Written by tyga

1 May 2012

I parked in front of the apartments a friend of mine was staying. I was excited as well as nervous, I hadnt seen him in over 12 months. As I walked to the entrance I got a text from him... complimenting me on what I was wearing. I looked about but couldnt see him. I went up the elevator, as I stepped out I heard a door open, as I walked around the corner, there was his smiling face poking out from the door. He jumped out and ushered me inside. The room was softly lit by the glow coming from the ensuite light. The curtains were open & you looked down on street lights below. Jazz was playing softly & a bottle of wine & 2 glasses were sitting on the window sill. We stood looking out the window, drinking the wine & having an unusuall conversation, as we allways did... this guys stimulates my mind not just my body. I turned to face him, hes standing there with a big smile, what?? I asked. He said... I've got (my name) here with me... why wouldnt I be smiling... now let me look at you; I cant beleave how blue ur eyes look. He then drags me into the light of the ensuite to "look at me & my eyes". we stand back in front of the window and look out. he starts to undress me, he lays me down, we kiss, he works his way down to my breasts, stomach, then hovers over my pussy, gently blowing on it, i little lick, then blow, he spread my legs then proceeded to go down on me, he licked, sucked & finger fucked my pussy til I came. he climbs up slides his hard cock slowly inside me, we kiss; i taste myself on his lips & tongue. He lifts my legs up onto his shoulders & starts to thrust his cock deep into me. After a while he lays on is back., I kneel next to him, we kiss. i make my way down his chest. gentlty bite his nipples and down to his cock, i run my tongue gently over it. i feel it twitch & hear him groan. i suck on the tip of cock & flick it with my tongue. I suck kiss & lick his cock all over, making it nice & wet. I lower my mouth slowly down his cock, my tounge runnin over it as i do. I close my lips around it and slowly but firmly suck up to his nob; i suck on the tip & gently bite it. I start to suck his cock faster, stopping to tease it every so often with my tongue. i feel his cock begin to throb on my tongue & his nob swell, i can taste he precum. He tells me to ride him, so i climb on top, and slowly start to., i work up to riding him hard & fast. He asks me to lay down again, he slides his cock in me, i wrap my legs around his waist. he slides his cock in & out of me slowly, i feel it rub against my clit. im so horny, it duznt take long & i cum again, then within minutes he duz deep inside me. we lay there & doze off. I wake to his fingers caressing my pussy. He takes my hand & places it on my pussy, he whispers i want to watch u play with urself. I play with myself as he strokes his cock. It duznt take long before i cum again, knowing hes getting off watching me. He rolls me onto my side, I arch my back so he can slide his cock into me from behind. he starts to fuck me. its not long before he cums. Its time for us to leave. Another good night with him... cant wait for the next.