Written by letmeplay

14 Feb 2013

Sometimes I love wondering along a quiet beach keeping an eye out for sexy girls. If the timing is right, I can get lucky and find a hottie (or two) tanning in their bikini's out of view from everone and everything else.

I then like to sit down 50 or so meters away, making sure I'm just within eye sight of the sexy girl, and strip down to.. nothing!! I love the feeling it gives me. The feeling when I stand up, and pull my shorts down revealing my dangling boy and bare bottom.. Even better when I see the girls head turn my way!! I love it.

Once I even walked down in front of a dark haired lass of about 18 and swam naked in the water.. like 40 meters in front of her!! She had sunglasses on but I could tell she was watching me that whole time.

Then I noticed a couple approaching with their dog way in the distance, so it was time to get out. Out of the water I got, my penis just a little firm at the excitement of the moment :) and bouncing from side to side as I walked directly in front of the girls eye line and up to my clothes.