Written by johnnyo

3 May 2012

It was a perfect night for a run. It had rained most of the day, clearing the air and it still smelled fresh and cool. I hadn't done much running for a while and was just trying to get back into it, so I wasn't looking forward to the feeling you get when you are out of condition. I was concentrating on keeping a slow, steady pace to avoid getting too out of breath, but once I had a steady rhythm going, my attention started to drift to the surroundings. It was just an ordinary road in an ordinary housing development, but as I ran along I started to become aware that when its dark outside and the lights are on in a room, any gaps in the blinds or curtains become quite obvious.

My mind started to imagine the possible scenes that could be unfolding inside the houses and I was no longer thinking about running, but rather scanning each house that had lights on, looking for gaps to see through and trying to decide if it was a bedroom, study or tv room. The odds were pretty long really. Several variables would have to coincide to put me in the right place at the right time to catch a glimpse of a lady stepping out of the shower or a couple making love, but I wasn't thinking like a statistician, I was like a gambler excited by the possibility of a big win.

Most of the houses were single level, so I almost jogged past a two story house before glancing up and seeing the shape of someone at a window. The blinds were tilted downwards at about 45 degrees, so from my low vantage point, it was almost as if they weren't even there. I stopped running and quickly glanced around to see if anyone could see me. There wasn't anyone in sight, but I bent one leg up behind me and grabbed my foot to look like I was doing a thigh stretch just in case. The person in the room appeared to take a t-shirt off, but at this stage, I wasn't really sure how old they were or whether they were male or female and they were walking around the room a bit, which didn't help. After a while, the figure settled near to the window and it became clear that it was a lady, probably in her early 20's, wearing a pale singlet top neatly hugging a small pair of pert breasts. There weren't any lights along this particular street, so I wondered if she even realised that the blinds were open and were giving a perfect view for me. From inside the room, with complete darkness outside, it would be hard for her to see me, but that didn't stop me feeling quite exposed and wondering what I would do if she spotted me. My heart was racing, partly from running, but more from wondering if she might be about to get changed or have a shower and at this point, the excitement of that possibility far outweighed the fear of being caught. She moved away from the window and then without any warning, the light went out. I waited for a little longer, desperately hoping the light would go back on, but when it didn't, my focus returned to the fact that I was stood in the street like some kind of stalker and I quickly resumed my run.

As I jogged on, I wondered if anyone else would think like me. I could be at home, looking at an infinite number of explicit pornographic images or videos, but the chance of glimpsing a naked breast at a window was far more appealing, even if it was from a distance and in semi darkness. Was it seeing something I shouldn't, or being the only person to see it that drove me, or was it something more primitive. Whatever it was, it was an all consuming state of mind, a strange mix of a desire and patience, a completely illogical way to think. I felt a strange kind of desperation now, as if I'd been promised something and it had been taken away from me at the last minute, like a child promised a trip to the beach only to be disappointed by a change in the weather. Even though I felt cheated, it was like a small win at the casino, a feeling of being right and if I can win small, then I can win big. I ran past several houses that had lights on in the front rooms, but all the blinds were closed and I couldn't even be sure they were bedrooms. I have often fantasized about how good it would be to team up with an exhibitionist to fulfil each other’s desires at the same time, but it wouldn't be the same as some random nudity where it feels like the universe has orchestrated a series of events just for my pleasure.

There were plenty of bedrooms with the blinds open, but lights off and as it was early evening, my logical brain reminded me that most people would be eating, clearing up or watching TV. I was nearing another window with blinds open, but as I got closer, there was clearly some light from somewhere. I expected the bedroom door was open and light was drifting in from the main part of the house, but I was wrong, the light in the en-suite bathroom was on, with the door open. I slowed down, desperately hoping someone was in there, but again my logical brain just provided the explanation that someone had been to the toilet and forgotten to turn out the light before returning to their evening of boredom in front of the TV. Fortunately, my voyeuristic mind took over and even though I had run past, it convinced me to turn around for another pass. As I turned around, I stopped running and made efforts to appear like it was the end of my run. Glancing at my watch, breathing noisily, that sort of thing. I stopped outside the house where I could see into the bathroom and I bent forward to rest my hands on my knees in a classic end of run recovery stance. No one could think I was up to anything, but I still felt guilty as hell as I stared into the window as subtly as I could. I remember as a child, fantasizing that I could become invisible and then imagining all the things I could see and do. As an adult, I know I would soon get bored looking if I could do it anytime, so really the excitement is in the possibility more than the reality.

