Our first GB Fact

Trish & I live out my fantasy, with extras…

My relationship with Trish was based purely and unashamedly around sex. This mature, elegant, incredibly sexual woman, is without doubt the most exciting lover I ever had. We experimented together and discussed our fantasies - some of them we managed to live out. At 35, I was discovering a side that I never knew existed, thanks to Trish.

One evening we had been out for a drink and I was driving back to my place. Trish would often take my cock… Read more

Further adventures with Trish Fact

A couple of “firsts”…

I have written about Trish before (part 2 is missing - for some reason deleted), so for some background, check out “Trish pt 1”

This beautiful, extremely sensual and sexual, classy woman, 15 years my senior, had a very exiting time for about 18 months about 20 years ago. I haven’t seen her since we parted ways but I do think of her often and wonder what she is doing now. My memories of the times we spent and the adventures we had are cr… Read more

Gala ball Fact

Dressed for decadance…

It was difficult seeing you across the foyer of the hotel, you were the last person I had expected to see at the Mayors Charity ball. I caught your eye and we smiled and nodded in polite surprise. I noticed you husband was by your side as my wife was also attending. We both went back to our pre dinner drinks and conversations with our guests. It wasn’t until we were ushered into the ball room that we both realised we had been sat at the same ta… Read more

My Grey Nomad Adventure Fact

I have a thing for mature men…

We went up to Forrest Beach Caravan park at short notice because my husband had a friend up there who had a problem with his truck.
When we arrived I wasn't expecting many people to be there but since the winter here has lasted longer than normal this year there were still quite a few 'grey nomads'. Retirees who travel with their caravan from place to place.
My husband got into fixing the truck while I mingled mostly with a couple of the wives.… Read more

Bathroom exploits Fact

I love your arse…

We sat there chatting for a while is the crowded the café now open after all the confusion and stress of self-isolation was now over. We were seated in a corner your chair facing the opposite of mine and almost by the side of mine. We were both enjoying the moment having for so long being kept apart. As we chatted my hand sat on your knee as you were facing me with your back to the café no one was aware as my hand slowly moved up your thigh.
Y… Read more

A date to remember Fact

I dutifully booked the afternoon out in my outlook calendar…

I was lucky enough to have met a wildly entertaining and naughty couple on another website. Conveniently, they enjoyed wine and fun as much as me, though I hardly expected to hear from them again - such is often the case as a swingle.

Having received a message from Mrs Swinger at lunch on Wednesday, I dutifully booked the afternoon out in my outlook calendar - I had an important client meeting in town at a local hotel in the CBD.

On arriv… Read more

Nude in the Adult store Fact

What a feeling of total pleasure…

As my nude in public experiences grew more daring, I was always turned on by pictures and videos
of couples having sex or individuals posing nude in adult bookstores and at glory holes.
I had been ringing around the various bookstores of Melbourne looking for fetish videos such as exhibitionism,
public nudity and sex in public. One store was very welcoming and I asked given my enquiry for these
genres, what would be their reaction to me wear… Read more

Airport Fun Fact

true life at the airport, create your own fun…

airport fun
to much work not enough play.

Decided to create some fun. which i did just last nt. a horny Tuesday nt at the airport.

I fly regular, so there is regular pick ups from airport...regular sexy outfits worn by sexy wife to airport pick ups.

I suggested 1 week to wear her long black overcoat and nothing else, she added black stockings long boots and a smile.

It was a very horny sexy ride home.

how to add to that...

orga… Read more

My loose sloppy asshole Fact

Love my hole juicy stretched…

I love when a guy or guys fuck my slutty asscunt and blow cum into me. Sometimes they fist me afterwards. I always beg to lick their cum from my used hole off their cocks n hands mmm.
When I'm back home with cum still up my arse which is often I love toying my creamed hole and licking n sucking the cum off the toy.
I love the taste of cum and love sucking and swallowing all types. Love huge loads that spurt straight down my throat or fill u… Read more

The Drive Fact

A long time ago...…

This happened a long time ago.
I was driving west to a town near the border. It was hot outside the car, and almost cold in the air conditioning. I had just left the last suburb of the city and over the low hills that marked "the bush". The first roadhouse is half an hour down the road. I drive listening to whatever music is on the radio.
The big AMPOL sign rises over the ridge, I decide to stop and get a drink. I pull into the forecourt and… Read more

Top dog Fact

My experiences and feelings when my beautiful sexy, absolutely stunning lady and i look for and invite a male friend for a play date.…

My experiences and feelings when my beautiful sexy, absolutely stunning lady and i look for and invite a male friend for a play date.

