Written by Justlookingg

25 Oct 2012

A night I booze and fun with friends ended up with my girl driving everyone home and bringing me an my best mate back to our place. As she went to bed, me and Sam sat up talking and drinking. After an hour or so I went to check on my girl in bed. Sam followed me to stir her up a bit about being soft for going to bed. Whilst I lay on the bed next to her. Sam stood in the doorway chatting away... (I was getting kinda hot thinking about a three way by this stage). Without warning I lifted up her top to expose her tit to Sam and he straight away got an erection. From there Sam said he was going to head home. I gave him a little wink and gestured that he hop in. My sober girlfriend was now laying in between 2 hammered, horny guys. From here I lifted her top over her head to reveal 2 wonderfully erect nipples. Straight away both our mouths were on each tit sucking away while she moaned. From here she reached down both our pants and started to wank us furiously. It did not take long for her to be totally naked riding me whilst handing out a wrists to my best mate while he copped a mouthful of boob. After a whisper in her ear she hopped off of myself and began to f*ck my mate so hard while I lay next to them flogging myself. It was not long till both of them reached their peak and blew all over each other. I was so excited to watch my girl riding my mate and jizzed all over my self. To this day she still talks about it and I know she would live to ride more guys while I watch. Next time I hope to get some footage