Written by flamenbait

12 May 2014

She sent me a text "today is our day" meet you at the beach in 1 hour, I was glad she got back to me as all it had been was text messages and pic swapping, I got changed into shorts and shirt, going commando to save time. I arrived at the beach and walked to the spot we had talked about, J was there lying on her blanket with the slimmest bikini, she was even hotter than her photos, I gave her a kiss and got the slightly uncomfortable pleasantries out of the way. I sat down beside her and took all of her beauty and aroma`s in and i could see she was doing the same, J leant over and started to kiss me with her tongue exploring most parts of my mouth before moving to my neck, whilst her hand moved down my chest to my dick which was growing fast. she put her hand inside my shorts and found him hard and throbbing. we stopped kissing, she removed my t shirt and started to kiss all the way down moving my shorts to expose my large dick, without hesitation she took it into her mouth and started sucking on it for all she was worth, Her tongue running up and down the full length it was heaven. I moved my hands down her her body over her more than ample breasts and onto her mound which was already wet.

She moved her body around so i could get a full view of her love mound then she placed her pussie right on my face it smelt fantastic and was dripping and tasted even better. I licked and sucked on her pussie for ages giving her 2 orgasms that was running all over my face, she got off my face then licked all her juices from my face then sat on my cock, Her pussie was tight and she let out a large moan as it entered all the way, moving up and down she came again as i sucked her breasts and teased her pussie with my other hand. She got off and layed down on the blanket, i lifted her bum up slightly from the blanket then pushed my dick slowly into her waiting pussie, she moaned and said harder harder so i was banging her hard when she came again and again the sweat running down her face, i could feel the build up in my cock but she got up and said dont cum yet, J got on her knees and said pound me pussie hard, i did as i was told and hammered her hard and just as i was about to cum she rolled over and said spray my body, i gave it a couple of tugs and shot a huge load over her breasts and face, as i relaxed she was wiping the cum off her breasts and sucking it down her throat when she sat up kissed me and said i have a suprise for you, just then she gave a small whistle and from about 20 metres away a woman came from behind the trees, She was hot just like J, She came over said how she enjoyed the show then preceeded to like what was left of the cum off J`s body, J said this is my friend T and she is going to join us now, T had a huge wet spot around her pussie and she said she was fingering herself watching her friend coping a good fucking. With that she stood up and removed her top and bra to reveal a pair of 36 ee ( J told me her size) took her pants off which did not include any knickers. J told her to get on her knees and suck my cock clean whilst J got down and sucked and licked on her pussie. All three of us were in heaven sucking kissing licking each other, i then started fucking T her pussie was dripping and i slid in easily, J was sucking T`s huge tits then moved her face down so i could pull out of T and put it in J`s mouth, Back and forward i went till J hopped on her knees placing her pussie above T`s, A couple of strokes in T pull out then a few in J and back and forth, Both girls kissing each other with there cum dripping out of both pussies. I told them i was cumming and J rolled over next to T and said spray our tits, I let out my load over there tits and both girls proceeded to suck and lick each others tits to get all the juices they could, I put 3 fingers in both pussies working them both to one final orgasm. Once all the cum was licked off we all sat there kissing and playing with each others bodies for 5 minutes before T said she had to go but we would have to do it again next week. That meeting is in 3 days and will let you no how we go.