15 May 2016

I was still trembling and on my knees, I leant forward and grabbed his cock again. In one smooth motion, I shoved it all the way in to the back of my throat. I felt his thick dick drive into my soft wetness, and my tongue wiggled as I worked him in deep. I could not help fingering myself, my pussy was aching under my dress, and I am sure he could feel my moans vibrating on his dick as I started to swallow his meat, driving in and out on his thick veiny cock.

I felt a gag and I looked up at him with absolute, absolute devotion. I moved in and drove down my throat his cock, only getting him about half way down. His cock was finally slick with my saliva and drool, I had got him as deep as I could go myself, I grabbed his hand and put it on top of my head. He got the hint. The next time I reached my limit, He pushed my head down and his cock deep. I felt his dick drive deep, stretching my throat, as my lips finally went all the way to his pubes.

I was looking up at him with pouty eyes as he withdrew his fat rigid organ from my tortured throat, I was now wild with lust and pleadingly whispered, “please baby, I need your cum” … “I need to have your thick cock pump a load right to the back of my throat" Please I whimpered, "I need you to cum“

I again drove down hard, taking his dick back into my mouth and I slid down to the base of his cock. I pulled back off him again. There were sticky ribbons of my saliva connecting his dick to my hungry lips.

I started wetly bobbing up and down on his cock like a sex crazed, woman possessed …. He came, and boy did he cum, pumping gallons down my throat and directly into my stomach, eventually pulling out of my soft mouth and jacking off his remaining seed, on my breasts and face … splattering me with warm luscious cum, emptying his balls completely. His cock had shot a hell of a load of hot, sticky cream down my throat and then onto my breasts and face. I continued vigorously fingering, rubbing myself off, pointing his softening dick at my face, licking the last few spurts as they fell and mingled with his cum already on my lips and pink tongue . I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, licking delicious cum off my lips and his leaking cock tip.

I came and I came, a most delicious, self made, orgasm...