I thought I saw a flicker of movement in the bathroom mirror, but it was so brief that I convinced myself it must have been wishful thinking. It still caused my heart to jump and a fluttering feeling in my stomach that you get when you think of something exciting. Then an arm appeared from behind the door, but the angle I was at would not allow me to see who it belonged to even though there was a large mirror on the wall. I could be standing there about to see a hairy arsed trucker called Trevor reveal his equally hairy cock and balls to me, but I was going nowhere and this was the most promising thing so far this evening. I was getting really conscious that I had been there for a minute or two, so I quickly glanced around to see if anyone was around. It didn't seem so, but I couldn't guarantee some curtain twitching, neighbourhood watch kind of character wasn't behind me calling the police to report a suspicious character hanging around. I was dressed for a run, wearing shorts, a running vest, a heart rate monitor and a GPS training watch, so I should be able to talk myself out of a peeping tom accusation, but the idea of the police arriving did make me think twice about moving on.

In all the glancing around and thinking about the police, I had failed to notice the person in the bathroom had moved and was now visible in the doorway. Fortunately, it wasn't Trevor, but his gorgeous wife and if Trevor really did live there, he would clearly be batting above his average and I would be very curious to know how he pulled such a lovely lady. She was stood in the doorway, naked, looking into the mirror, but my attention was fixed squarely on her ample arse to be bothered about what she was actually doing. She had a very nice shape, not skinny, but also not particularly over weight. "A little extra padding" would be the honest description she would have to give if she put herself on a dating website, but she was very evenly distributed and had curves in all the right places. She had dark hair, just short of her shoulders. From the back, it was hard to tell what style it was, but I imagined it would be a trendy cut designed to frame a nice face. For a moment, I wondered if I could take out my mobile phone to video for later enjoyment, but then realised that, in order to start the video, I would have to switch my phone on, put in my pin code, select the video camera and press record and during all of that, my face would be lit up, in a horror film, torch under the chin kind of way and it might attract unwanted attention. My heart was really racing now and I could have seen how fast it was going if I could have dragged my eyes away from her naked body and looked at the display on my watch. I could feel my hands shaking due to the adrenaline coursing round my body, but I was neither going to fight or flight, so it would have to just keep flowing.

I could feel myself willing her to turn around. I wanted to see her breasts and her pussy. Did she have nice long nipples, large areolas, or would they be really pale and hardly visible. Was her pussy shaved, waxed or would she have a triangle of dark hair hiding her pussy lips. It's amazing how much you can think in no time at all, like your brain can evaluate several things at once, maybe that is what people experience when their life passes before their eyes during a near death experience. I had stood up from my recovery stance now and was just blatantly looking from the pavement through the bedroom window. Anyone looking at me would probably know exactly what I was doing, but I was fixed to the spot, partly thinking how fantastic it was that I was seeing this and partly wondering if I was going to see any more, or would the light go out and the show come to an end. The answer came very quickly as she turned around and walked into the bedroom. I got a very brief glance of her before her body became more like a silhouette, lit from behind by the bathroom light while stood in the darkness.

It was then I realised that unlike the earlier house where I was protected by the darkness of the street, this one had a few lights along it and one was about ten metres away. I wasn't sure how visible I would be if she looked my way, but I wanted to see her more clearly and even though every fibre of my body was telling me to walk away, there was a part of me that was hoping she would put the bedroom light on. She walked back over to the bathroom, but then turned around and appeared to look straight at me before reaching in to turn the light off. Was that the end, or was she going to turn the bedroom light on and get dressed or something. I stayed where I was, trying to make out any shapes and shadows in the room, but it was too dark and all that was happening was my mind was playing tricks on me, convincing me that I could see her. I started to walk away once I was convinced the light wasn’t going back on and as I walked across the front of the house, there was a sudden noise that, in my heightened state of arousal, actually made me flinch and stop. It soon became apparent that it was the front door being unlocked and as it opened, I wondered if I should run. Was it Trevor? Well if she really was married to an overweight trucker, I was confident I could outrun him, but, even if I could, I lived in the area and would be constantly worried I’d be recognised and my running days would be over. While I was deciding if I should take flight, the door opened and the lady was stood there in a dressing gown.

