Written by mickeyfinn1

15 May 2011

Strippers Booth: PART 3 She Invites Me Home

I heard her steps stair by stair

Chloe opened the door to see me bare

She winked at me and sat down in the chair

Come here she called, kneel down here

Parting her legs while drinking a beer

Kissing her slit, my tongue did touch

Oh! she cried much more, much more, much

Her groans of pleasure, were a sound to treasure

My fingers deep they twist and turn

My tongue it’s moving like a worm

Just like a snake my flicking tongue

With three fat fingers it’s fucking fun

Fuck me fuck me your fingers deep

Her juices flowed they began to leak

Down her thighs I licked them clean

Three Fingers and tongue what a team

Turning , twisting pushing so deep

Fucking her pussy a memory she’ll keep

Let’s turn around you love sixty nine

Suck my cock it will be divine

I’ll suck your clit, you buck, you suck

Still can’t believe my bloody luck

A beautiful girl and stripper as well

Horny, erotic, sucking — oh hell

I’m ready she shouts I want to cum

And you can choose my pussy or bum

I turn you over hands spread in front

Your beautiful brownie and shaven cunt

My cock slides in; you muffle a scream

Six inches of cock and warm ice cream

You buck we fuck and move in time

I stand a little higher feel I have to climb

Onto the bed I push down quick

Into your bum cock three inches thick

Ouch you scream fuck push it in

I want it deeper up to the rim

Cumming I shout, she shouts as well

Now that’s a story we both will tell

Stripper at work Chloe will say

A host at home she’s been hot today!