playing with my wife Fact

oiled up and filled…

So it started in the shower with kissing and rubbing each other's body's getting all soapy and horny then we started to have sex in the shower at that point we decided to go to bed. Once in bed used baby oil to rub her body all over including her pussy and ass then started to rub just her clit and got her all worked up by just stroking her clit. Then moved between her legs and had baby oil all over my hands and cock so I was teasing her ass and … Read more

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More than just the 8 ball, the overseas business trip Fact

Resoundingly beaten by 2 girls at pool the night gets a lot more interesting than expected…

The company I worked for used to send me overseas on business. While this came with its perks often it was a lot of work and then crashing in the evenings, the employees weren’t particularly social, bar the HR manager but that’s another story. One trip I had a few colleagues with me and we headed out on the Friday night, the company driver was out with us partly to show us around, even though I was reasonably familiar and partly to ensure we … Read more

What a conference Fact

In town for a boring conference but had the best sex ever…

I travel a lot for work and two weeks ago was in Auckland for a conference. I was having breakfast at a funky little cafe where I had been each day of the trip. As a social person I got to know the owner, a 40 something hottie - lets call her Kelly. Each day Kelly wore a short flowy dress which promoted her beautiful cleavage.

We got on very well but that said, I noticed she got on well with everyone so I was nothing special, until she gave … Read more

Spanish Siesta gone wild Fact

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

This one has the potential to be longest of all my stories. It starts with the separation of my 20 year marriage. I was devastated. I won’t go into those details. That would take a whole book. This story is about a 3 month trip to Spain. I will only focus on that and how it came about etc… The story begins with a phone call.

“Parso”. “Yes Mick”. “I have a proposal for you. Come and see me”. Mick was the General Manager of the c… Read more

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Cum n cock n ads lover Fact

Used again at beach…

Cleaned my horny bum hole and was eager for fun. Went to northern NSW beach and found a guy wandering in dunes who took me to a nice spot and let me suck his cock n balls but he didn't last long and started cumming as I licked his balls so I quickly put his nice cock in my mouth and sucked out the last drops before licking up and eating the rest of his big load off his belly. Then he left and it was quiet there so I went home and dildoed my hungr… Read more

French Quarter Deck Fact

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

My agent called: “Hey brother”. “What’s up”? The Yanks want you again in March”. “What’s the deal? “2 weeks. 3 a day. New Orleans.”. “What’s the coin”? “$5000 plus expenses”. “What the fuck man. You know I can get that for one gig here”. “I know. But the promo would be worth it. Don’t you want a holiday”?

I love New Orleans. March is perfect. Early spring. Around 70 to 80 F and a little humid. Similar to… Read more

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Green Haired Teen Fact

It is all about the timing…

The National Park nude-beach trail revealed its typical inhabitants; Black cockatoos, fairy wrens, boisterous rosellas, wallaby, goanna, the odd surfer and a few lonesome old creepers heading back to wherever they come from. Slipping off my kicks on the home stretch with the tumbling surf whispering, my toes in the sand felt good. The sun filtering through the canopy of bloodwood, scribbly gums and paperbark was high overhead, but by no means was… Read more

Fucking a very hot wife (just not mine) Fact

If only her husband new ,how good a fuck Kylie is…

Hi there , horny readers ,just hubby here with the latest.
Last time on here I wrote about , our close friend Kylie and her husband Arsoul , well after finally getting to Fuck this gorgeous women after so long dreaming about it , things have stepped up......
Kylie had not been having sex with her " beloved one" for over 10 years I seem to have opened Pandora's box (pardon the pun).
I mean she hasn't fucked for over 10 years guys ,she was… Read more

My first party Fact

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I had been on this site for a while. I got a direct message; inviting me to a swingers party. WOW! I had been thinking about it. Yep. Now is the time. I replied YES. It was to be this Friday night at 8.30. Fuck! I had no idea what to do. I kept working; but it was on my mind. Work is my solitude. I couldn't get it out of my head. So that's it! I was committed.