“Did you get a good look then?” she asked, in what seemed to be a playful, rather than an angry way.

“Yes thanks, best thing I’ve seen in ages” I replied.

“I’ll have to check the blinds before I take a shower in future, won’t I?” she said, smiling.

“I’d rather you didn’t. I’ll be doing a lot more running this way from now on” I replied.

God, I so wanted to just walk up to her and put my hands inside her dressing gown, but I’m pretty sure that would be called assault by most people, so I was desperately thinking of something amazing to say to continue the conversation. There must have been a longer silence than I realised causing her to speak again.

“I can’t the door in my dressing gown, what will the neighbours think? Are you going to come in?”

She opened the door a bit wider and stood back to gesture me in. Several things started going through my mind. I was hot and sweaty and hardly looking my best and I was expected home soon. It was a family sized house and not really somewhere you would expect a single lady to live, so would an irate husband arrive home or worse was he already there and I was being set up. Condoms aren’t something I tend to carry while running, so I wasn’t equipped for a booty call sort of liaison. I realised I must have looked a bit strange stood there trying to make a decision, so I decided to just bite the bullet and go with the flow.

“I’ve been for a run, so I’m a bit hot and sweaty. Are you on your own?” I said as I walked down the drive towards her, wondering if this would become some crazy headline in the news later.

“I thought you been out for dinner” she replied sarcastically gesturing towards my running clothes.

I laughed and thought it was a good start to feel very comfortable in her presence and with her general manner. As I walked past her into the house, I wasn’t sure how to behave. Should I kiss her, shake her hand or reach inside her dressing gown like I had already imagined. It was strange though because I didn’t feel a need to speak. The silence wasn’t uncomfortable but as we walked into the main part of the house, she asked if I wanted a drink, so I requested a glass of water, hoping that might sort out my nervously dry mouth.

The house was quite open plan, with the main living, dining and kitchen area all in one large L-shaped room, part of the kitchen worktop forming a kind of breakfast bar with two high stools up against it. She walked into the kitchen and I followed, still trying to decide what to do next as she grabbed an empty glass and proceeded to the sink to fill it. I took the opportunity to walk up behind her and wrap my arms around the top of her chest, low enough not to appear like the Boston Strangler, but high enough not to be an assumptive breast fondle.

“So, do you normally ask passing strangers into your house?” I whispered into her ear and then gently kissed her neck. She turned her head a little towards me and smiled “No, this is the first time, I don’t know what came over me.” That was certainly my preferred answer, I didn’t want to feel like I was one of a long line of guys and liked the idea that I was just in the right place at the right time and was about to be part of something completely unique for both of us. I was feeling very turned on and started to wonder how she would respond to being dominated a little. Not the kneeling on all fours and being used as a foot stool kind of dominated, but rather just taking natural control and building some sexual tension.

“You’ve been very naughty letting me into your house and naughty girls deserved to be punished” I said, biting her neck gently and moving my hands down her arms and hips until I got passed her dressing gown and onto her bare legs. I lifted her dressing gown up at the back with one hand and gently stroked across her buttocks before giving her a gentle tap on the arse.

“mmmmm, maybe a spanking would make me think twice about talking to strangers, it might be for my own good” she said in such a subservient way, that it actually made my cock twitch, which was pretty impressive considering it was crammed into a pair of skin tight running shorts. Without saying anything else, I took hold of both her wrists and held her hands behind her back as I turned her away from the sink. I pushed her towards the kitchen work bench and bent her over it placing her hands up above her head so she was holding the edge of the granite. I lifted her dressing gown up and placed it over her back to reveal her arse again. It looked even more spectacular in the bent over position with any imperfections being eliminated by the slight stretch on her skin. I could see and hear that she was breathing more deeply with the anticipation of what was to come. I placed my foot between hers and moved each foot to the outside a little so that her feet were about shoulder width apart. I took a step back and took in the moment wondering how an evening run could turn into this. I could see her pussy lips now that her legs were apart and the glistening between them told me that she clearly enjoyed being dominated. I wanted to slip my fingers inside to feel her wetness, but resisted in preference of increasing the sexual tension some more.

