1 May 2015

'Come here boy' mistress says, as I enter the room.

Knowing what is expected, my head lowers as I approach her, I'm not to look at mistress, unless she permits it.

'Assume your position' you demand.

I remove my clothing and stand on a chair. You take a cord and begin to tightly bind my cock and balls. My cock begins to harden at your touch and the feeling of the cord being tied around the base. You instantly lash out and slap my cock, 'I didn't tell you to get hard, your fucking slut' and you whack my cock again.

I flinch at the sudden pain inflicted, but don't dare to make a sound.

You take a step back to admire your handy work and a smirk falls upon your face as you realize it's tighter then you have ever tied them before.

You fetch another cord and tie it to my balls, leaving a length hanging down.

You take the end of the cord and sharply tug it, 'get down here boy' and I get off the chair and stand before you, head still lowered to the ground.

'Turn around, bend over and put your hands on the chair' you command.

'Yes mistress' I reply as I turn to obey. I stand bent over leaning on the chair for what seems like 10 minutes. I then feel the cord slightly pulling on my balls.

'Spread your legs slut, spread then wide' you command and I instantly react to your words. A few moments later, you tell me to stand straight up.

'Are you ready bitch' you whisper in my ear and I instantly feel what you have been doing, as the weight you attached to the cord is dropped and left to dangle between my legs. I'm body stiffens as it adjusts to the sensation of my balls being pulled to the ground.

You slap my arse and I jump at the unexpected contact, causing my balls to be stretched ever closer to the ground by the weight placed on them.

'Best you walk around bitch' you say as I start to move. With every two to three steps I take, another hand finds its mark on my arse.

'Enough of this slut, fetch my 8'

I turn to see the assortment of toys laid out on a bench. My eyes spot the 8. An 8inch black dildo, veins protruding around the full girth giving it the appearance it's thicker than it actually is. The 8 is already connected to the harness, so I pick it up and present it to you.

'Put it on me, you will worship my big black cock, you fucking whore, put it on and make sure it's a good fit, I don't want it falling off'

I kneel down in front of you and feel a little relief from the weight tied to my balls, as it sits on the floor. As I secure the harness around your hips, I can't help but admire the size of your cock and my own cock begins to harden, making the bounds around it even tighter.

The fit is snug as you grab your cock and jerk it back and forth to make sure it is secured well. My eyes are transfixed on your big black member and unknowingly my mouth slightly opens and my tongue licks my lips.

'Look at you, you slutty whore, I haven't even touched you with it and your drooling' you grab my head and pull it forward and you slap you hard cock against my face over and over again. My mouth opens in the hope it will find its way inside. You just laugh and keep slapping it against my face.

You hold the knob of your cock up to your navel and with one word 'lick', I begin to lick your shaft. My tongue extends and licks from the bottom of your cock to the very top and back down. Again and again I lick your big black cock, feeling to tightness around my cock as it swells even harder.

'Enough' you say as I lean slightly back, eagerly awaiting your next move. You let your cock fall back down so it stands straight and proud in front of you.

You laugh again 'ok slut'. My mouth opens and my head moves forward. I take the head of your cock into my mouth and close my lips.

'Look at me' me demand and my eyes look up directly into yours. You place you hand on my head and move your hips forward.

'Good boy, that's it, take mistresses cock'. You smile as you see the pleasure in my eyes and your cock slowly disappearing down my throat. When it's half way in, you slowly pull it out, then push it back in, only this time deeper. Slowly you fuck my mouth, my eyes never leave your eyes, then you smirk and pull you big black cock out until only the head remains inside my mouth. With both hands either side of my head, you hold firm and ram your cock down my throat and hold it there, watching my eyes water and laughing as I gag on your cock.

'Is this what you want slut? Hey, is this what you want?' And you rape my mouth hard and deep, over and over. My eyes are pouring tears down my cheek and the drool from my mouth makes puddles on the floor, but you just keep fucking my mouth, pulling my head toward you every time you thrust you cock deeper inside.

'Very good boy, now what do you say? You say as you pull your cock out and push me to the floor.

'Thank you mistress, thank you for fucking my mouth like a slut'.

You take a step and stand at my head, that is laying on the floor.

'Clean that drool off my boots before I give you a hiding for putting it there in the first place' and you push my face with your boot. I prop myself back up into a kneeling position, head lowered, 'yes mistress' I say and begin to lick the drool and spit from your boot. When your boots are cleaned, you command me to stand.

I stand and soon remember the weight is still connected to my balls as the sensation of pleasure and pain kick in.

You grab my now throbbing cock and stroke it hard. The weight sways back and forth, pulling on my balls with every stroke on my cock. You turn and walk away only to return with your crop. Without any notice, you strike my cock with your riding crop. You take the head of my cock, only to move it to the side and lash out on my already strained balls.

'I have a surprise for you boy, take a seat' you command.

'Yes mistress' is all I can say.

From behind me, I hear the door open and close.

'Welcome, I'm glad you could make it, as I promised, here is your payment for doing my lawns' you say to the man that has just joined us. 'If you'd care you undress, I'll have this little slut begin to pay you for all your hard work'

‘on your feet bitch' you snarl.

'I own my friend here for his services and you'll be taking care of it' you say in a more relaxing tone as you smile and nod at your friend.

'My friend here needs to get hard, in order to receive his payment, I suggest you get to it'

I approach the man, head still lowered, cock and balls still straining under their bounds, pre-cum dripping from my cock.

My hand reaches out and wraps around his limp cock, slowly stroking him to bring some life into it.

'Use your tongue on his nipples, lick and suck them' you instruct.

As I continue to play with his cock, my tongue finds his chest and licks his nipples, sucking them into my mouth and flicking them with my tongue. While my other hand grabs his arse and squeezes. His cock begins to grow in my hands.

