Adult cinema 2 Fact

She was hungry for cock…

As I was being cleaned up by many tongues, I felt the velvet gloves slide up from my still hard twitching cock, along my stomach brushing my nipples and up to my neck. I could feel long soft hair brushing my cheek and chest as she leaned in and whispered in my ear” my turn to cum”
Her faint perfume scent was soon replaced by a sweet musky smell of a horny pussy as she squatted over my face and placed her hands on my chest for balance. She po… Read more

Adult cinema fun Fact

I lay back naked and blindfolded, listening to the sounds of people fucking.…

I was so excited I could not playing with my cock as I drove to the adult cinema. I was so hard just thinking about my day ahead.
I found a parking spot a few blocks away and waited till my cock was under control.
I grabbed a blind fold and placed it in my pocket... locked my car and headed to the cinema knowing that I was early and would be the first person inside..
I walked in excited but nervous at the same time. I paid my entry fee and wai… Read more

A woman in need Fact

A chance meeting with a highly erotic woman…

It was a warm Friday evening in late January 1999 and I made my way to a swingers club in Fairfield NSW, The Blue Lady, which is no longer there. I was ushered in, there were only two women there and they were obviously workers. I got myself a drink and just checked out the place. Nothing much was happening and I was thinking that it might be a waste of money when the doorbell went and one of the women went to open the door.
She came back with … Read more

When hubbys away, wife will play Fact

The start of an ongoing journey of long distance cuckold sex…

Recently there has been a spate of so called 'advice' articles on here, if you enjoy them then fair play to you, personally I don't as I've seen them all before on other sites (often word for word) but we all have choices. Let's get back to the intent of this section and share all our erotic adventures. This is another blast from the past, a story which I hope you will all enjoy, its true and has only some slight embellishment to hopefully add va… Read more

Erectile dysfunction Fact

It is estimated erectile dysfunction affects about 1 million+ men in Australia…

We are posting this to help other men and couples get their MOJO, back.
I use several different dildo's with a strap-on kit to pleasure my Vixen and other women, when the ED affect's me.
One of them has the ability to pump it up to give it more girth.

These have given me confidence to use at home and at swinger parties. My Vixen describes ED like male menopause, it comes and goes.


Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, mean… Read more

The Play Date Fact

Unexpected encounter…

I could never of expected one of the hottest encounters I’ve ever had take place with what started out as a Saturday play date.

It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m dropping everyone off at a play date. All innocent enough I thought as I went in and did the usual intro’s and what not. I did feel incredibly out numbered as I was the only male doing the drop off, as all the other mums were sitting out the back drinking wine and getting a bi… Read more

caught Fact

carry on…

a few weeks ago wet met me after work
when wet arrived she was wearing her short skirt and tight t-shirt so i knew she was looking to be a bit naughty fun
we left her car at work and headed to a park not far away
no sooner had we parked and wet was already undoing my pants and was sucking my cock
she love to feel a cock swell in her mouth
i pulled up her skirt and started to play with her very wet pussy
we paused just long enough to jum… Read more

A day at the beach.... Fact

When going to the beach one day we got more than expected...…

One hot sunny day we decided to go to the beach, and you decided to dress in a tight hot pink Bikini, accentuating your nipples and lovely figure, i was hard in an instant, and i think you could see that through my Boardies.
It was hard to concentrate on the road on the drive to the beach.
When we arrived and hopped out of the car the hot sun felt sultry, and the cool ocean breeze felt great on my bare skin, you glancing me up and down and smil… Read more

national park walk.... Fact

Exhibitionism and voyeurism…

The National Park is a popular place for people to go walking, jogging, mountainbiking, and some of the trees in places are magnificent, and its is a place that never seems to be crowded. Its so vaste.
We decided to do a bit of a hike into one of the more remote trails looking for some elusive spot to enjoy ourselves, with the wind in our hair, the scent of summer flowers and the heat of the day, it was quite alluring. To give it a greater wow f… Read more

Wife massage takes an interesting turn while husband watches Fact

I booked a qualified massage therapist to massage my wife at home, letting him know that we weren’t prudish. He got the message 😆 but didn't real…

Mr Pool here.
The pandemic and the associated restrictions in Melbourne have been a drag for us, and for many others I'm sure. We are eagerly counting down to some relaxation of the rules so that we can indulge in some relaxation of our own again!