I placed my hand on the inside of her lower thigh and slid it lightly up towards her pussy, just stopping before I reached it and then turned it round so I could do the opposite down the other leg. I repeated it a few times, seeing how close I could get to her pussy without actually making any contact and I knew this was driving her wild because she would bend her knees ever so slightly to try to lower her pussy to my hand. It was deadly silent except for the heavy breathing from both of us and the sound of skin sliding along skin. I moved my hand up and onto her lovely round buttock, stroking it in a circular motion, occasionally lifting my hand off for just long enough to make her wonder if a slap was about to happen. You could see her flinch slightly each time, so I kept it going for a minute or two, every now and again bending forwards to run my tongue across her lower back. I was debating exactly where the first spank would go. I could choose to slap either buttock, allowing my hand to relax and take the same curvature as her muscle, or I could slap across both buttock and the cleft in between. I chose to step to the left a little and slap her right buttock with my right hand, allowing my fingers to open so that it left an identifiable hand print. The noise of the slap broke the silence and she let out an audible gasp as the contact was made, followed by a pleasurable moan. I was surprised by how loud it was because for the past few minutes, there had been so little noise that my senses had become heightened quite a bit. I returned to stroking her bottom in slow circular motions and as I lifted my hand, the flinch became much more obvious now she knew what might happen.

She reached back, I assume to touch me, but before she got too far, I grasped her wrist and placed her hand back where it was and slapped her arse quite hard. “Naughty girls don’t get to play, at least not until they have had their punishment.” I said in a firm voice. I reached down and opened one of the drawers that I assumed would contain the kitchen utensils and was pleased when my assumption was proved correct. It could have looked a bit strange if I found myself looking in the drawer she kept her important papers in. I quickly rummaged around until I found a flat slotted turner. It was made of some kind of heat resistant plastic, so it had a bit of give in it and I decided it would make a perfect spanking tool. I wasn’t sure if she knew what I was doing, but she probably could hazard a guess, I would hardly be looking for the garlic crusher to prepare some pasta sauce.

Just for effect, I raised the turner into the air and slammed it down on the worktop and we both nearly jumped out of our skin with the noise it made. Afraid she might suddenly think that I’d turned into some kind of serial killer, I lightened the moment and made her chuckle by saying that I was glad she didn’t have a granite arse. I didn’t want the tension that had been built up to disappear, so I quickly dealt a swift sharp tap to her buttock, hard enough to get a gasp, but nowhere near as hard as I had hit the granite. It must have hurt a little more than my hand as she lifted her right hand and started to bring it back before changing her mind and getting hold of the granite again.

“I can see I’m going to have to restrain you to stop the temptation of moving your hands” I said as I quickly scanned around the room for something suitable. I didn’t want to break the moment and have to look around, when I suddenly realised she was wearing a dressing gown and it had a cord around the waist. Fortunately it wasn’t stitched to the sides of the gown and I reached under her stomach to undo it and then slid it out from around her. It all happened so smoothly, she must have thought I did that sort of thing all the time. It dawned on me that once her hands were tied together, I wouldn’t be able to get her dressing gown off, so I took the opportunity to remove it then. Once the cord was removed it was easy to slip the whole thing over her head and off her arms without either of us having to really move at all. I spanked her one more time before moving around the other side of the work top and binding her wrists together with the dressing gown cord. There wasn’t anything to tie her hands to, but she could no longer lift her arms individually, so the effect was the same and it had the added bonus that we could move out of the kitchen without having to untie her if the moment called for it. There was a tea towel on the work top, so I started thinking ahead a little and was already mentally turning it into a blindfold.

