Written by warmblood61

27 Jan 2010

Tanya Part 1

Tanya was totally insatiable. She was a looker, a redhead, about 5'6 and just 19. A week after we met she moved in with me because she was kicked out of home. Tanya couldn't get enough sex. More than once I would find her sucking on my cock as I woke in the morning. A couple of times I woke to find her fucking my morning glory. Our sex habits became ritualised. We'd fuck every morning before getting out of bed. We would see each other lunchtimes for a quicky, usually in the car or in the back room at her work. (her co-workers caught us more than once.). We fucked every night before dinner and every evening. On weekends we fucked even more.

It didn't matter where or who we were with, we always seemed to find somewhere to fuck. In cars, public toilets, parties, at the beach, parks or backyards of people we were visiting. At least once a week we got caught in action. Once we got caught by her father!

Tanya always initiated our sex play and it was very vanilla with the exception of our dogging. She loved me going down on her and it was a must do at least twice a day. Tanya would suck my cock but wouldn't swallow, she didn't like the taste of cum. Anal was a no-no, she didn't masturbate and anything beyond a few basic positions in the bedroom was considered by her as unwanted kink. The closest to kink she got was menstruation sex, even her periods didn't stop our daily routine.

At the three month mark of our relationship our sex life became somewhat monotonous for me and I looked forward to the occasional break from routine. A welcome relief came one Friday night when Tanya phoned to say she was going out after work to have drinks with her workmates. She said she would only be a couple of hours late. A couple of hours turned out to be six hours and Tanya staggered in the door and crashed straight into bed. In helping her get undressed I noticed some stains on her clothes. She told me the next day they were milk stains, I knew they weren't.

The following Tuesday, Tanya came home a couple of hours late, her reason was she had to stay back at work to do a snap stock take ordered by head office. Tanya seemed just a little tipsy and as she usually drank vodka it was hard to determine. What wasn't hard to determine was the smell of sex. I suspected she had fucked another guy!

I knew confronting her would just lead to a fight, so I decided to try and trick her into telling me. I put her up on the kitchen bench, kissed her and started to fondle her breasts. She tried to stop me and said she wanted a shower first, (never had it been a priority before!). I told her she couldn't and proceeded to seduce her. We kissed and I took off her top and bra. I played with her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples. I lay her down and took off her skirt. "I need to go to the toilet." she blurted. 'Wait." I said and held her down with one hand. My other hand pulled off her panties. They were very wet. I fingered her pussy and on withdrawing them she oozed guy cum. I put my wet fingers in her mouth and noticed a little grimace as she sucked. Again I dipped and again she sucked my fingers, this time with more fervor. The bitch! Not only didn't she say anything but it seemed she was now enjoying this other guys cum.

I stepped up the anti and started to kiss her inner thighs. "Don't" she said "Fuck me! Fuck me now!". "I want to lick you out and get you off before I fuck you." I returned, not being out of step with our evening routine. "Just fuck me!" She sat up. "I'm not going to fuck you until I've tongued you." I pushed her back down with a little resistance. "Ok." she murmured biting her lip.

Tanya had a gorgeous shaved pussy with just a wisp of red pubic hair. I kissed and nibbled her inner thighs again, moved up to her mons followed by my tongue sliding down either side of her pussy. I was careful not to lick her cum filled pussy, now dripping cum on the bench. Tanya writhed under my tender touch and said nothing. The smell of her pussy, filled with a strangers cum and her thinking I was oblivious to her infidelity brought about in me feelings of euphoria. I dived in, drinking the combined juices, my tongue flicking in and out of her love hole. Tanya orgasmed intensely whilst I did and despite her begging me to stop, I couldn't until I was satisfied her pussy was clean. She came again before I finished.

I pulled Tanya to the edge of the bench and thrust my aching cock deep inside her. I fucked her like never before, slamming into her, hard and fast, I called her a whore and slut. She responded meeting me on every stroke, talking dirty, encouraging me. It was an incredibly intense fuck, lasting only a couple of minutes before I blew my load, Tanya cumming with me.

The next morning Tanya said she was too sore to fuck. She also had bruises on her alabaster coloured thighs where I held her legs apart. She could tell I was horny and went down on me. For the first time ever she not only sucked my cock until i came, but swallowed my load! She blew me three more times that day.

Over the next couple of weeks Tanya came home late twice with a cum filled pussy and said nothing. The difference between the first time and these other occasions is she initiated the sex. Like the first time, sex was intense and exceptional for both of us. Then one Friday Tanya had a night out planned with her girlfriends. She scrubbed up well and looked gorgeous. Before she left, pulling her panties to one side, I emptied a load into her from behind against the front door.

Around 3am Tanya woke me, wiping a wet pair of panties across my lips. She hitched up her dress and sat on my face as I lay on the bed. "Lick my pussy clean." she slurred in her drunken state. Her pussy was dripping with cum like never before, I slurped, swallowed and licked with passion. "You love it don't you! " "With a mouthful of pussy all I could say was "MMmmmm mmm." "It's fresh cum." she said. "I fucked two guys in their van outside our house. Just now! " "It's their cum you are eating."