All that week, I thought about it. Nerves drove me. Do I? Don't I? I was so fucking… Read more

Dogging with the Hound of Rascal Ville Fact

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

Cheers all. This actually happened yesterday. On Friday night, I had attended my first ever private swingers party (That will be another story later tonight). This story starts Saturday morning, at around 9am, as follows:

I had got to bed at 4am; but true to form, had woken early(ish). I threw on some trackies, a shirt and my ugg boots; grabbed a coffee and went outside for a smoke. Although I had only slept 3-4 hours, I was feeling pretty goo… Read more

The working girl that worked too hard Fact

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

Hi all. This story is 100% factual. It actually happened a while back. To protect confidences, I will call her Brid. Sometime ago, I had too much spare cash. I was working as a Contract Project Manager, on over $300,000; hence the cash. I was living in a farm house about 40k out of town; paying fuck all rent. My overheads were very low. Because I was out of town, I went naked everywhere (It was summer!). A frequent habit was to party at night an… Read more

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The Handyman Part 4 Fact

THe hubby knows all about it…

So early next morning I arrived at 7.30am thought I'd get an early start with the repairs, the day before I called a friend who was a painter to assist with the repairs that needed painting. Any way I rang the door bell, barb answered the door wearing a see through dressing gown, WOW Barb you look very sexy in that, do you like it, I do I replied it really shows off your sexy body. I was just making breakfast for everyone. Oh shit I said to mysel… Read more

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The Handyman ...... Part 3 Fact

Returned to Mrs T to finish the works and then on to Barb's home…

Returned the following week hopefully to complete my works at Mrs T home.

No one was home so I got on with my work upstairs, beds were made bathroom clean, definitely no one home good, 3 hrs I should be finished and off to check out the next job.

It was all so quiet with no disturbance at all I finished all my work upstairs an began to pack my tools when I noticed a note on the kitchen table from Mrs T saying that she will be back later in… Read more

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A hitchhiker's guide to the ecstasy Fact

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I was way, up in Central NSW on a routine round of Client visits. As usual, I'm watching a Netflix on my phone, which is mounted off the windscreen and connected via blue tooth. My car's sound system, being German is fucking awesome. Like a home cinema. Those long straight roads are made less boring this way. I'm good at keeping one eye on the road and one on the phone. My car has a thing called adaptive cruise which keeps the steering between t… Read more

Cutting his grass for .... Her! Fact


Well, if you have read some of my happenings on here before you will remember that I have played away before ...
So when this opportunity popped up I devised how I was going to get in to her pants (something I have wanted for over a dozen years or more).
Our very close friends ,have had a very strained marriage , as he's a bit of a asshole to her ,but for convenience they stay together in there home ,now Kylie (alias) has confided to my wife … Read more

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From "Oh Babe" to "yeah MATE" Fact

Next Installment…

After I got her back on her feet, we went back into the kitchen and had a smoke and another bourbin. She was unable to stand up, so she kind of sat and laid on me. There had still not been any conversation. I felt her body was still responding, so I kept it up with touching. I went back down to her pussy which was still wet, but she was asleep. My cock was so hard by this stage, I needed to do something. She was good, so I leant her over the tabl… Read more

From "Oh Babe" to "yeah MATE" Fact

This actually happened recently. I will tell it all exactly how it happened. No embellishing…

I was on a few sites. Some Raunchy, some normal. I wanted a relationship, but I needed to make sure she liked sex as much as me. I got contacted by this chick from one site. She looked good. She was very keen. Hmmm. in hindsite. Anyway. I jumped in.

I went to her place that Friday night. 9pm. She let me in. She was dressed in fishnet stocks and a top that showed everything. I had brought with me some grog, which we shared for a bit. In a very… Read more

Diary of a sex addict Fact

Fantasies Why I love sex…

I have a fantasy would like to live out. Needs a willingness to be adventurous. Goes Like this. I am in the shower when a guest arrives. I direct him to his room but continue my shower. I love to cleanse my holes in the shower. Awhile later I hear the door open and someone enters. I cannot see so continue as the stranger enters and watches me. . I soap my body and my pussy. He comes closer and turns me around so I can spread my cheeks for … Read more

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The Handyman ........ Part 2 Fact

Next Day I got a Bonus…

Next day before arriving at Mr & Mrs T 's home, Mr T rang to tell me he was leaving for work and also has left a list of additional work to be carried out while I was there. I replied no problem.
15 mins later I had arrived at the home (Mansion) opened the garage door and reversed in. Mrs T car was also gone from the garage. I got out my tools and started working where I had left off the day prior, I called out to see if anyone was home and the… Read more