Luckily we sneaked in some fun back back in February, which I recorded. We rarely record our play but this was a slightly different setup. We are both so glad that we recorded it, considering that f… Read more

pleasure and pain Fact

pain and pleasure…

It was a time in my life i prefer to forget, i had just finished a two year battle in court to see my children, i had lost a considerable amount of my wealth and i was working around the clock to save what little i had left. I thought i had hit rock bottom but i was wrong... my only pleasure at this time was my soccer, i loved it and played with passion but that too was to betray me. The day was easy to remember, mothers day ironically, a wreckle… Read more

one crazy girl Fact

where is she now…

It was one of those mornings, been away a while and had catch up sex all night, i looked in the mirror and splashed my face with water. Kinda just stare at yourself for a while, then i notice it, the small scare on my right eyebrow, i laugh to myself as its a permenate reminder of a girl i meet nearly 20 years earlier......

I was living in Cannonvale just out of Airlie beach in the Whitsunday's, a group of five had made it home for the last si… Read more

Going to the next stage Fact

Jen and I have fun being watched…

I previously wrote about how my partner, Jen and I, began to get interested in group sex. It was certainly a journey that we realised one day had taken us to a completely different space in our sex life.

Jen was a year younger than me, short blond hair, 5’1”, size 8, great legs, a cute bum I could fit into my hand and a tummy with the slightest, sexiest bulge (that fitted into my other hand!). She had a small amount of blond hair over her … Read more

The beginning of my interest in group sex Fact

Fun with Jenny…

This story goes back a number of years to when I was in my early 30’s. I had just separated from my first wife, having married too young and with the immaturity and lack of life skills that came with that. I met and began living with a pocket rocket girl, about a year younger than me, who was in a similar situation. Knowing what I now know, we were both on the rebound. Even so, the sex was amazing and unlike anything I’d experienced previousl… Read more

My First Ever Time Fact

The story of how I lost my virginity…

Well this is the tale of my first ever time. I had fooled around as a teenager with a girlfriend over time, but had never actually got down to anything serious. It was always just soft touching and grinding against each other, nothing else.

So, I was 19 years old, travelling the world, and settled in a Hostel in New York at the end of Summer. I had already spent a few days touring the Big Apple and the room I was staying in was tiny. The … Read more

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Renovation Rewards Fact

Sparky wth extra spark…

My wife had organised her friends brother to do some electrical work for us but halfway through completing the work he injured his knee at football and couldn’t climb the ladder into the roof cavity. He said there wasn’t much left to do and he could come around talk me through it if I wanted to finish it off . I was standing on the ladder halfway into the manhole following Greg’s instructions when on passing me up the pliers he slightly bru… Read more

From behind the camera Fact

Are you any good at taking photos she asked......…

Looking on line for some adventures, I mentioned that I am a photographer but also a titties man. Not expecting a response a lady replied and was keen for some normal photos but maybe just a few topless. I mentioned that I would treat her like a model and that she will like the photos and all photos will remain her property. Are you any good she asked. As she had tried a few guys before and they were either bad photos or just wanted sex. Und… Read more

Exploring a GILF Fact

A journey from instant attraction to mutual sex.…

Enjoy the background, its necessary and will help you understand the journey. Completely true and very recent.
Some women just have 'it'. That look, that twinkle in their eye, the way they move, their affinity with men. You can't teach it, you can't learn it, its natural to them and when you spot it then you know its just a matter of time.
First time I saw her, in a coffee shop with some other 'ladies who do lunch', dressed smart in a tight whi… Read more

Pleasure Ride Fact

Unrestrained Oral Pleasure for Her…

Hey Lover. I have been daydreaming about you. Miss you.
Imagining you kneeling above my face. My tongue gently touching your lips. Long feathery licks. Lightly teasing along your pussy. Very gradually teasing you open. Raising your desire. Fanning your heat. Making you wet. Dripping your honey onto me as you squirm. My hands stroking your ass. Gripping your cheeks. Just before you drop onto my face to ride me, I grip your hips and hold you up s… Read more

Long time cumming Fact

a lil cheeky outing…

I had never seen you on before. You had me curious. I was getting so wet as I watched you wank hard and rough. Your mic was on and I could hear your heavy breathing. I wanted that in my ear. I wanted you wanking that cock teasingly over my mouth. I wanted you. And that was rare.
You must’ve realised I’d been watching you, as then, you messaged me.
It didn’t take you long to want me just as badly. You hadn’t seen a photo. I wasn’t… Read more

