Written by Williamc38

2 Nov 2013

Outfit - Tshirt, jeans, bras n knickers.. Lacy

lock your door

take your jeans off slowly

as you do, caress your legs as if I was there doing the removing of your clothes

When your jeans are off run your fingers from your knees up inside your thigh and over the front of your knickers

Stay standing up

now take your shirt off slowly and while one arm is up in the air slide you fingers down and along to your nipple and squeeze through your bra

now that you are getting wet lay down on your bed

as you are now on the bed slowly glide your fingers over the lace knickers while you get wet

take about 3 minutes

close your eyes and take time to just caress your pussy thru your knickers but don't have an orgasm

stop if you feel you are about to as this has to take some time to give you an intense orgasm. So if you feel you are going to have one spank your pussy 3 times to stop the feeling and feel the intensity of the spanking

squeeze your nipple again

just your left nipple only

bring your nipple out and suck it slowly if you can

we will get back to your wet pussy soon

nibble your nipple slowly until you feel your pussy get wetter

squeeze the breast as you hold it and nibble your nipple again

flick your nipple with your tongue

cover your breast back up in your bra now. slowly move your fingers over your tummy and slowly you are going to play with your right breast with one hand and then your pussy will be slowly caressed again. you can push on your pussy but don't put your fingers through your lace knickers

as your knickers are not getting soaking wet

now you can reach down to your pussy and break through the lace and make these crotchless knickers and feel your clit explode with the softest touch of your finger on it - softly through your lace knickers

slowly circle your clit while you count to 20 then stop squeeze your clit with two fingers as you count to 5 then release and circle your clit again for 20 and do this 5 times... then comeback and tell me how you feel.

you are up to squeezing your clit now

lift up a knee and squeeze your arse

continue to circle your clit

now this time squeeze your arse with your nails and hold for 5 seconds and then squeeze your clit as your release your arse .. Do this 5 times

the orgasm will be intense when you get there

now take your fingers that are in your pussy and suck them as if it is my dick that you want to be in your mouth

back to squeeze your arse again as you suck your fingers when you feel that there is not enough of your juices then go back through your lace knickers and get more so you can suck again.

spread your legs apart as you suck your fingers as far as you can

now quickly spank your pussy in a nice time for about 30 spanks hearing your pussy get a pounding from your hand as you feel the intensity of your orgasm building. you are going to cum very soon

now push your fingers in through the hole in your knickers and rip them apart and push your fingers deep inside you

push in and out and now make your legs so wide

now make yourself cum by squeezing your clit with one hand and fingering with the other

you have to concentrate and give yourself the huge intense orgasm

Now you have come once I want you to just push yourself again and give yourself another orgasm again. This time just do so much more fast and I want to give you only another 2 minutes to give you another orgasm - so work your fingers in and out and squeeze your clit - So now give yourself another ORGASM NOW.