My girl and I are sitting at a bar, drinking wine and chatting about another play date, we have a laptop open looking at profiles and discussing the pros and cons as we look at men on this site, are they Bi or Bi curious, do they sound respectful, polite and discrete mmm. The excitement and pleasure I feel as we… Read more

Night park dogging Fact

Well used…

Rode my push bike at 9pm to a park 10mins away wearing goody track pants no undies. Had vaso in my hungry asshole ready for fucking.
Rode down the path in the dark bushy park and came to a young guy sitting on a bench alone. His hand was down his pants as we greeted eachother. I sat next to him and rubbed his hard cock thru his pants. I wasted no time pulling his rock hard 8 inch bone out and started sucking him mice n deep. I asked him to f… Read more

Boss's wife's panties Fact

A fantasy comes true…

I have always had a bit of a fetish for women's lingerie, especially the panties and pantyhose. From my teenage years I used to get hard seeing pictorial references to panties. At school I was always trying to get a glimpse up teachers and girls skirts. In my young adult years, I loved seeing women in their underwear and at times, when I was alone, trying different peoples on. I was never a crossdresser but I have had pleasant experiences with so… Read more

More real cuckold fun in Parramatta Fact

The submissive couple's journey continues…

It almost seemed like a time warp. 4 years, nearly to the day, after our very first meet. Same town, same hotel, only this time I was hosting and the sexy submissive wife and her equally submissive cuckold husband arrived to have some naughty play time. It had been a very short notice meet but we worked it out and at 4pm they arrived at my room, the usual hello's then it was time for K to get changed into her sexy slutty outfit. As she got change… Read more

My first exhibitionist show Fact

Stopping at a dogging spot and putting on a show for a couple there…

Recently I planned my work so I would finish up on a Friday afternoon south of Forster, so I could check out some local dogging spots in the evening and see what action might be happening. I turned up to one on the edge of a lake and there was a couple in their car so I parked nearby and watched what they were upto. She was removing clothing and appeared to be keen to give him a blow job except that I was there. I thought, oh well, lets give them… Read more

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Sex with a local Aboriginal woman Fact

We were arranging to meet the next day then I got a text, she was horny and could not wait till tomorrow!…

I chatted to an Aboriginal woman online for a while and she was not far away from me. We exchanged phone numbers and were texting each other one evening about going for a walk in the bush together and then fucking afterwards, then she sent a text to me ‘fuck I am so horny, come over now, I cant wait till tomorrow’ so I rushed there. I arrived at her house and she let me in, nervous as we had only met the once prior to this, and we both knew s… Read more

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The Tiger Bedroom at the Canberra Zoo Fact

Staying overnight in a bedroom adjacent the Tiger enclosure at the Canberra Zoo…

Have you heard of the Tiger bedroom at the Canberra Zoo? My ex and I were both nature lovers and paid for and went to the zoo there for a pat the Cheetah experience, which we enjoyed. The keepers take you into the Cheetah enclosure and allow you to pat the cheetahs under their careful guidance. I remember being surprised at two things – the coarseness of their fur, much more like a Llama than a cat, and the fact that they were always focussed o… Read more

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Delicious part 4 Fact

August day fun…

August 7 4 days after my B/Day. S was off work and we arranged some daytime fun. Delicious turned up about 1230. She was wearing white corset stockings and panties. She was worked up before he walked in the door. After we said hello you could see he was hard. His erections stick straight out. She immediately sat on his lap facing him rubbing he wet pussy onto his cock kissing him on the lips. We got up and started to undress as she was in linge… Read more

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Doggie and anal - perfection Fact

A combination of fucking pussy in doggie position whilst having two fingers in her ass is to die for…

One of the most amazing sex experiences I have had is fucking a woman doggie style whilst having two fingers inside her ass, rubbing my cock in her vagina through the walls of her ass. I have done this several times with several partners and it has been amazing for both partners. I have found most women I have been with have not tried anal sex much, and many are reluctant to do so for a range of reasons. Many think it is just dirty, and others co… Read more

Greeting a newcomer to town Fact

Meeting a lady new to town and having outdoor sex in a public park…

I was driving through town one day and spotted a woman crossing the road in front of me, dressed in a very alluring fashion, so I slowed as I approached and wound down my window to chat to her. I asked if she was looking for sex, and she replied sure, that she was new to town and looking to make new friends. I told her to hop in and we drove to a nearby park where there was a small building with security lighting around it on the edge of the road… Read more

Meeting Sue and helping her with her sex bucket list Fact

Sex fantasies to be explored before you die - create your own sex bucket list like Sue did…

