Written by Truckie life

5 Mar 2013

Life as a trucky is very mundane and when opportunity comes we generally grab it.

I have spent most of my working life interstate driving, has been plenty of opportunity to grab a glimpse of pussy tits and cock as cars or vans pass us, one time it turned into the real thing not just a perve, one of those backpacker vans followed me for a long time, probably getting the heart to pass me (road train) on a stretch of Territory road, they waited until we had a stretch of road where you could see for miles, as they got near my cab there was a girl on the passenger side with her legs up on the dash and was giving herself a couple of fingers and she looked straight at me for what seemed an eternity (couple of seconds)

They kept driving and it was about an hour later I passed the same van parked in a roadside stop, and the bloke was chockers giving this girl a doggy at the side of the van, just a tip to others, we cannot pull these things up quickly so I kept going and pulled into a truckies stop just outside Tennant Creek, about half an hour later this van pulled up beside my truck and while I was checking my tyres around the rig I stopped at the window of the van and said I enjoyed the show, and maybe they would like to continue in my cab, they both got out and I was looking at a very hot little German (as I found out) girl and a slim bloke they got up in the sleeper of my truck and we talked for a bit and I said she had a very nice body and pussy from what I had seen, at this comment she pulled her little shorts to the side and said do you mean this, I was down on that pussy like I hadn't eaten, the bloke pulled her top back and started sucking her small tits, I was lifting her ass in the air and started to lick her asshole and she was going wild, after a while she said she wanted to suck my cock and spun around so her ass was in the air and her bloke started fucking her pussy.

I was leaning against one side of my sleeper, and playing with her tits I felt down underneath and started diddling her clit and was actually feeling his cock going in and out, he seemed to like this.

I don't mind both ways and pulled her mouth off my cock and squirmed down underneath her so I could suck her clit and put my tongue on his cock as it was fucking her, he slipped out a couple of times and went straight in my mouth, they got the the message I didn't mind cock as well and he started really fucking my mouth as much as her pussy, I started fingering her hole and his at the same time, I moved down even further and started rimming his hole, at this point the girl turned around and started sucking him off while I was tonguing his asshole, he blew quite quickly from this attention and she swallowed most but some dripped onto my forehead, which she licked off.

My cock was bursting and I asked her to finish me off, I don't have a big dick and it was so nice to hold the back of her head and bury my cock in her mouth to the hilt and blow down her throat, after I had stopped twitching in her mouth I couldn't help but lean over the top of her back with her ass in the air and tongue her asshole for a few minutes.

We got our breath back and they climbed out of the cab and drove away shortly after.

This is the best experience I have had on the road, they must have decide they were going to fuck a truckie out on an outback highway, and I am sure they got more than they bargained for, but would have enjoyed it, I did.