Written by CS

27 Dec 2017

I was married to Rani for 2 years and we were both not happy. Our marriage was falling apart. I didn’t feel any attraction to my wife. The affection between us were diminishing and I was looking for companionship wherever I can get it. That’s when I was getting attracted to Natasha.

My sister in law Natasha visited our place regularly and I was finding her attractive , Natasha was beautiful girl with all the nice features.

She has a banging body with fake boobs and few tattoos on her body. That’s a little discription of her and now let’s start with the story.

I did night shift and I was driving home one night, I saw my sister in law Natasha driving opposite direction to me, it was around 10pm at night. It's not normal for her to travel that late as Natasha is a single parent.

To discribe Natasha, she is young and stubborn person by nature but a sexy flirtatious soul. She dresses sexy and not afraid to show off her sexy body. Natasha is 5"5 tall with a size 6 frame, olive golden skin, big fake boobs on a small waist, waist line tattoo and belly ring. She is the sexiest slut on earth.

Next day after work I saw the same thing Natasha driving at night, opposite direction to me. I was curious and started following her. I assumed that she may be working as a factory worker doing night shift. To my shock she drove in to this brothel in an industrial area. I stopped my car few metres away to collect my thoughts.

I couldn’t believe she is working as a prostitute, I started picturing her in sexy lingerie fucking other men. Instantly I was tempted to fuck Natasha. I collected my thoughts and walked in to the adult parlour after about 30mins.

I was seated in a room and girls started to come and introduce them selves. There were few sexy girls, but I wanted Natasha. I saw Natasha coming from far, when I saw her I nearly came in my pants. She was wearing red matching half cup bra with a small G-string. Her nipples almost came porking out of her bra. She had stelitteos and when she was walking her her pink butterfly belly ring was moving to rhythm. She walked in to the room and was shocked to see me. I shook her hand and winked at her. She walked away without making a scene. I told the reception I want Natasha for 2 hours, then I paid and went in the room.

In 5 mins she came in the room with a sexy walk. She had heavy make up and perfume on. She is the perfect description of a prostitute.

When she came is she was acting shy, but didn’t trying to cover her body from me. Then we start to talk. I I found out she is doing it because she is missing sex after the seperation from her husband. Also loves the money from the job.

Natasha begged me to keep it a secret. I promised her secret is safe with me as long as she let me have a good time with her. Natasha told me she would love to have sex with me and always attracted to me. She told me her dream is to find a husband like me and convince him to let her work as a prostitute.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, Natasha came and sat on my leg. Feeling her half naked body touching me gave butterflies in my stomach. She leaned towards me and we had eye contact and faces were almost touching. I could smell her perfumes candy smell from her lip gloss. Then we jumped in and passionately started kissing each other like two lovers that hasn’t seen each other for years. We kissed for about a minute and took it to the next level. Her tongue was going in my mouth and mine was going on hers. I was tasting Natasha’s lovely lip gloss. My hands started to roam around her body and stopped at her boobs. Natasha was moaning in my mouth at this stage. She whispered in while kissing, “please fuck me now, I need you”. I kissed her for 2 more more minutes tasting her mouth.

Then Natasha layed on the bed and parted her legs and move her thin G-String to show me her clean shaved sexy pussy with a piercing (her clit hood was had a piercing). Her pussy looked amazing. I was surprised to see such a nice pussy even though it’s been fucked many times.

I immediately jumped in and started to eat her pussy. It tasted like candy. I played with her piercing with my tongue and played with her pussy lips, they were like rose petals. Then I got 2 fingers and finger fucked her very rough, going all the way deep in her pussy. Natasha was moaning in pleasure. "Please make me your slut, please fuck me baby”. “I'm all yours darling please fuck my brains out and make me yours”. My cock was rock hard listening to her.

I can't believe I'm fucking my sexy sister in law in a brothel. I also can’t believe my innocent looking sister in law is a massive whore. I took my cock out and put it in her mouth. I face fucked her until she gagged. She took all my cock in her mouth. Her eyes were full of tears from gagging, she loved it. I called her all sorts of things. “You sexy slut, fucking whore, I love a whore like you”. Then I parted her sexy long legs, move her G-string to the side and placed my dick on the wet pink pussy entrance. Tapped my dick hard on her pussy few times and slowly entered in her love hole. At this stage I had no clue I’m fucking my future wife for the first time. My dick went fairly tight in her pussy even after it’s been used by many. It was wet, it was juicy, it was so sexy. I fucked her with no condom, I wanted to feel her juices and feel the heat inside that pussy.

She kept screaming. “Fuck this whore, beat that pussy darling”. In few minutes I came all over her pussy. She quickly pulled the dick out and she took it in her mouth. She cleaned it and put 2 fingers in her pussy to collect my cum from her dripping pussy. She took most out and licked her fingers. She told me she love the taste of my cum and she wants it every day.

On the second round she told me to try any sex fantasies I want and she loves anal sex. Natasha told me that she is a sex addict. She loves having sex with deferent guys and make them come. She like the things guys want to do her body, Natasha loves rough sex and her hair pulled, smacked while having sex. She loves when a man take control of her body and abuses her. She loves been face fucked.She likes been treat her like a slut and be being used as a cum bucket.

I told her I've always dreamed of fucking her and that her body is addictive. Then she suggested that I should move in to place and she will do whatever I want.

At that stage I wasn't sure what was going through my head, I wanted a bad ass sexy bitch like her to be mine. Knowing that my future wife is prostitute excited and turned me on. I told her I wanted to try being her husband for the next few months and I will come stay with her whenever I can at her place. She loved the idea and thank me for making her dream come true.

We spoke more and she opened up to me even more. She told me when she was 17 she was addicted drugs and sometimes she didn't have money to buy drugs and she would give a blow job or have sex with the drug dealer to get stuff. When she was 18 she had 65 year old sugar daddy. He gave her money for sex. Then at 20 she started working at the brothel. She told me, older men loved her body and spend lots of money on her. She told me she have regular elderly men that come spend hours with her. She told me that she willingly do all dirty things to satisfy them. She told me, she loves rimming old men and giving them blow jobs to satisfy them. At 23 she got pregnant and wasn't sure of the father of her child, but her husband thought it was his. She told me that she must have had sex with at least 1000 men and she still have sex with at least 5 men a day at work.

Hearing her naughty past made me want to make her my wife. I can fuck her every night after few other men have already fucked her. She is the ideal slut I want. If I marry her I will not change a thing about her. Natasha promised me that if I marry her

1) she will let me have any sexual fancasy with her any time.

2) I can do whatever I want with her body. This means she will get any tattoo, piercing any plastic surgery I want her to.

3) Have sex with any man I want her to fuck.

4) Always swollow my cum

5) wear whatever out fit I pick at home and in public.

6) Go nude anywhere any time I request her to.

7) Always be a slut wife for me.

All this conditions made me really think of all the sexual adventures we can have together. I will update you stories after I moved in with her.