16 Jun 2018

One sunny day we were bored so we ended up going down to birdie beach for a swim and nude bathing We got there and set up near the creek and stripped off setting up the sun shad so the guys up the dunes could look straight down and see us

Ally laid with her legs open to give them a good view .we noticed a few guys watching and hiding in the dunes having a wank . We went for a swim in the creek a few guys came down for a closer look but look a bit scared to come to close. Other couple walked past. They sat near us in the creek and the other women gave the bloke a head job we sat in the water waiting the show for a while they finally finished and moved on . We went back to the sunshade and let the guys have a good look at Ally laying there topless and legs spred open . It was now getting later in the Avo must people has left .miss was getting a bit honry thinking about the guys wanking watching her from the dunes ! She said let's walk up the dunes and see if they keep wanking. So off we went we got up there and there was an older guy about 60ish playing with his cock ally sat down on a log and watched him pull his cock she opened her legs and started playing with her clit a few more guys now where close by watching Ally play with her clit and wanking . Ally moved one guy close to her and started sucking his cock at this stage most of the guys started to cum .i then took her doggie and fucked her till I pulled out and cum on her back . We left not much after that