My First Group Play Fact

A hot night gets out of control.…

This is how my first group session took place. The names have not been changed because, if any of them manage to read this here, then it doesn’t matter. Plus all the names are common anyway.
As I’m not a writer, please forgive the unprofessional way I’ve written it, but I’ll do my best. Proof reading is also not my strong point, so forgive my errors.
Unfortunately for me, it happened when I was too young and still had that jealousy thin… Read more

The Handyman Fact

Mrs T in control…

It was about eight in the morning when I arrived at the clients mansion 2 story home to carry out some maintenance. I rang the bell and Mr T. answered the door, great timing, here is a list of things that need to be fixed, so see you tomorrow.
He handed over the keys and left for work. I reversed my car up the driveway and in the garage. I walked up the stairs and into the kitchen carrying out some repairs, in the kitchen then the downstairs b… Read more

My Unexpected Encounter Fact

This is what happend whilst on a well deserved holiday on the Gold Coast three months ago.....and I can't stop thinking about it.…

Three months ago my life was pretty dull to say the least, I had been divorced for seven years after sixteen years of marriage and did not realise just how dull my life actually was.
I was going on a long deserved holiday to stay with friends on the Gold Coast and I was determined to get laid no matter what.
I had five days left and I have had no luck(mind you I am kinda shy, and not use to approaching women). So I went to a local bar in Coolan… Read more

My first visit to a swingers club Fact

susan was curious about being withanother woman…

This story starts about 12 years ago, an ex girlfriend of mine who I had always kept in touch with called me one day to ask for a favor. The relationship we had, had broken down only because of timescales and with us both doing shift work we barely got to see each other. While on the phone she explained to me how a good friend of hers had visited a swingers club, from what her friend had told her she liked the sound of it and was looking for a … Read more

A straight guy with a bi story Fact

Best BJ ever…

This happened a few years back but I will be the first to admit was the best blow job I have ever had. To top it all it was given to me for free and by a middle aged guy in the back of a porn shop in a video booth in good old Bloemfontein. So to whoever that stranger was and I don’t know there name. I do hope you read these stories and maybe you recognize the story however unlikely that maybe.

Well basically this is what happened. I was sho… Read more

Why part 2 Fact

Why I love sex/ Why not…

Introducing Why I love sex a true story with a laugh 🤭😇

Why. I love sex simple question for a complex issue. Never thought of it like that but thought I would like to know the story

I write with humility as not an expert or a shrink but just an ordinary citizen not always sane and not too straight to answer a small part of the answer and have a bit of fun at the same time.

When I was writing my story Of Why I love anal sex it was … Read more

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Why Fact

Why I love anal sex…

I wrote and published this story last year but it got lost, and I still owe an explanation to that person who asked the question in the first place. So here goes my answer to Why?

Why?I was recently asked a question Why? and soon realized many did not fully understand or appreciate anal sex and I say so with humility as by far many did and love it. So my answer to why after posting some very xxx rated anal pics with bdsm toys, pumps and s… Read more

Sunnybeach Fact

Beach dogging…

I was strolling the beach nude one glorious afternoon. I ventured into the surf and decided to play with my hard doodle underneath the waves. The sight of everyone there male and female all in the nude made my dick hard.

I walked and waded in the water until I came across an older mature woman with her partner and another guy. I could see that the men may have been propositioning her for a sexual favour.

I then followed trying to keep up … Read more

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Weekend Bbq Fact

Hell of a day…

The afternoon kicked off with a group of us at a mates place having a bbq, we where all out side drinking and having a laugh and just enjoying the day.
After a few beers the conversation started to heat up and we all started talking dirty.
My mate and I thought we would get naked, exposing ourselves and see what happens. It was liberating and his wife decided to join in and striped off, we were admiring each other’s assets, my mates good size… Read more

A quickie Fact

Blow and go…

At Arrows one night, single, lonely and horny.
I see a couple walking towards a private room, they enter and close the door. I hang nearby watch some porn on a tv. When I look back there’s a few guy lined up waiting. I join the line, with a few guys walking off after 20 minutes or so.
I am thinking is this couple going to let anyone in. A little while later the guy opens the door and said only one at a time. By this time there was only one … Read more

A sexual awakening Fact

Healing through the art of Tantra…

This story is about the first Indian style Tantra massage I had. For those who have never tried it, Tantra is a wonderful experience for both men and women. The Tantra experts engage in what they call either Lingam (for men) or Yoni (for women) massage. A session will do wonders, especially for women who rarely orgasm and men who experience premature ejaculation. It has been two years since I had this incredible session. I credit it as the beginn… Read more

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