21 Mar 2016

Theres a kind of avenue of tress that dapple sunlight onto the three of us she is walking in front of me a sheer full length sarong tall lithe and agile her skin shiny tropical brown precum is on my baggies and shes flirting with david while we stroll back to the cabin he hands me a stubbie of beer and a couple glasses of white wine she takes hers to the shower while we make small talk and i shower still half errect so when i hop out shes sitting and drying her long hair small droplets over her neck and breasts and some sly perfume ..so i knelt and flattened my wet tongue on her labia and stroked up and in she was delicious to eat fresh from the sea and shower she was soaked and i loved it pushed my tongue hard against her clit and then pushing into her her brown abs straining against my face her hands mad in my hair neck and back cumming so good in my face and pushing me backward to the bed her mouth over my cock and her hands under my sac almost cumming me and then stopping licking her juices from me pinching my nipple and kissing biting my neck she was strong but kind of liked being subdued finally so i threw her over and pulled her thighs around my neck and tasted her again then plunged slowly into her while she wriggled up onto me she was so good so hot and i could feel everything the whole length of me her breasts against my chest her teeth and nails her legs around me i just couldnt stop cumming and she was the same truly heaven on a stick ...tbc.