I spanked her a few more times, varying the rhythm and intensity, so that she couldn’t predict when it would happen. I continued to stroke her with my other hand, partly as a contrast to the turner and partly to quickly alleviate the sting that it caused. Her arse was becoming quite red by this time, so I bent down and kissed it gently a few times and moved down to the top of her legs and deliberately breathed past her pussy as I changed from one leg to the other. I stood up and leaned over to get close to her ear.

“I bet you would like me to slide my cock deep inside you right now, wouldn’t you” I whispered, putting emphasis on the word “deep” and pausing a little before continuing.

“Fuck, yes” she replied with desperation in her voice. She couldn’t hide her excitement, she was shifting her weight from one foot to the other making her arse wiggle from side to side.

“I bet your pussy is dripping wet, just for me, isn’t it” I said, starting to stand back a little. Before she could answer, I raised my voice to a more assertive tone.

“Look at you tied up, bent over, waiting for a stranger to fuck you hard, like a dirty slut”

“Oh god, I need a cock inside me now” she pleaded.

I quickly took my running clothes off. I was surprised my cock hadn’t burst out of my shorts, it was throbbing. I wanted desperately to just slide straight into her pussy and feel her silky smooth walls surrounding my cock, but knew if I teased her some more, her orgasm would be so much stronger. That was the goal and the ultimate prize. The moment when nothing else matters. There is no past, no future, no problems, no ego and most importantly, no control. Complete surrender.

I put my hand between her legs, gently placing the tips of my first two fingers just above her clit and as I brought my hand backwards, I parted my fingers to trace around her pussy. I reversed my action and repeated it a few times before sliding my fingers along the groove where her lips met, but not hard enough to slide in between. I smacked her butt with my other hand and it was clear she hadn’t expected that as she let out an involuntary squeal. I started to stroke my middle finger from her clit down her pussy, putting a little bit more pressure on with each stroke, slowly parting her lips and feeling her warm wetness. It seemed like there was no friction, so I could move my finger so slowly and precisely and started to slide it a little deeper into her. I turned my hand over and slid my thumb into her, pushing onto the front wall of her pussy around her G-spot. As I moved my thumb in a circular motion, her breathing got louder and she started to moan in time with my movement. I brought my fingers around so that my hand was grasping her pussy, with my thumb still inside. As I slid my thumb in and out, my fingers rubbed against her clit.

“Are you ready for my cock now?” I asked, not really needing an answer, but I got a very definite “yes” all the same.

I took my cock in my hand and rolled my foreskin back to reveal its very shiny head. A small bead of pre-cum had appeared at the end which mingled with her juices as I rubbed it along her glistening opening. I spread her legs apart a little more with my foot so she was the perfect height for me to enter her. I thrust a little, causing the head of my cock to disappear inside her, sliding easily against her lips. It felt so nice as her pussy gripped me. Time after time I slid in and out, just the head, savouring the feeling and enjoying how wet she was until I thrust harder, pushing the entire length of my cock deep inside her, only stopping when my pubic bone prevented me going any further.

She let out a very long guttural groan. “God that feels good, don’t stop now” she begged.

I started thrusting, slowly at first, pulling my entire length out each time so I could enjoy the feeling of re-entering. She was so wet that my cock easily slid straight back in causing her to make a noise that was somewhere between pain and ecstasy.

“I’ve never had someone so deep inside me” she said with a quiver in her voice.

I took hold of her hips and pulled her towards me as I thrust harder and faster, forcing our bodies to slap together at the end of each thrust. Even though the sound of our bodies making contact was quite loud, it was drowned out by the variety of ways she was saying “oh”, ranging from a short, high pitched sound, possibly on the edge of pain, to a very long, deep noise, depleting an entire lung full of air. I knew she was close to orgasm, so I kept up the pace, revelling in the sound of her completely out of control and at my mercy. Her body went into convulsions as she climaxed, her knees buckling causing her to rely almost completely on the support from my hands on her hips. With the staccato of expletives ejecting from her mouth, one could be forgiven for mistaking her for someone suffering from Tourettes Syndrome. I held her hips close to mine, my cock still hard inside her, feeling her pussy pulsating around it as she came. Both of us were breathing heavily and a moments rest was quite welcome, especially considering my earlier run.

