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Being trained on a Spring Fling - Instalment 3

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4 min
Published 7 years ago
Hi everybody, I am back with my next instalment of my ongoing spring fling. I got to say from the start this guy is good at what he does and that is, making me cum. We met again and it was only for a couple of hours but it is about quality not quantity. As you know from my previous stories this guy has introduced me to a side of sex that I always had a little bit of curiosity about but had never done. The B&D mixed with normal sex, topped up with the experimenting of deep throat has just been one hell of an erotic and sensual experience. I really like to be controlled, restrained, submissive. I am nearly on the verge of cumming just writing about it. An additional thing I also tried in my most recent fling is anal, wow... let me tell you all about it and more.. We met and straight away starting kissing, I love kissing, always a turn on for me especially if it is done well and this guy can kiss. Once again he separated his lips from mine and started exploring my neck and ears with his tongue - that was it for me, I exploded between the legs. We moved to the bedroom where we undressed each other slowly, kissing and whispering erotic words to each other, he was telling me what he was going to do to me. It certainly got me hot. With that he turned me around and wrapped a soft silk scarf around my head as a blind fold. He tired it tight which I liked. He then opened up my mouth with his fingers and slid two fingers into my mouth and over the top of my tongue while kissing my neck. My breathing got heavy and I could feel my legs shaking as I was building towards a climax and then he touched my clit and pussy and as I groined I exploded with my juices running down the inside of my legs. Before I could gather my composure he pulled me onto the bed exerting strength which is a turn on for me. He positioned myself in the doggy position then tired my wrists together and then tired each of my wrists to the opposite corner of the bed, he then tired each of my knees to each corner of the bed spreading me wide apart. Not seeing what was being done but imagining what I would look like got me really wet. With that he commenced to tie up my 12E boobs. I never knew I would like this feeling so much but as he wrapped each tit tightly with rope I climaxed with a gush. I could tell he thought this was pretty hot also. He then started to intensify the foreplay. His fingers started to go in and out of my pussy, fast then slow, two, three then four fingers. It was such a sexy and erotic feeling having this done to me while I was restrained. He then moved around in front of me and stuck his cock in my mouth. I was determined to take as much as I could which I was hoping was his whole length. He talked me through it as he slowly went in and out with long strokes with the occasional penetration going down my throat causing me to gag a little which for me was very sensual. With this he also penetrated me at the same time with a vibrator up my pussy, this brought me to an absolute peak orgasam. He then moved around behind me and poured lub over my butt cheeks and crack and inserted another vibrator in my asshole. He got this rythum going between my asshole and pussy and it was just magic. I could feel the intensity of my developing orgasam as he was thrusting these two vibrators into me. It only took another minute before I experienced an orgasim that I had never experienced before. My juices literally ran out of me. I was out of breath literally fucked and in a place that was just perfect. This guy had done all the work to completely satisfy me so it was time for me to lighten his load, but I was a little selfish as I was still anally horny so he entered me from behind and really gave it to me with his 8" cock. He went for a good few minutes before I felt his cock pulsate and he blew his load several times up my asshole. It was such a good feeling. He then took off all the ropes and we lay and talk for a little bit before I had to leave and go back to reality. I have a meeting with my man in a few more days which will be my last. I will tell you all about it in my next instalment. Bye Bye

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