'Kiss him bitch, after all he is rather attractive'

My hand never leaves his cock as I move my lips higher up his chest to his neck, kissing and licking as I go. Further still, until my lips meet his and his mouth opens and his tongue sticks partly out.

'Suck it slut, suck it like a tiny cock'

I take his tongue between my lips and suck it into my mouth, back and forth I work on his tongue, sucking it just as if it were a hard cock.

'It’s working boy, look at that cock getting nice and hard. Mmmmm, very nice'

Your friend grabs my head and mashes out lips together, our tongues dancing in each other's mouths, with lots of sucking and biting lips. He's cock has sprung to life and is rock hard and he breaks our embrace and with his powerful arms, points my head down to his cock and pushes me lower.

You clap your hands and with a squeal of delight, tell me to suck him good.

I'm made to bend over, not kneel, as before. As my head nears he's manliness, I can smell his cock and instantly reach between my legs and grab my own aching cock. My mouth open and swallows his cock in one go, he moans and rocks back and forth nice and slowly, enjoying every moment of the pleasure I give him,

'Whack' your crop finds my balls and I know what I've done. I remove my hand from my cock and place my hand either side of his hips to keep myself steady.

I feel your hands behind me and then feel a great relief as the weight is removed. You kick the inside of my feet, making my spread my legs wider.

Your friends hot cock slides in and out of my greedy mouth nice and easy, I love the feeling and taste of this man in my mouth.

I feel something cold on my arse when I feel a probing sensation at my hole, I know you have just lubbed me up. You finger finds its way inside my arse and you match your friends rocking motion with your finger as you finger my hole.

One then two fingers find themselves inside and then a third. You twist and turn your fingers inside my arse with every push, you friend quickens his pace and I can feel his cock begin to twitch. I know it won't be long now.

My arse feels empty as your finger are removed, but before too long, I feel your big black cock at my entry. You grab my hips and lunge forward, sinking your cock deep inside my arse. Upon seeing this, your friend begins to fuck my mouth faster. I moan around his wonderful cock fucking my face, when all of a sudden he pulls out of my mouth, grabs his cock and starts to pull it like crazy. My mouth is open, tongue is, my arse is being slammed by your big black cock and you friend blows his load all over my face. Hot thick streams of is sticky cum cover my face and lips. My tongue is rewarded with a gush of cum, straight into my awaiting mouth.

You just keep fucking my arse screaming 'yes, yes, I'm going to cum, suck him, suck him some more you filth cum whore'

I swallow the cum in my mouth and begin to suck him some more. The taste of seaman is strong, and makes me eager for more. I take is cock to the back of my throat and suck his cock like a crazed slut on heat.

'OMG, I'm cumming you whore, I'm cumming' you scream as you sink your cock into my depths and hold it there until you gather you senses. Meanwhile your friend is getting harder in my mouth and I can't believe my luck to have this cock hard again so soon.

My cock is straining for release and you sense it.

'Get on you back bitch' you demand and I do as I am told.

You remove your thick hard cock and squat over my cock. Your pussy is already drenched and you lower yourself down on my cock and just keep going until it completely fills you. You reach behind and take the cord that tied to my balls and as you slam your whole body down on my cock you pull the cord up, as if to pull my cock deeper into you. Your friend kneels beside my head and with his finger, scoops the cum from my face and sticks it into my mouth. When the cum is all gone, he turns my head and begins to fuck my face once more.

'Fuck you’re hard, you little slut, I can feel your cock deep inside me, cum you fucking cum rag, cum deep inside me, fill mistress with seed' you scream through clenched teeth, while still riding my cock hard and controlling my balls with the cord.

Moaning can be heard escape my lips, between the thrusts of your friends cock fucking me and then it happens, 'I'm cumming' you scream, you pull the cord from my balls so hard without thinking and I explode deep inside your pussy. You sit down hard and firm, moaning every time you feel a burst of cum hit your insides.

'I want to fuck your slut' your friend says as he moves between my legs. You raise yourself from off my cock and slide you’re dripping pussy up along my body and stop when you reach my chest.

You swing yourself around to face your friend and grab my legs. You hold them wide apart and back as far as you can. You friend wastes no time and sinks his cock straight into my arse. He pushes on my legs, forcing them closer and closer to my chest. You are forced back further and further, until your arse is inches from my mouth.

With one more powerful thrust from his big hard cock, your arse is now at my mouth. My tongue reaches out and licks your hole, flicking it madly. You slightly raise yourself up and sit back down, where my tongue can enter your arse and lick you deep.

My arse is being assaulted by a mad man and can only hear him grunt as his pace quickens.

You lift your arse from my tongue and angle your pussy to my mouth. My cum is leaking from you pussy into my mouth. As I lick and slurp at my junk, you rub your pussy in harder, grinding it down onto my face as you watch my arse being pounded. ‘I’m going to cum' your friend screams and pulls out. You raise yourself just high enough for him to fit on my chest and shot another wad of cum over my face. As his cum hits my face, you reach down to your pussy, with your fingers, spread your lips and a great golden gush hits my face. I open my mouth to capture as much as I can, it fill my mouth and runs down my body. Great hot streams of piss cover me completely. As your stream subside and you lower your pussy to be cleaned, your friend starts to piss, he aims his stream at your pussy, where my tongue is lapping at you.

He stands and gathers his clothes, you point to the shower and he thanks you for services paid in full and book in again for next week to mow your lawn.

You turn around while still sitting on my face, enjoying the relaxing feeling of my tongue licking you clean, as you run your hand through my soaking hair.

'Very, very good my little slut boy, you served mistress well today'