I didn’t even know her name, let alone if this sort of encounter was likely to happen again, so I wanted to make the most of it and I decided a change of position and pace was in order. I slowly pulled my cock out of her and reached over and grabbed the dressing gown cord still binding her wrists together. Helping her to stand, I led her over to the kitchen table and firmly directed her to lie on her back with her arms above her head. I placed a chair at both corners of the table end, so she could rest her feet and I took the cord over the other end and tied it to one of the legs. I stopped for a moment to take a mental picture. She looked amazing, lying there legs wide apart, her pussy still hungry for more attention, glistening, with a small collection of her juices between her lips. Not a hair in sight, her clit standing out in contrast to the smooth pale skin of her pubic mound. She had nice nipples, quite dark against her pale skin and standing quite erect in her aroused state. She lifted her head a little to look down the table at me, making me wonder if I had taken a little too long to savour the moment.

There was a longing in her eyes that conveyed far too much connection for such a short time of knowing each other and especially considering the very little dialogue that had taken place, but the attraction was unmistakeable. I walked around the side of the table, holding her gaze and slowly leaned over, taking my mouth towards hers, but stopping just short of our lips meeting. The tension was electric, I didn’t want it to end and we just remained there, our mouths slightly open, breathing quite heavy, maybe from the effort of the sex, maybe from the anticipation. I took hold of her hair and quite roughly tilted her head backwards, exposing her neck allowing me to sink my teeth into it as I turned her head away from me. She took a sharp breath in and then started to moan as I changed to gently kissing her neck, licking and kissing up towards her ear. I moved the tip of my nose around her ear lobe and lightly around the ear itself as I involuntarily breathed a long deep sigh. I was totally engrossed briefly, just pure enjoyment, not thinking about what to do next, just totally going with the moment.

“You are so sexy, do you know that?” I whispered kissing her on the lips and not really giving her any chance to answer. Our lips were touching, her top lip between mine and my bottom lip between hers, both of us just loving the exchange before it became more passionate, mouths opening, heads tilting, tongues probing. It was as if we were communicating on a purely vibrational level, learning more about each other, becoming closer without words. I broke the contact and moved down and kissed her just below her neck, running my tongue down between her breasts and towards her stomach. I paused around her naval and kissed it, causing her stomach to pull away as her muscles contracted and giving me chance to make my tongue wet again before continuing licking down towards her pussy, lightening the touch more and more as I got closer. I lifted my tongue away like a plane taking off, just before it made contact with her clit. Her pelvis tilted upwards as she rolled her knees in a little and the noise she made sounded like an expression of disappointment followed by the realisation that it was just a matter of time before my warm tongue would be making its home between her legs.

I returned to the worktop to retrieve the tea towel I had spotted earlier and I folded it over a couple of times as I walked back towards her. I looked deep into her eyes as I moved the makeshift blindfold towards her, giving her chance to indicate to me if she wasn’t comfortable with the idea, but the look she gave was one of surprised excitement, like a child opening a present in disbelief. The tea towel was quite thick when I had folded it a couple of times and it made it quite difficult to tie a knot, but somehow I managed to secure it in place and now that her vision was suppressed, I was looking forward to taking advantage of her newly heightened sense of hearing and touch. I spread my fingers apart and drew both hands down her breasts, making sure the contact was either side of each nipple. Her areolas became quite puckered as her nipples stiffened some more and I repeated my action a few times before running my tongue around the outside. I wanted to take her nipple into my mouth and feel its firmness, but all in good time. Cupping each breast from below, I pushed them together, giving her back the cleavage that gravity had stolen due to her supine position. I let go of one breast and slapped across the other nipple, making her jump. My aim wasn’t to cause any significant pain, but to stimulate her senses and to put her in a constant state of anticipation, wondering what was coming next. I stroked around her nipple in between slaps, pausing for varying amounts of time, watching her body subtly giving away her attempts to predict when the next slap was coming, with slight gasp or muscle twitch.