I met a lady on line a year or so ago, and we decided to meet for a picnic and walk at a local park. We had a nice walk and lovely picnic lunch and chatted for hours. She was severely disabled and walking was a problem for her, as were many other things she said. I learnt she was passionate about helping other disabled people, and doing this took her mind off her own problems, and helped her put her own situation in perspective as many others wer… Read more

Fucking in public park in broad daylight Fact

A young couple cant contain themselves and fuck in view of all around…

My ex worked in Singapore for a few years, and told me about a scene she encountered at a favourite local park she used to go to. She went there after work to unwind, reading a book on one of the park benches. One day there were about 50 people in this part of the park, and it included a young couple who were lying on a picnic rug, talking, giggling, kissing and caressing. After a while to young woman of the couple got up and straddled the man, w… Read more

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Fun in a carpark Fact

Pulling up next to another car I realised the couple were in the middle of a blowjob…

In a reserve I used to like to go for walks in at an outer Melbourne suburb, I pulled into the carpark one day to find the car next to me had a couple in it in the middle of a blowjob. I glanced into their car and at first was puzzled by what I saw, as it looked like the chap driving had a black cat in his lap. I then quickly realised that this black cat was in fact the head and black hair of his girlfriend, and she was giving him a blowjob and h… Read more

Watching friends have sex over their kitchen sink Fact

Dropping in unannounced catches friends having sex over their kitchen sink…

After a few visits to a friends place (don’t ring, just drop in they said) and not being able to find them at home, I eventually decided (after seeing both cars in the drive and knowing someone must certainly be home), to go around the side of the house to the backdoor to try to raise them (maybe they could not hear the front door bell?). Well what a surprise! I was just at the corner of the house and caught movement out of the side of my eye, … Read more

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Meeting a commando at the local market Fact

Local market stall holder forgets she is without knickers and flashes me her pussy…

I went to a local market on the weekend a few years ago and wandered around looking at the stalls. I came up to one stall and the stall owner was squatting down in front of their stall, patting their dog, and I could not believe my eyes as their very short shorts were pulled to one side of their groin and their clean pink freshly shaved pussy was on prominent display. I walked up and squatted on the opposite side of their dog and joined them in g… Read more

How Twister gets out of hand and becomes Naked Twister Fact

Sharing Twister with one of my sister's friends leads to an invite for naked Twister…

My sister had a few friends over one day and we were young adults and still lived in my parent’s house. We chatted, played cards, and eventually decided to play Twister. It was fun and one of my sister’s friends was flirting with me a lot, so when no one else could see I used the fact that she was in tortuous positions and unable to move, to feel her up. I stroked the backs of her legs, inside of her thighs, and over her shorts around her gro… Read more

Cheering up Bree, a friend's friend Fact

Bree separated from her husband and I helped to cheer her up…

Friends once asked me if I would date a friend of theirs. Their friend had separated from her husband and was struggling, and they thought that spending time with me may cheer her up, as they knew I had several girlfriends and none had any complaints. I said yes, I would be pleased to, and she came over to my place a few days later. We chatted for a while and I listened to how down she was, and decided I could help cheer her up. I shifted to sit … Read more

Fucking Donna on a clifftop with amazing views Fact

Our outdoor fuck at a local hangglider launching spot on a clifftop with sensational views…

I took a friend to a local lookout recently. Actually it is more of a hangglider launching spot, at the top of cliffs, with amazing views out over the surrounding valleys and hills. It is very secluded and not many people ever visit it, so private for us to enjoy together without risk of being discovered. We made the most of the opportunity and went prepared, taking a bag of picnic rug, lube, toys, etc. My friend, Donna, was very impressed and so… Read more

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Marg and her unzipped tracksuit top Fact

The day a friend accidentally revealed herself to me and what it lead to…

Visiting a friend one day and chatting, I realised that the tracksuit top she was wearing was unzipped and flapping open, and revealing to me her naked body beneath. Suddenly she realised why I kept glancing in that direction and laughed, zipping up the top, and saying she was sorry and that she had it open to cool down as she had got hot and sweaty in the sun in the garden. I responded saying there was nothing to be sorry about, and that I had e… Read more

Meeting Joanne and discovering her beautiful butterfly labia Fact

The way I met Joanne and got video of her beautiful butterfly labia…

I was driving through town one day and noticed a slim young woman prancing down the footbath, obviously happy as anything for some reason. I did a u-turn and pulled up beside her and offered her a ride, which she gladly accepted and explained she only lived a couple of blocks away. We talked while driving and she explained she was very happy and had been out celebrating so was still tipsy from a long night on the drink. She said she was going to … Read more

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