Written by renegade333

15 Mar 2014

We'd been swapping emails for a little while. She was out in Australia on business and we were trying to meet up, but it didn't look like our schedules were going to align.

Then, thanks to some North American weather and a little extended business, her trip was going to last longer than expected. She topped this off by sending me a pic of her amazing body wrapped in sexy lingerie.

I definitely needed to see this lady.

The only time we could manage was early one morning, before work.

I got up extra early and drove into the city.

I arrived at the cafe we'd arranged to meet at. I looked around. She wasn't there. I thought, 'Maybe she's slept in or had second thoughts.'

Then I turned around and saw a very sexy lady walking towards me wearing a great smile. I was relieved. Actually, I was over the moon. She was incredibly hot.

She said she was over 50 (more than 13 years older than I), but she either looked after herself incredibly well, had been blessed with great genes, or both. She was HOT!

We ordered a coffee each and headed to her nearby hotel.

Inside, we found out a little more about each other but we new our time together was running on a clock.

I just had to kiss this beautiful lady.

Our lips met and I eased her back onto the bed. My hand roamed up her gorgeously tanned and toned legs. I quickly found that she hadn't bothered with underwear.

Her dress quickly came off and so did my clothes.

I just had to taste this beautiful woman.

I gently nuzzled her pussy and would have gladly spent the whole day down there, but she had other plans. She wanted my cock in her mouth, and told me in as many words.

She quickly stopped and said that we should take a pic of the action for her man back home - he loves proof.

Her expert mouth was soon doing wonders on me, but I just had to be inside this stunning lady.

I rolled her onto her back and put a condom on. I eased myself inside her wet pussy. It felt like heaven, if heaven were wrapped in the smoothest velvet ever known.

We settled into a pace and began to enjoy each other's bodies. She then rolled over and rode me for a while before switching back to missionary. I announced that I was getting close. She said, 'that's the point', inviting me to cum.

That was round 1.

We lay on the bed and talked for a while. This lady was amazing.

After a short while, she looked down and said, 'I need you in my mouth again'.

She quickly brought me back to life. In next to no time, we were having another round of great sex.

She rode me like a lady on a mission, while I fondled her breasts. We worked towards her orgasm with mine coming shortly after.

I wished I could have spent the whole day in the hotel with this stunning lady, but I had to be at a work meeting in about 30 minutes, so I had a quick shower.

When I got out of the shower, she was now wearing a white nightie that clung to her gorgeous body. I kissed and hugged her goodbye (which could have easily got me started all over again).

This lady was incredible, and I hope she returns to Australia soon.