18 Jul 2016

My thumb slid down her sweat lubricated crack, locating it's new home inside her soft warm arsehole. She squirms forward gasping, wide eyed, trying to relieve herself of the foreign object stubbornly penetrating her from behind before apprehensively accepting her fleshy holes new fate. Whimpering, she forcefully Impales herself, splitting apart her swollen lips and devouring every juice soaked detail of me. I feel the contours of my cock through the thin flesh that separates them sending a cascade of fantasy Polaroid images flashing around my foggy thoughts.

The fibreglass trimaran rocks, squeaking it's awkward complaints on the dry stand. late night radio breaks up the heavy breathing, swimming it's way around the claustrophobically small cabin and out into the darkness beyond. Mercilessly I slam myself deep inside her. Her pink ring clamps tight around my thumb hooked inside her panting morphs into a half growl slowly increasing in pitch. Pooled sweat trickles down her sides as ripples of pleasure explore the dark inner-workings of every molecule of her body coming to rest inside her memories

Oppressive tropical heat. soggy lost panties. hours of alcohol abuse. half empty 2 dollar malboro reds, a relentlessly attack bluring the spinning stars above into a black vortex. The caged booze complains violently about its new prison and makes a break for freedom only to be caught by the last line of defence as darkness descends

Brutal Sunlight has an amazing way of sledgehammering reality at you, even youth cannot silence the giant gong that rattles away tearing it's self through the deepest levels of consciousness and disturbing the ghosts of the Prior evenings debourchery.

Slight panic transforms to body shaking fear which snaps my mind to attention, cold metal encases both wrists and ankles, something wedged between my butt cheeks forces me to squint down towards the back lacy thong that hides the outlines a padlock below its surface. Cold weight of the cock cage presses against my cock and balls as they search in vain for freedom...