Written by nOrtyboy

31 Mar 2014

Sorry in the delay in continuing this.

T soon had the video cued up to the scene she wanted to see. When J and I saw what it was we were a little surprised but it made us both smile. I turned back to watch the tele and could hear them making out behind me on the couch.

When I looked back J was busy kissing T's neck and ears while she was focussed on watching the scene. J's hand was up under her nightie and I could see her was teasing her pussy. With his other hand he pulled her legs wider apart giving me a better view. As he did he kissed her passionately to distract her I think. Any way I now had a really good view. He slid his hand down her thigh and I could once again see her blonde bush, this time though I could also make out her pussy and how wet it was.

They stopped kissing and T turned straight back to the tele. while she did she made eye contact with me. I knew she caught me looking at her pussy. To my surprise she smiled and gave me a wink. Ok so was I reading this right did she want me to join them or was she just enjoying teasing me?

J had for along time tried to convince her hat we should have a threesome but she had always shut him down very quickly. But she had seen me wondering around in just me jocks an even caught me naked a few times and never complained.but now she was letting me see her looking very sexy and the scene she had chosen was one with a sexy girl having two guys.

Fuck it i thought in for a penny. So i got up and sat on the couch next to her. I lent in and started to kiss her neck and she let out a gentle moan. Ok it was clear now this fantasy of ours was going to happen. I continued to kiss her neck a few more times until she turned to me and we kissed for the first time passionately. it was great. I still remember the sensation. As we kissed I slid my had across and tarted to caress her beautiful breast. I felt so nice, firm, large yet soft and with erect nipples that were little but rock hard. We broke our kiss and T leant in and whispered into my ear, "I can't wait to have your big cock." Then we resumed kissing. I slid my hand inside her nightie and felt her breast properly. In the mean time J had slid her shoulder strap off of her other shoulder and was leaning down and sucking her nipple. We broke our kiss ad I too slid her other shoulder strap off making it fall to her waist fully exposing her beautiful breasts. J and I enjoyed pleasuring her breasts and my hand slid up her thigh towards her pussy only to find J's hand already there. T was again watching the video and gently moaning as we pleased her.

She stopped us and stood up to remove her nightie completely. Fuck she looked gorgeous! Her breasts were firm and pert and her pussy was trim with short little blonde curls. She sat down between us and returned her attention to the scene. I kissed her again before telling her that before she can have my cock I was going to have her pussy. With that I moved and sat on the floor between her legs. I pulled her towards the front of the couch pulled her legs apart more and dove straight into her. I worked and teased and pleasured her pussy as I listened to her moan. She wasn't holding back with her moans and was getting very vocal. I looked up to see what J was doing and he had undressed and was about to put his cock in her mouth. I saw him getting closer and she just moved straight in devouring his cock taking it all in her mouth and working him hard and fast. That was it i couldn't wait any longer. I knelt up grabbing my hard cock and started to rub it on her clit. She stopped sucking J and told me to fuck her. Who was I to say no and my cock easily slid all the up into her pussy in one go.

I started to fuck her slowly at first getting harder and faster. She was struggling to keep sucking his cock. She put her hand out to stop me fucking her. Then concentrated all of her energy on J working him. I could hear she had plenty of moisture as she worked his cock, I could see he was getting closer and could hear his orgasm was close. He held her head on his cock as he unloaded into her mouth and she gladly took it all. Once he finished his orgasm he collapsed back on the couch next to us. T made it clear she was now ready to be fucked more but first wanted to stand up for doggy. She stood up and bent over with her hands on her couch. I moved up behind her and slid back into her. She pushed back taking me all in and we slowly got a rhythm going with her pushing back and me sliding in as deep as I could we got faster and faster and I know I too was building towards my own orgasm. I asked where she wanted it. She pushed me away and knelt on the floor taking my cock in her hands saying she wanted it on her tits. She wanked me and was talking really dirty to me and I lasted no time unloading all over her tits and some landed on her face.

I then sat back on the couch and she excused herself. I was a little worried that she had regretted it and had rushed off especially as she hadn't yet cum. J explained that she never had except when masterbating. But he was happy as she had never let him blow in her mouth before and he was appreciative of that. She soon returned still naked and sat back on the floor between us.

That night continued on and J and I both came one more time each, me in her mouth and J in her pussy. She too had come very close to cumming while i was going down on her but we just couldn't get her over the edge.

She thanked us both for a wonderful night and we thanked her for making out fantasies come true.

It would be years later though before this happened again.

Hope you all enjoy the conclusion. I have thoroughly enjoyed the memories.