Written by Gwenda

21 Feb 2012

I remember going to a rodeo once held at my local town with my friend when I was about 17 or 18. Always a chance to meet hot guys and tease them by wearing shorts and sexy tops. It was a very hot dusty day and I chose some very tight shorts and a top which showed off my huge boobs. I was always self conscious of them but knew guys luved them. I have huge round nipples which could be seen through the thin material. We had a great time walking around knowing the guys were drooling over my tits and staring at them as they bounced and swayed.

It was getting late and my friend had to go home. I hung around for a bit longer until it was over and as I was in the crowd making our way out the exit I felt a hand grab my tit and fingers pinching at my nipple. It was a huge turn on and I felt my pussy get wet. I looked the guy and I could tell by the look on his face he just wanted to fuck me. We didn't say much to each other and he said he would give me a lift home. He pulled over in a quiet street and just about ripped my top off getting to my tits. I could tell he was a tit man cause he spent ages biting and licking my nipples and made me cum several times. We went out a few times but I think he was just only interested in my massive tits.