get faster, licking and sucking my clit. I suddenly feel your tongue inside my pussy..in and out .. and licking my clit. I feel my body trembling as I can’t hold on for much longer. I want you to fuck me so bad but I’m ready to cum. I’m rocking on your tongue and moaning louder and louder. My body is shaking..i scream as I cum.. squirting on your face as your still licking me....

Now it’s your turn... i want your cock in my mouth. You stand next to the bed so I can suck your cock and you can finger me. My clit is sooooo sensitive now. I start to suck and lick your cock. I hear you breathing harder and faster as I take your cock deep inside my mouth. I suck harder and faster. I can taste your precum. I keep licking and sucking harder and playing with your balls. I can sense your ready to cum. My body is rocking on your fingers. Your cock is deep inside my mouth and you start to cum. I taste you and you blow over my mouth, neck and boobs . I love your warm cum over me and rub it into my nipples. We collapse on the bed .. but we’re both wanting more ....

I want to feel your cock deep inside my soaking wet pussy. I climb on top and lower myself onto your cock .. your cock enters my pussy. I moan with the sensation. I want to feel you soooooooo deep. I begin to ride you .. slowly.. your cock sliding deeper and deeper inside me as I ride you. I’m grinding on your cock as I’m riding you faster and harder.. my boobs are bouncing .. my fingers are playing with my swollen sensitive clit.... faster and faster .. your cock is pounding me soooooo deep... I’m ready to cum hard again... I can’t control it any longer and let out another loud scream as I cum hard on your cock... I feel you explode and fill my pussy with your warm cum ... we’re exhausted but the day isn’t over yet

Ready for part 2? ?