Written by Kev

1 Sep 2011

[10:27:14 PM] Jenny: Can’t sleep.

[10:27:46 PM] Kevin: I know one thing that would help you to sleep ;)

[10:28:14 PM] Jenny: And what would that be?

[10:28:31 PM] Kevin: Canberra nude bathing area part2?

[10:29:15 PM] Kevin: Probably a bit late in the day now – how about some car-park dogging?

[10:30:42 PM] Jenny: Yes, but you need a car silly ;)

[10:33:06 PM] Kevin: So you need a friend with a car

[10:34:20 PM] Jenny: You’re my friend with a car and you’re not here. So what’s the plan for next week?

[10:34:59 PM] Kevin: Well lots of alternatives

[10:35:11 PM] Kevin: Maybe a few warmup exercises

[10:35:21 PM] Kevin: Like picnic lunches

[10:36:04 PM] Jenny: Hmm what shall we do on our picnic?

[10:37:01 PM] Kevin: Well a nice warm day, which we know in advance hopefully with accurate weather forecasting, so that we dress appropriately

[10:37:42 PM] Kevin: It will be a work day

[10:38:05 PM] Kevin: I've been doing some research online and it seems weekday lunchtimes are the best

[10:38:54 PM] Jenny: Some research have you. Makes sense really

[10:41:12 PM] Kevin: Yes. A lot of people park at parks with their lunch and worst case scenario is that they have lunch in a nice spot. Best case they spot a gorgeous couple heading off with a picnic blanket. So being a weekday, obviously wearing something that looks good at work, but can be easy access - a skirt or dress with a top that slips easily off the shoulders

[10:42:34 PM] Jenny: Hmmm sounds like a very good plan

[10:43:34 PM] Kevin: If we don't have a lot of time, WGP is pretty close and we can try out the spot where we had brunch that time

[10:44:24 PM] Jenny: And if we have more time then BP?

[10:44:44 PM] Kevin: If we have a only a little more time, perhaps stroll around WGP and see what other spots are on offer there

[10:45:02 PM] Kevin: If we have plenty of time BP is the ultimate

[10:45:44 PM] Kevin: I think we discovered that it's quiet on weekends, and our one success was a weekday

[10:46:34 PM] Jenny: Yes. Weekends are not for play during the day so much

[10:46:52 PM] Kevin: We can go weekday lunchtime - tradie trawling ;)

[10:47:30 PM] Jenny: Tradies do get lunch freedom ;)

[10:48:21 PM] Kevin: They do. And because they do manual work, they often have good bodies and significant sexual appetites

[10:48:49 PM] Jenny: They do at that

[10:49:30 PM] Kevin: We might have to do BP on a Friday though, so I'm not wearing a suit

[10:50:17 PM] Jenny: Plan ahead. But i do like you in a suit, kinda sexy

[10:51:33 PM] Kevin: Plan ahead and wear one of my older suits, just in case. But one of the nice slim fit shirts, leave the tie in the car. No underwear, so that when you unzip my fly my hard cock springs straight out

[10:53:56 PM] Jenny: That is a definite plan. I can wear a dress that slides down, and no underwear, so you can tease my wet pussy on the drive down

[10:56:06 PM] Kevin: On the drive down, I'll also tell you to slide your top down off your shoulders, and you'll be wearing a low-cut push up bra.

[10:57:30 PM] Kevin: When we pull up at a red light, the guy in the car next to us will be ogling your magnificent tits, and watching my arm moving which implies my hand is between your legs

[11:00:41 PM] Kevin: About the fourth time we do this, you quite like the look of the guy in the other car. He is good looking and flirting with you.

[11:01:09 PM] Jenny: They all flirt with me, but yes, go on go on…

[11:01:17 PM] Kevin: You hope he can lip read, because you are mouthing "follow us"

[11:01:34 PM] Jenny: Does he follow us?

[11:02:33 PM] Kevin: He doesn't quite catch what you are mouthing, so you make the “come here” sign with your index finger, and we laugh saying you will make him come with one finger

[11:04:27 PM] Kevin: We drive off, and you don't know whether he is following or not. I know, because I am watching my mirrors, but I tease you by not saying, and make you distracted with my dirty talk, hands on your tits and fingers on your wet slippery clit

[11:05:16 PM] Jenny: Cruel tease ...

[11:07:15 PM] Kevin: As I drive I tell stories about what might have happened if he followed, knowing all the time that he is in fact following us. By the time we get to BP you don't really care one way or the other, you are so turned on, plus the thought that there might be other random watchers, means you can't even remember what car the cute guy was driving

[11:10:35 PM] Kevin: We grab the blanket and practically run to our favourite spot. I have to hold the blanket in front of my crotch to disguise my raging hard-on

[11:11:33 PM] Kevin: You don't bother sliding your top back up before you get out of the car, and quite a few guys get a good look at your bountiful cleavage

[11:25:16 PM] Jenny: To be continued. Sleepy now :)

[11:25:34 PM] Kevin: :)

[11:27:40 PM] Jenny: Have a good evening 

[11:27:56 PM] Kevin: I will be a bit distracted ;)

[11:28:38 PM] Jenny: :)

[11:28:58 PM] Jenny: Might make you very creative

[11:29:32 PM] Kevin: Well now that you have disappeared from the fantasy scenario I just created, I will have to get creative!

[11:29:50 PM] Kevin: Perhaps the cute guy is bi...

[11:30:54 PM] Jenny: Oh you need three to play there to make it truly fun

[11:31:11 PM] Kevin: Definitely

[11:32:00 PM] Jenny: It is very arousing, seeing you with another guy

[11:32:41 PM] Kevin: Was chatting to another couple online, from this site, they know a couple of bi-guys and are happy to make the introduction

[11:33:30 PM] Kevin: They sent me a short film clip of themselves with a bi-guy they met at BP. Would you like me to send it to you?

[11:33:55 PM] Jenny: You have been doing research. Send to my hotmail :P