Written by blissfullewis

2 Sep 2010

We headed for the beach one sunny Sunday lunch time. You wore a purple sarong with your swim-suit underneath. It is only a short walk from our rented unit.

We find a spot in the dunes, but with a view of the water spread our towels and lay down. You suggest that since it is quiet we take our swimsuits off and lie naked. Mine are off before you finish the sentence!!

As we lie naked on the sand, the cool breeze takes the burning sensation from the suns rays. I start to stroke your side from your hip to your breast You sigh and turn your face to me, your hand goes to my hard cock and slowly rubs it as our lips meet, my fingers find your very wet pussy and I start rubbing and playing with it, one finger enters you then slowly another.

I break from our kiss and move down your neck toward your hard nipple. My eyes open and I notice a tanned guy, lying on his tummy, just between the water and us. It is obvious that he is watching us. I suckle at your nipple and increase the tempo of my fingers on your pussy. Your legs spread a little wider to give me better access,

(much to our watchers delight!)

Your eyes are closed and a loud moan escapes from your lips. Our new friend is encouraged by this, and stands up, walks toward us with a large hard-on.

He motions to sit down on the other side of you and I give him the thumbs up, not taking my mouth from your nipple. Your hand grabs my arm and pushes it back toward your wet pussy, it had only been gone a second!!

He starts to rub his cock in the same tempo as you rub mine.

I can tell he wants to touch you but I shake my head in disapproval as you don’t realise we have company yet. All our breathing gets harder as do the two cocks with you. I can feel myself starting to cum, and try to hold off. Looking at the other guy I can see he is about to as well. With a final stroke from you I let out a moan and gush a load of cumm all over your belly, at the same time the other cock spew’s its cum on to the back of your thighs. You feel both cum’s hit you at once and deeply moan as you cum on my hand. You look over your shoulder and spot the other guy. Your head snaps back to me with a shocked look on your face, you stand up and run toward the water, and dive straight in. We can see you washing the cum off your legs and tummy.

Jason, as I found out his name, thanked me and started to leave. I told him to wait so I could at least introduce him to you to which he agreed.

You came running back up the beach with out looking at either of us, snatched up your sarong and headed away.

After about seven long strides, you turn to us and with hands on your hips, say, well are you two coming to finish what you have started? Or do I have to take care of myself? Jason and I looked at each other, smiled and started to rise!