Written by jonan

3 Nov 2009

This was from a few years ago and was a first for both of us .

My wife Ann wanted a weekend away and as we both keep in great shape, due to sport and exercise we decided to go, as a first time, to a NZ clothing optional camping ground.

We arrived and were pleased to have motel on the beach front with a deck onto the beach.

Being a little shy at first we found a secluded spot further down the beach and proceeded to undress.

Once naked, Ann started to put on sun screen lotion and as she sat there rubbing it on her inner thighs, looked up to see a clothed man standing there staring at her and taking in all she had to offer.He moved on once he was noticed and Ann commented that he was not nice and had left her feeling uneasy.

We spent the rest of the morning sunbathing, swimming, reading and generally relaxing. As we walked back to Motel, we discussed the guy looking at her pussy and Ann said she was startled by him but the thought of him looking her had turned her on.

The afternoon went much the same as the morning - pretty cruisy and we went back to the Motel mid/late afternoon for a drink.

We set up chairs on the decking and Ann had a mesh singlet with nothing underneath it and I was naked, as we settled down for a few cold beers and wines.

At the foot of the decking, a man we had talked to earlier was sunbathing naked on the beach approximately 3 - 4 metres away.

I sat in chair down towards this guy and Ann set her chair further back with her feet raised on a small stool.

The guy started talking to us and after the first drink I noticed Ann starting to spread her legs and we both started to get glimpses of her neatly trimmed pussy. I winked at Ann when she looked my way and she opened her legs further for me to see what I was going to feast on later.Ann was showing me but also showing the young guy sunbathing everything I get to enjoy.

Ann smiled at me and spread her legs wider still and continued to read pretending to be oblivious to the effect she was having on the two men watching her.

My cock was already hard and the guy on the ground kept turning around to get a better look at Ann's wet, swollen pussy lips.

By this time the guy's cock was rock hard and he started to play with it as Ann stroked her hot,wet cunt occasionally to tantalise us further.My cock was starting to dribble pre-cum as I had never seen her do anything like this before and it was making us both so horny.

As the guy continued to play with his cock and was close to coming, I grabbed Ann's hand took into the motel and touched her cunt to find it wetter than I had felt in a long time and ready to come. Ann lay on the bed with her legs wide and asked if I liked what I saw and did I enjoy her showing the guy. My answer was to put my hot, hard cock into her and we both exploded into the most intense orgasms possible.

We have talked about this a number of times and it still turns us both on and we want do this more often. The next time we would like do this to another couple on a beach or even take it further and show another couple, what Ann's got and I get to enjoy, in a bar and hopefully they will reciprocate.

Hope you liked what we did and let us know if you want to hear more about Ann last summer on a Aussie beach.