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Always wanting more...

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Published 8 years ago
It's Friday I have been busy trying to get paperwork done before work starts and I receive a call about a new prospective couple that want to meet us. Issue is that we are both an hour away (in different directions) and both have commitments for the day. SS explains that if he can get away from his commitments earlier we can meet at 1330. I have still yet to drive all over the countryside and finish off a few things before starting my afternoon shift. Eventually I am en route to the destination by 1200. I am amazed at how good timing I am making and start getting wet driving along all the bumps with the roadworks. I realise it has been 13 hours since I had last orgasmed and desperately need a fuck. Driving through a few sets of roadworks playing with my now erect nipples and occaisionally sliding my hand down over my mound under my figure hugging dress while confused roadworkers look on get me thinking about the meet and also another playmate who lives in the area... He is tall, strong with the most haunting eyes that are intense... I think about the last time we played and that I had him tied up to the bed; head down, collar and cuffs on securely unable to escape... his face watching his own cock and balls being tortured along with his perfect arsehole presenting to me unobstructed. I rim him, squeezing his balls and running my manicured nails up the back of his throbbing thick 9" shaft watching to see if he precums this time... "Good boy" I say when he declines to precum this time. After a year of training him he may have finally learnt this lesson... I smile gratuitously and then take the edge of my nails and run it around his back... It leaves a red trail from where I have touched him and start to sensitize his skin. This tells me how long he will last before he comes... Today it will not be long. I sigh and then smile sadistically... another time this will be finished :D As I am waiting for roadworks I text him. I know he is at work and he finishes early today but it has been three weeks since we saw each other and now I am in his area, I think he can take the time to see me. He texts back slightly annoyed and I express to his desire that he is due for servicing. He asks what I require from him. "Your cum" is all I reply. By this stage I am now at my destination, and under 8 km away from him... He messages back meet me in 20 mins and gives me a location. Public toilets in the middle of the nearest town to where his work is. I start driving. More roadworks... I sigh because I am already dripping with cum all over my seat and will not last long today. Time to utilise Orgasm Depravation techniques. I arrive and the area is being used by other unsuspecting locals. I text him back annoyed and ask him for another place. He doesn't respond as I see his car coming around the corner. As he pulls up next to me I ask " Know them?" "No" he says. "So where to?" I ask. He replies "Follow me." We drive for about ten minutes heading back toward the main highway and then takes a dirt road. Drives about 200 metres to a mound of grass and is quite visible from the highway. I commend him for his choice and he turns me around and takes me hard and fast from behind, breaking my swollen cunt as he forces his 2 3/4 inch thickness into me. I cum upon contact and he manages to reply "Your going to make me cum fast today Madam." I clamp down twice on his throbbing 9" and think to myself "He is harder than normal today". My thoughts are interrupted again by the heat rising through my body and this time I feel him coming too... He holds me for a minute and I cup his hand, feeling his cum dripping down my thighs and wanting more. But time constraints are looming again... I stand, turn to him, kiss him and say "See you soon" He replies "Mmmmm" and kisses me back. I look at the highway not more than 500 m away and wonder how many had seen something that excited them today, climbing in my car and driving back to the meet. At the meet I arrive first and see the female of the couple, sitting with her reddish hair blowing in the breeze, thinking about whether it will be her hair that I wrap around my fist as I fuck next or SS... He is still on his way. I start thinking about her body and her pubic mound under her pants, wondering if she will pick up the scent of another male on my skin. SS arrives and looks at me with a smile. He knows but I havn't told him yet... He can sense my heat intently and knowing this turns me on even more. My thoughts are under the table as we meet and I want to kiss SS and run my nails over his back and then turn to her and ask her to kiss him. While this is happening I rub my hand over her arse and finger her clit waiting for it to pulse to life... My thoughts are interrupted by SS texting me with "Can I fist fuck you now?" I realise the time and courteously explain that it was lovely to meet her and that I have to go to work. I need to clear my thoughts before I start so on the drive back home I contemplate a plan. I get back with half an hour to spare and text SS he responds again with "I need to make you cum". I reply "Soon" and get to work with my toys and a machine fucking video that does the job quickly. After work is another chapter :D

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