Written by playful fun

1 Sep 2010

we knew A well, she had been over with her hubby for 4 somes a few times before, but she was the kinky one of the two , and needed more than he could give her, upon arriving at our home, we all sat chatting for awhile, the 2 woman a bit nervous, as I had said to them what i intended to try with them, but soon we were naked and kissing one another, It didnt take my cock long to find a willing mouth and soon I was licking my wifes pussy out, we spent some time licking and playing, then i slid my wet cock deep into my wifes pussy, while our lover kissed her boobs and played wiht her clit, after some time My wife got onto her knees, with me still piounding from behind, our lover lay under her licking away to her hearts content, I knew it wouldnt be long, one thing that gets L going is a good tounging, and with one big cum she jumped half of the bed, with us two hanging on and working her hard,, son she was a wet mess and very contented, so my cock now looked at another pussy to play in, and it wasnt long before one was found, A was on her back, legs over my shoulders, my cock deep inside her very hot little pussy, we fucked like this for some time, L was now recovered and looking for some thing or one to do, so I got A on her knees and L got under her and we reversed the fun, thing got going well and A was cumming like a machine gun, so I lubed up one of my fingers and slid it in her butt, not much resistance at all, as I knew there would not be, so with a bit more lube, my cock was soon taking the place of my finger, we fucked like this for some time and she just kept getting hotter anf hotter and wanting more from us, L got out from under her , and proceded to find my vibrator, a nice 10 inch one, which with a bit of lube soon found a home in her pussy, with my cock pounding hard in her butt still she went troppo, going form cum to cum, but still she wanted more, so with a wink L got my big dildo a huge 12 inch mother over 9 inchers around too, this took a bit more lube, but not much more effect to slide into her now very open pussy lips, my cock found its way back into her butt and away we went, my wife working the dildo as i fucked away, for some time her breathing was very errratic, as we both fucked her hard, upon my hint, L now lubed up her fist and that took the place of the dildo, my cock feeling my wifes hand inside our lovers body, now and then she would play with my cock tho the inside wall and mmmmmmm nearly made me cum a few times, but i wanted this to last as long as i could, again my wife knew what i meant when i winked at her and my cock slide out and i lubed my fist up, slowly but very firmly i pushed my hand into her butt, her body showing signs of plesure as i did, once in my wife slid her fist back intoher pussy, our lover was now just about full, for a small nice size 14 to take our 2 fists I was in awe, with some gently but firm moves we worked her and made her cum so hard and full she seemed to just melt,, by now she was just about ready for a nice hot load of cum, so i removed my hand and pushed my cock back in its place, her body stiffened, as she felt me ramming hard in her, by now it didnt takelong, my cock was oh so ready to fill her wet butt, and with one almight shove i let my seeds flow into her, we all lay peacefully for some time, before the woman looked at me, and smiled at one another, it was now my turn to be set upon by them,,,,

A had already told L that she wanted them both to give me a good fucking, and by that I mean strapon, so soon my wife was geared up ready to attack my butt with my 10 inch vibrator, with some lube and a shove it slipped in easy, A was edging L on as she went to town in me, the two woman getting plesure out of seeing me taking the vibrator, it didnt take L long before she had my other 9 inch vib in her hand and with A's help she lubed it up and pushed it in alongside the other vib, this fills me up nicely and L knows that A was a bit surprised at seeing it go in but soon settled down and helped L fuck me hard, I had quite a few anal cums and my cock had dripped cum most of the time , but more was yet to cum, L now pulled the huge 12 inch dildo into the strapon, and lubbed it up well, with a good steady push and some help from A it went in. my arse was now taking a 12inch long dildo and had two woman smacking and proding it, i can only take the 12 incher for a short time as it makes me cum so hard, and wears me out, so seeing my failing mmmmmm energy my wife pulled it out and lubed up A's fist, which took its place, she worked my arse like a pro, not to hard but enought to make my cock shot a load of cum into my hand, seeing this L looked at me and slipped her mouth open I raised my hand for her to eat my cum mmmmmmmmmm this only got my harder and my anal cums were just about one continuos cum now, my body shaking and my butt twiching ,,to the hand and fingers working thier plessure inside me, with one big bang my cock shot cum every where, both ladies putting their hands out to take some on them and A moving her face under me more to try and eat my cock as it oozzed cum still, with one last thrust i emptied my bal sack,and lay still on the bed, the two woman laughed and said next time will be better still , as they have some more ideas they want to try,

and if Im lucky that will be soon, as our lover is one hot lady