Written by abbernathy

1 Jun 2012

It was a warm Autumn Monday morning and my hubby and I were thinking about having some fun. We put an advert on a dogging forum saying we would be at a certain place at a certain time. We drove to the site, picked a spot and parked our car. We sat there for a short while talking about what may happen, this was going to be an exciting experience we both thought. There were cars already in the carpark of the park and we wondered if any of them were going to come over, but then a car arrived, flashed his lights then proceeded to drive over and park next to us. We were away from the carpark area, parked under a tree. The guy got out and spoke to us through the window, he said he had seen our post on the forum and thought he would come and watch. I opened my car door and he came around, he started by rubbing my boobs through my black lace dress and touching my pussy, rubbing his fingers against my clit through my red lace knickers, he slowly bent down and sucked my nipples while continuing to play with my pussy, I was getting so turned on! My hubby was also touching me and playing with my boobs, the guy asked could he lick my pussy and of course I said yes! He slowly moved his tongue around, teasing my clit and I was so horny and wet, he moved between my nipples and pussy while I laid there moaning from the pleasure of his touch. I then stopped him and started playing with his now hard cock through his jeans, I undid his jeans, and pulled them down and played with his cock with my hands and then got down and gave him a blow job. We were all so excited and turned on, he smelled so good, I gently took his hard cock in my mouth and played with his balls giving him a slow sensual blow job, after he came I got back in the car and turned to my hubby, he started to play with me again, while I played with and sucked my hubby’s hard cock. After a few minutes another guy came over and stood next to him. He started playing with and sucking my boobs, and then proceeded to play with my pussy at the same time as the first guy. He was getting hard and he pulled his cock out and started rubbing it on my bare leg, while watching me getting fingered and licked. He came. I looked up from my seat and there were now four other guys there watching! My mind was spinning, my heart racing, my body was experiencing such unbelievable sensations. The next guy was the one we were expecting from our post on the forum, he moved in front of me, caressed by boobs, played with and licked my wet pussy, and then said he had a condom and could he fuck me, I said yes, he pushed his hard throbbing cock inside me and fucked me hard, whilst the others were watching, one guy next to him was holding my knickers aside so they all could watch. While all this was going on I looked around and noticed other guys standing a little further back and slowly walking past the car so they could look. He finished and stepped aside and the next guy took over! He also rolled a condom onto his hard cock and fucked me! The same was done with the next guys, each had their turn of fucking me and stepping aside, watching for a while then quietly moving away and disappearing to their cars.

When all the guys had finished and moved away, I sat there in the car, my pussy throbbing from being gang banged, totally amazed at what I had just experienced, my hubby was so turned on by watching all this so I finished him off with a blow job. We both sat there for a few minutes, fixed our clothes then smiled at each other as we drove out of the park.

Even now a couple of days later I get so horny thinking about this amazing experience and I look forward to our next dogging adventure.