Written by muppets

9 Apr 2013

I had only been is Australia for a few months and had been invited out by a work colleague to a local Cairns nightclub. The place was packed and we were throwing back drinks like there was no tomorrow. I managed to meet a few people and ended up with a small group of people dancing and talking the night away. It was just after midnight when I noticed my colleague had disappeared and left me on my own.

Luckily I had become quite friendly with a couple around my age. I told them I was on my own and hoped they didn't mind me hanging around. Rob and Karen were more than happy for me to stick around. They decided that we should all leave the nightclub and ordered a cab which took us back to their unit. I wasn't familiar with the area, having only lived in the town a short time but soon realised it was a hike back to my place. Rob suggested I stay the night and I accepted.

After a couple more drinks I started to dose off and Karen offered to take me to the spare room. There was a nice king sized bed waiting for me and I stripped off to my boxers and hoped into bed. Karen sat down on the edge of the bed and said she had a great night. She put her hand on my face and then leant over to kiss me on the cheek. I don't know why I did it but I pulled her face towards mine and kissed her on her mouth. I thought she would probably slap the hell out of me for being a jerk but to my surprise she responded and slid her tongue into my mouth. After kissing passionately for a minute or so I pulled away from her and asked her if Rob would be pissed off if he walked in on us. Karen just smiled and started to unbutton her blouse. She told me they had asked me back here hoping I might be willing to play. That was all the encouragement I needed and pulled her onto the bed and helped her out of her blouse. She had nice sized breasts which were now only partly covered by her sheer underwear. I reached behind her waist to unclip her skirt and soon had it off. We quickly removed the last of our clothing and Karen gripped my rock hard cock and was soon thrusting it into her mouth. I spun her around so that I could lick her wet pussy. I had three fingers inside her while I licked her clit. Karen was moaning loudly and I felt like shooting my loan down her throat. It was then that I noticed Rob had entered the room, already naked and with an 8 inch hard-on. I lifted Karen onto her knees and entered her pussy while Rob's cock replaced mine in her mouth. I new I wasn't going to last long but was concerned that I wasn't wearing a condom. Karen wanted me to cum inside her so I duly obliged and flooded her with the biggest loan I think I had ever had.

I flopped onto the bed to watch her suck on Rob's cock but Karen slid her hands between her legs and motioned for me to lay back. She slid over my chest and directed her cum filled pussy over my mouth and lifted my face to meet it. She told me I needed to clean my mess. I had never considered licking my own cum but I didn't hesitate, using my tongue to lick up all the cum and then swallow it. Karen just kept encouraging me to swallow my loan and I new it was turning her on.

I don't know whether the alcohol got the better of me but I drifted off to sleep. I'm not sure how long I was out for when I opened my eyes again, noticing the room was now very dark. I could feel Karen next to me and my cock was being aroused by a hand. It took me a few moments to realise it was Rob's hands and not Karens. I was shocked but it felt so good I didn't complain. His hands were replaced by his mouth and he started sucking my cock deep into his mouth. I was soon hard again but I wasn't sure where this was going. Rob asked me if I would return the favour. I didn't consider myself bi but I was beyond caring by this stage. He mounted my chest and I took his cock into my mouth. I licked the shaft from top to bottom and took his balls into my mouth. He was starting to get hard and was thrusting his cock down my throat, making me gag. Karen was also involved now and encouraging him to pump my mouth. She moved between my legs and eased them apart, raising my knees up a little. Her fingers were initially playing with my cock but she soon had them covered in lube and was sliding them, one by one, into my arse. I was too busy swallowing Rob's cock to realise that Karen had motioned to Rob that I was now 'ready'.

Rob pulled his cock out of my mouth and positioned himself between my legs which he moved further apart and pushed them higher towards my chest. Karen sat over my chest and was holding my ankles apart to give Rob access. I knew what was about to happen and I could hardly breath. Rob pushed against my arse, the head of his cock struggling to enter me. Suddenly, the tip of his cock was in me and I let out a painful groan. I had tensed up completely and Karen encouraged me to relax. I took a few deep breathes and Rob inched his huge cock into me. I could feel his balls hard up against my arse so I knew he was completely inside me. He told me to relax and started to slowly fuck me with slow strokes. I started to relax and Karen had her pussy over my face which I started to lick out. She was also stroking my cock and Rob increased his strokes. It took a little while but I started to enjoy his cock pounding me. Rob was pounding away with Karen urging him to smash my arse. I could feel him getting bigger inside me and he soon released a load of hot cum deep inside my arse just as I exploded on to Karen. She scooped up my load and I licked it off her hand and body.

Nothing was said and we all passed out on the bed. I woke in the morning to feel Rob stroking my cock again. Karen was just coming out of the shower and told us to go ahead and that she would just watch this time. Rob and I got into a sixty-niner and had each other hard again in no time. I let him fuck my arse again while he wanked my cock. It felt better this time and there was more pleasure than pain. This time he didn't cum inside me but pulled out and shot his load in my mouth and over my face. I didn't think it was possible to cum that much! Once I had cleaned his cock of all the cum he gave me a nice blowjob and swallowed my load.

It was a crazy night but I have since enjoyed other bi experiences. We said our goodbyes and said we would get together and do it again. We never did and I never saw them again but I will never forget it!