9 Dec 2016

A regular friend came over last night to fuck me with hubby, what a hot night, he rang me today and he invited himself over again, this afternoon. I was on his mind, he said. He fucked me again, this time while hubby was at work.

He came over, I let him in, he walked in, forced me down onto my back and started tongue fucking me. Then he took me to my bedroom and pounded my pussy, again and again, fuck he was really horny...

My friend face fucked me and stretched my already sore pussy really good, once again. I still had that fresh creamy cock load dripping out of me when hubby came home. As my stretched out, pounded pussy was again filled with cum, I could not help but tease my hubby. I whispered my visitor's attention into hubby's ear, and what creamy treat was left behind, as we kissed hello. I then asked hubby to clean the fuck juices from my cum filled pussy, as all that new cum was leaking out of me. I said.

( I do love the aftermath of a good pounding fuck, my pussy dripping cum)

When I had orgasmed on his attentive tongue, I literally dragged hubby on top of me, he splendidly fucked me, beautifully hard as well, he was so thrilled and so excitedly erect with my encounter.

He lost orgasmic control as I contiuosly divulged my encounter's dirty details, into his ear, as he drove into me, he groaned loud and let loose with such a torrent of cum, he flooded my pussy walls, once more with, oh so hot, cum.

Hubby took me to dinner after, and as I ate, I relished my last spectacular 24 hours and right then, the delicious loads of cum, dripping out of my pussy, the entire meal.