Written by supersonic

18 Jul 2014

I’d been out drinking with work colleagues since lunchtime and my best mate had arranged for a couple of girls to stay at his for a bit of a party. I’d had a text earlier in the evening from my mate telling me to come over but I was enjoying myself too much and didn’t give it much thought. Eventually about 9pm he called and said I should come over and that the he was sure I could pull one of the girls - Anna, he was seeing one of them casually and the other was the daughter of the CFO of the company I worked for. I promised I’d come over but stayed out for a few more drinks and kept getting texts asking where I was.

I jumped in a cab and crossed the city, when I arrived everyone was quite pissed and my mate proposed a game of cards and some shots. Anna was a cute blonde with a cheeky smile, dark brown eyes and great body. I smiled at her and she smiled back, Ellie who was quite into my mate was a petite brunette with large double D breasts and was a little bit crazy. Well it wasn’t long before items of clothing were being shed as games of cards were lost and the winner chose the next dare or forfeit. G was good at engineering these games and I purposely lost a game choosing to kiss Anna as my forfeit. I explored her mouth with my tongue and she responded by doing the same. After losing a few more games I was down to my boxer shorts and the girls were down to bra and panties. Ellie lost another game and shed her bra showing off her great double d’s which I was struggling to take my eyes off. G then lost a game and was kissing Anna for what seamed like an eternity, much to the annoyance of Ellie.

Anna excused herself to go to the bathroom and we continued the game without her, G then went to get some more drinks and Ellie and I chatted about the evening. I went to find G but he wasn’t in the kitchen and as I went into the hall I could hear Anna’s moans coming from his bedroom. I laughed to myself and went to find Ellie who when she realised what was happening wasn’t best amused. I said to her ‘well we can just get annoyed or have our own fun’. With that I kissed her and she responded by sticking her tongue down my throat. I ran my hands down and cupped her ample breasts stroking her nipple with one hand. She let out a whimper and I felt her hand on my balls as my cock became erect. We made out for a while and then she knelt down and pulled at my boxers. My hard cock was now on display and she wanked it slowly then took me in her mouth. She slowly fed me in and out of her mouth occasionally deep throating me and I increased the tempo. She fondled my balls and she had a great technique. I was enjoying myself immensely when the door opened and in walked G, laughing and asking if I was enjoying myself. Ellie stopped abruptly and stood up, still pissed off at G. He walked over and filled a shot glass with tequila and handed it to her before pouring another 2 and holding his glass up for a cheers before downing the lot. I pulled up my boxers and headed for the toilet leaving G & Ellie on their own.

As I left the toilet I could see G’s bedroom door slightly open and decided to see where Anna was, I opened the door and she was in his bed under the covers. I went over to her and whispered in her ear asking if she had had a good time. She kissed me on the cheek and said yes, I decided to climb into bed with her and was happy to find her naked and keen to further things. We began to kiss as I fondled her breasts, I was aching to blow my load as Ellie hadn’t finished the job before we were interrupted. I ran my hands all over Anna finding her wet pussy and I quickly began to play with her clit and she began moaning. It wasn’t long before she was begging me to fuck her and I teased her by sliding my cock up and down the outside of her pussy lips refusing to give her what she wanted. She grabbed at my cock and stuffed it into her warm wet pussy letting out a scream as I entered her. At first I slowly eased my cock all the way in and then withdrew it slowly, just when she thought I was going to pull it out she cried out ‘no’, before I slid it all the way back in again. I increased the tempo gradually and Anna became louder and louder as I did so; I had no doubt that both G & Ellie could hear us both. I then motioned for Anna to get on top of me which she kindly did and she began to buck and roll, content with her second cock of the night. I enjoyed the sight of her great body in the dimly lit room as she worked my cock hard in her fantastic little pussy while I massaged her tits. I then gently pushed her off me and turned her around so that I could take her doggy style. Shoving my cock back inside her she began to moan loudly again and I started to fuck her hard with my balls slapping off her cute bum, we kept at this for a while and eventually I could feel my balls begin to tighten. At the last second I pulled out and sprayed a large jet of cum all over her bum and back. Anna turned round and took my cock in her mouth, swallowing the remaining cum and milking my cock until there was nothing left.

We lay there for a while as I fingered her to a climax, well I had to return the favour. Anna then suggested we should go and see what G & Ellie were up to. I pulled on my boxers & Anna her pants but no bra, we opened the living room door and there was G riding Ellie from behind on the sofa bed. G looked up & smiled asking if we’d had fun, all the while carrying on fucking Ellie. I said that we had but we’d come to see what they were up to. Anna walked over to G and started to kiss him so I thought I’d see whether Ellie would carry on where we left off. I moved round to the front of her and pulled down my boxers, she happily took my now erect cock in her mouth and I winked at G as he slid in and out of Ellie and kissed Anna at the same time. Anna then came over and began to massage my balls so I pulled out of Ellie’s mouth and let Anna have a turn. However before she did she gave Ellie a big snog and then shoved my cock into her mouth. G pulled out of Ellie and removed Anna’s panties, he then manoeuvred her so that Ellie could eat her out. Ellie was obviously keen & Anna began to moan again as G & I watched. G then let Anna suck his cock so I thought I might as well have my turn with Ellie. I climbed onto the sofa bed and began to finger Ellie’s wet pussy. I soon replaced this with my cock and she began to buck back and forward while tonguing Anna’s pussy, as I slid in and out of her. I could tell that Anna was close to coming with the amount of noise she was making while still sucking G’s cock. G pulled out of her and shot his load all over her face while I continued to enjoy the sight and Ellie’s pussy. Anna then climaxed and I was getting close as the sheer sight had me very turned on. I pulled out of Ellie and shot my second load of the night over her back.

Ellie and Anna then with a little bit of coaxing from G put on a bit of a show for us on the sofa bed, both of them in the 69 position eating each other out. The next morning we all went for breakfast, it turned out that Anna had just turned 18, I thought to myself if only her father knew. I wasn’t sure I could ever look him in the eye again. This would be the first of many nights with Anna, she was a complete nympho but those stories are for another time.