Written by Paul

18 Nov 2011

I'm a married 35 year old man with a lovely wife and two kids. I never cheated on my wife until recently on a bussiness trip to Singapore.

On my flight I was flirting with a cute Chinese hostess named Yuyu. During the last stages of the flight she sat next to me and she told me that she was single and often had one night stands due to her heavy work schedule to satisfy her needs.

After landing and exiting the plane I wished her a happy day when I left not thinking to much about it. I checked into my motel and attended my meeting as planned.

The next day I went out for dinner and a few drinks with work colegues and saw a familiar face of the flight attendant. Whilst at the bar she came up to me and asked if I would like to dance with her. Not thinking anything would happen I said yes and we went to the dance floor. yuyu was dressed in a nice short skirt and a loose shirt that showed off her ample breasts. Before long had her tongue down my throat and after a few beers I was feeling horny and went along with her, even moving my hands around her arse and giving it a good rub.

Being a little drunk I left with her and took her to my hotel room, and as soon as we were in the door we were all over each other. I removed Yuyu's shirt to reveal a black lacey bra. She was horney as hell and removed my clothes in no time. I took off her skirt to reveal a matching lace g-string.

I Began to rub Yuyu's pussy through her g-string and she was wet as hell. It wasn't long and I had her remaining underwear off and was eating her hairy pussy. Yuyu grabbed my head and forced it into her pussy and came hard.

Yuyu then told me to fuck her, so I did as I was told and layed on top and entered her. Yuyu waswet as hell and I easily slid in. I was only in her for a few minutes and I felt my balls tingle and unloaded inside her. After we settled down we both went to sleep.

In the morning I woke to Yuyu giving me a blow job. When I opened my eyes she mounted me and rode me until she orgasmed. I rolled her over and entered her from behind. This time I lasted longer and I held her hips and unloaded in her again. We both had a shower and Yuyu headed to the airport and I headed for my meeting. When I dropped Yuyu off at the airport I gave her my mobile number so we could catch up again if I was away for work.

I felt guilty for cheating on my wife but didn't thing much of it when I returned home. A couple of months later I got a text from Yuyu saying that she was in town and she wanted to catch up. I told my wife I had to work late and had Yuyu come around to the office. As soon as she entered we were in each others arms. I quickly bent her over my desk and lifted her skirt, pulled down her g-string and enterd her. Yuyu came hard and I followed emptying my cum inside her.

When we both calmed down Yuyu told me that she was pregnant from our Singapore romp. A little shocked I asked why she didn't make me wear a condom and she told me she forgot and was caught up in the moment. Yuyu is now three months pregnant and we are continuing to see each other behind my wife's back. All will be good if she does not find out.