Written by Firehive

28 Sep 2017

A Young tradesman with the nickname firehive, given to him by his mates as a bit of banter, had just come off his 3 week swing at the mine he works at. It’s summer so it’s quite warm in the Bunnings he’d stopped at to pick something up he was desperate, he needed to find what he was searching for. It’s hot a hot December, as he strolls the aisles looking for what he wanted with two buttons on his high vis shirt undone, exposing part of his manly hairy chest a bead of sweat trickling down his face, he looks up and catches a glimpse of an attractive young woman her brown hair tied back into a pony tail her green eyes and her full lips just blow her little white top with her full perky breasts falling out of her top.. he becomes very hard very quickly as she notices the bulge in his work jeans.. she gives him a cheeky glance at his crotch and walks past him, until his scent his aroma of a hard day of work and pure manly musk catches her attention as she glanced back she smirks she walks away. His instinct takes over he “accidentally” keeps walking past his hard cock begins to really keep her attention as they flirt more, until she gives him that look the look that goes straight through a man and can bring him to his knees. She checks to see if it’s clear Lures him with her pure womanly essence to the rest room facilities.. she beckons him toward her looking and eye fucking his buldging crotch, could this be he thinks he walks in behind her heart racing, pulls her top down to show him her hard nipples as he pushes her against the wall and kisses her she stops makes sure the lights are turned off and the door is locked and says I don’t want to know your name I just want to know your hard throbbing cock inside my soft pulsing pussy! She wraps her full lips around his shaft and sucks she sucks like hes never been sucked before as he pinches and twists her small nipples, she’s stands he kisses her so he can taste his cock on her lips then pushes her toward the sink while she grabs on as he slides his throbbing hard cock into her pussy feeling every inch she gasps, he pulls her hair to get a better grip as he thrusts and fucks harder until she takes his hand and covers her mouth with it.. he fucks her two strangers fucking in a dark room he feels her tight little pussy contract which he cums with such force she moans loud enough for others to hear. He slides his cock out she kisses him on the cheek and whispers next time you’re buying me a sausage sizzle and leaves while the room is dark.. this story is completely true I just wish I knew her name.