Written by cc13

4 May 2013

Like the title suggests many years ago when I was about 21 I had been out drinking with friends and like a lot of youngsters do I had abit too much to drink. I was pretty drunk so I don't remember exactly what happened but my mum and her husband ( my stepdad ) like to remind me when they feel like embarrassing me. Basically I came home made a lot of noise at the front door then got inside and made a lot more noise so my mum came out to see what was going on. It was at that moment that I proceeded to vomit all over myself. Even though it was about 4am mum wasn't going to just leave me in a pool of my own vomit so she decided to give me a shower. Apparently I was resisting her attempts to get me undressed and into the shower so she went and got my stepdad to help. So there I am covered in spew and now my step dad is holding me down while my mum is taking my clothes off. Around this time I apparently gave up fighting them and let them strip me nude and put me in the shower. But barely being able to stand up by myself he had to pretty much hold me up in the shower and apparently in my drunken state I was enjoying an old man being able to see my naughty bits and I was asking him if he liked my bum and my boobs etc and they tell me I made sure he was getting a good look all I will say is that things were apparently spread for all to see. So like many people I did something silly and regrettable when I was young and am occasionally reminded of this when not in a sexual way or anything but more jokingly and just to embarrass me he says hey remember I've seen your titties and fanny.