I was desperate to feel how wet she was, so I dragged my nails down either side of her body to her hips. I was still stood to the side of the table at this point, so I went around and stood between her legs and moved my hands down the inside of her thighs, stopping at her knees and then back up on top of her thigh muscles in more of a massage action. I let my thumbs get very close to her pussy and I could feel the warmth from a short distance away. I leaned forwards and put my mouth over the hood of her clit, breathing deliberately across it before allowing my tongue to make the lightest contact. It was as if my tongue was charged with electricity, transferring into her and causing a rush of sensation between her legs. I flicked my tongue under her hood, lifting it slightly each time, again and again causing her to lift her pelvis up to meet me, before I sucked her clit deep into my mouth creating a sensory overload. She let out a long moan that ended with a guttural “oh god”. I could feel the wetness of her pussy on my chin as my face was buried deep between her thighs and I continued to flick my tongue up and down her clit, varying the pressure and switching occasionally to a circular motion. I moved down a little so I could plunge my tongue deep into her pussy and feel its warmth, pushing in and out, her sounds of approval spurring me on, so much so that I became quite uncomfortable as my breath ran out. I lifted my face off and made quite a noise gasping in some air, like a free diver resurfacing after a long time under water. I planted my face back between her legs, her cries becoming more frantic now as she neared orgasm. “lick my pussy, make me come........ I need to come” she said with a very sexy desperation. I ramped up the pace, flicking my tongue up and down, back and forth, overloading her clit with sensation. She was starting to thrust her hips, tilting her pelvis back and forth as if I was fucking her. “yes........ yes..........oh fuck, yes .........oh god that feels good.............. don’t stop ............I’m gonna come” she screamed in a louder and louder voice. Her pelvic thrusts were getting more frantic as the crescendo started. “oooooooooooooh...........Jeeeesus...........fuck”. Her thighs clamped my head tightly, making it difficult for me to breathe, as she arched up and down off the table as if she was having some kind of seizure. My body was starting to indicate I needed to take a breath soon, creating a very uncomfortable feeling in my chest, but that was offset by how much I was turned on by what I was hearing and the uncontrolled movements in her body. Just as I thought I was going to have to force her legs apart to release myself, she started to relax a little, allowing me to stand up.

Before she came down completely from her orgasm, I took my hard, throbbing cock in my hand and thrust into her. Her arse was right at the edge of the table, so there was nothing stopping me getting deep inside her pussy. It wasn’t going to take me long to come, I knew that, I’d been locked in a fantasy for the last 45 minutes or so, constantly stimulated, both mentally and physically. My cock felt so sensitive, it was bordering on a little painful, each thrust taking me a step closer to my orgasm. I could tell there was the potential for her to come again and I thought to myself how perfect that would be if we came together. I continued to thrust, harder and faster, focusing on the sounds she was making, the unexpected return of the ecstasy she had only just experienced. I was starting to match her sounds now, grunting with each thrust, desperate to come, but trying to hold off, waiting for her to reach the point of no return. I grabbed her hips, nearly pulling her off the end of the table as I thrust again and again. There was no stopping it now, the feeling was building, more and more until I exploded deep inside her, feeling the pulsing contraction at the base of my cock, injecting several streams of hot semen into her. My shouts of pleasure were the final stimulation needed and she too was coming, more intense than the few minutes ago. I thrust deep into her one final time and remained there, holding her against me, enjoying watching and hearing the shouts of pleasure and feeling her pussy clamping down on my cock in rhythm with her writhing body.

We gradually regained our breath, both sweating, unable to speak, my cock gradually going limp inside her until one final contraction of her pussy forced it out, along with some of my sperm, which dribbled down onto the table. I moved around and took her blindfold off, looked at her flushed face and breathed an exhausted sigh. She looked back at me in disbelief of what had just happened.

“Holy shit, that was amazing. I feel like my whole body is buzzing”

“That was the best run ever” I laughed, “not that I could run now. I’m not sure my legs would hold me up, they feel like jelly.”

I leaned down and untied the dressing gown cord from the table and then from around her wrists, before helping her to her feet. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me firmly on the lips. I wrapped my arms around her lower back and slid my hands down to caress her gorgeous behind before giving it one last slap.

“I will definitely be running this way again, feel free to leave a light on for me” I said with a cheeky grin. “I think I might just do that” She smiled. Whether or not she was serious didn’t seem to matter, nothing could change what an amazing experience it had been.