Hot day at Maslins Beach Fact

Went to Maslins on a hot sunny day and eneded up having the hottest experience with a guy in the water…

It was a hot sunny day in the middle of the week in Feb 2020 and i was feeling a bit horny so i took a few hours off and went down to Maslins Beach in Adelaide for a bit of nude sun and a bit of a look. I got there and stripped off to that amazing feeling of being naked amongst other naked people.
The beach looked amazing , water was perfectly calm and there were quite a few people around. I went for a walk up and down the beach to see what deli… Read more

Our first GB Fact

Trish & I live out my fantasy, with extras…

My relationship with Trish was based purely and unashamedly around sex. This mature, elegant, incredibly sexual woman, is without doubt the most exciting lover I ever had. We experimented together and discussed our fantasies - some of them we managed to live out. At 35, I was discovering a side that I never knew existed, thanks to Trish.

One evening we had been out for a drink and I was driving back to my place. Trish would often take my cock… Read more

Further adventures with Trish Fact

A couple of “firsts”…

I have written about Trish before (part 2 is missing - for some reason deleted), so for some background, check out “Trish pt 1”

This beautiful, extremely sensual and sexual, classy woman, 15 years my senior, had a very exiting time for about 18 months about 20 years ago. I haven’t seen her since we parted ways but I do think of her often and wonder what she is doing now. My memories of the times we spent and the adventures we had are cr… Read more

Gala ball Fact

Dressed for decadance…

It was difficult seeing you across the foyer of the hotel, you were the last person I had expected to see at the Mayors Charity ball. I caught your eye and we smiled and nodded in polite surprise. I noticed you husband was by your side as my wife was also attending. We both went back to our pre dinner drinks and conversations with our guests. It wasn’t until we were ushered into the ball room that we both realised we had been sat at the same ta… Read more

My Grey Nomad Adventure Fact

I have a thing for mature men…

We went up to Forrest Beach Caravan park at short notice because my husband had a friend up there who had a problem with his truck.
When we arrived I wasn't expecting many people to be there but since the winter here has lasted longer than normal this year there were still quite a few 'grey nomads'. Retirees who travel with their caravan from place to place.
My husband got into fixing the truck while I mingled mostly with a couple of the wives.… Read more

Bathroom exploits Fact

I love your arse…

We sat there chatting for a while is the crowded the café now open after all the confusion and stress of self-isolation was now over. We were seated in a corner your chair facing the opposite of mine and almost by the side of mine. We were both enjoying the moment having for so long being kept apart. As we chatted my hand sat on your knee as you were facing me with your back to the café no one was aware as my hand slowly moved up your thigh.
Y… Read more

A date to remember Fact

I dutifully booked the afternoon out in my outlook calendar…

I was lucky enough to have met a wildly entertaining and naughty couple on another website. Conveniently, they enjoyed wine and fun as much as me, though I hardly expected to hear from them again - such is often the case as a swingle.

Having received a message from Mrs Swinger at lunch on Wednesday, I dutifully booked the afternoon out in my outlook calendar - I had an important client meeting in town at a local hotel in the CBD.

On arriv… Read more

Nude in the Adult store Fact

What a feeling of total pleasure…

As my nude in public experiences grew more daring, I was always turned on by pictures and videos
of couples having sex or individuals posing nude in adult bookstores and at glory holes.
I had been ringing around the various bookstores of Melbourne looking for fetish videos such as exhibitionism,
public nudity and sex in public. One store was very welcoming and I asked given my enquiry for these
genres, what would be their reaction to me wear… Read more

Airport Fun Fact

true life at the airport, create your own fun…

airport fun
to much work not enough play.

Decided to create some fun. which i did just last nt. a horny Tuesday nt at the airport.

I fly regular, so there is regular pick ups from airport...regular sexy outfits worn by sexy wife to airport pick ups.

I suggested 1 week to wear her long black overcoat and nothing else, she added black stockings long boots and a smile.

It was a very horny sexy ride home.

how to add to that...

orga… Read more

My loose sloppy asshole Fact

Love my hole juicy stretched…

I love when a guy or guys fuck my slutty asscunt and blow cum into me. Sometimes they fist me afterwards. I always beg to lick their cum from my used hole off their cocks n hands mmm.
When I'm back home with cum still up my arse which is often I love toying my creamed hole and licking n sucking the cum off the toy.
I love the taste of cum and love sucking and swallowing all types. Love huge loads that spurt straight down my throat or fill u… Read more

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