Written by Mick_L

24 May 2018

Friday is here again. Lets call the passenger Wendy she arrive as planned my driveway already to go for a ride. Dressed a little different from last week no jeans this week still had boots and jacket but this week a skirt no jeans. looking up already.

Off we went and with in minutes hands were on my cock again more movement this time. Should of told you removed my gloves as soon as the skit appeared. going nicely along new route this time move open spaces less traffic. Put my hand on her leg to get her attention to point out a view in the distance. Hand back on handle bars. She reached for my arm and moved my hand back to her leg and gave my cock a rub at he same time . So i left it there and slowly move it up and down her leg would say her thights except they were wrapped around me from behind. She was sitting very close tits hard into my back. well the ride to coffee was exciting leg rubbing and cock stoking all the way. Well a few more word were exchanged a coffee today. She said she liked the excitment of being on the bike with a man not her husband. Well i agreed it was exciting with a female not your partner on the bike besides the cock rubbing. I said why the shirt - she answered i like the wind up my legs and on my pussy (well i choked on my coffee at that moment) and your hand on my leg excites me. I am very wet thinking about the ride home. Well ride home was all i expected, leg rubbing and cock rubbing but as we got closed to home her hand found it way down the front of my bike pants and was holding my naked cock in it. Bugger we are home she got off the bike and said same time next week I will pick the coffee shop i know a very quite little place very private. Part 3 I hope.