Written by aussieguy1

19 Jan 2012

Well hey everyone this story starts just like many others great friends coming together to have a few drinks and get together after a long christmas new year period. So Fred and Jane came over for drinks with Sam and Cam at cams place.

The evening started out with just innocent chatting and a lovely bottle or two of wine under the night sky’s. Cam and Jane decided that they wanted to go a party at the local pub at the end of the week, so they went inside to decide on what to wear; this left the guys to their own demise in the yard.

The guys could hear giggling and laughing coming from the bedroom. Well Cam was showing off clothes to Jane all her hot clothes, and short dresses, Cam took each piece out and showed Jane and as she was trying things on here and there.

Jane decided that she wanted to try some on to, so it was cam helping Jane out of her clothes, as they stumbled around. Suddenly the guys appeared at the bedroom door and more giggling and drinking and clothes swapping occurred to applause and “ooos and arrrrghs” from the guys.

Then Cam decided that enough was enough with the clothes and picked out a tight arse latex dress which looked absolutely stunning and some 9”inch heels to go with it she looked unreal she oozed sex and she knew she was turning the guys on, the guys cocks could be seen in their pants to want some more so cam decided that Jane needed to try on the latex dress while she put something even more strappy and holey on. This looked like Janes first nude strip in front of two guys and Cam. Jane looked amazing in the latex as well and the guys could not keep their hands off either of us. C am decided that the guys had to wait she wanted Jane and she wanted her alone on the bed.

Sam had dragged Cam onto the bed and was now touching her wet pussy while she reached for his hard on in his pants, it was electric, she wore no panties and she had freshly shaved for the night. The smell of sex was in the air, and tension was building. Fred and Jane were now kissing and touching each other in the door way of the robe, she whimpered under his touch and she ground her hips against him. Cam and Sam were now kissing and grinding on the bed, with Sam’s fingers deep in cams pussy, you could hear the slurping noise of the juices dribbling form her body. Sam looked up and saw Jane move to Cam, she sat up and they both kissed long and hard, leaving the men breathless, and in awe of what was possibly going to happen.

Jane moved back to Fred, and began to kiss him deeply, before Cam grabbed Janes hand and pulled her onto the bed where she laid on her back, and cam held her in her arms. She kissed and tasted her as she started to gently, sweetly kiss jade and touch her lips, her cheeks, her forehead. Jane was now being devoured... deflowered for the first time by a lady..... she was yearning for the touch and squirming on the bed, cam slide slowly down her body, kissing lightly and touching as she felt Janes responses to her hot breath on her skin.

The guys sat there mesmerised, watching the show unfolding in front of them. Jane began to moan and grind down on cams tongue and fingers as she reached for the sheets to hold onto. The passion was hot, the lust was flowing as cam kept licking and tasting Jane’s body, feeling her with her fingers and her tongue.

Cam could now smell Jane’s juices dribbling from her body, it was the first time that she was in control, and the feeling was hot, and sexy. This encouraged her to ravish Jane’s body making her squirm more as she fingered her pussy and licked the juices from her cunt. Janes we now crying out with passion as this was the first time she had been touched, kissed and fucked by a lady........ and she was loving it... a shuttering explosion began in her body as cam kept licking and fingering her cunt harder making her squirm harder on her mouth... as Jane exploded into her mouth.

There was not a word from either guys, who sat watching, not wanting to stop the exoticness of what was happening... juices dribbling out, all over Cams face and into her mouth. Cam savoured the taste and loved the feeling of taking her conquest, her body, her mind

Watch for what happen next in a day or two