Written by kootz5

26 Mar 2012

a few month ago.i was taking my dog for a walk through the bush.when i seen an older women laying on the bank in just a gstring and her big boobs just looked so perfect.so i kinda hide behind a tree while checking her out{i have allways been attracted to older women}before i knew it i was roaring hard and pulled him out and started to stroke it.with all my attention focused on her i did'nt even think there would be anyone around.when all of a sudden i heard in a mans voice{she's pretty hot is'nt she}i must have jumped 6feet high lol.and shit myself.thats when he proceded to tell me he was her husbane and ask if i would like to join them for a few drinks.so as we walked over she just smiled stood up with those beautiful tits and perfect long nipples.and well i could'nt stop my huge erection from showing.i could see her eyes where fixed on my cock.after sitting with them for an hour having small talk her husban left us to go check the fishing lines.thats when she walked over half drunk and sat on my lap.and started talking a little dirty to me.befor i knew it she had my cock in her hand softly stroking me and squeezing my balls and god it felt so good.i looked at her and said what about your other half.she looked at me and just smiled.5min had passed and thats when i seen her husbane walking back with a smile on his face.i coudl'nt belive how lucky i was to meet these people.any ways we layed down a blanket and i layed on it while she sat on my face while her husbane started to suck on my cock{i had never been with a man befor but this was amazing.she was so wet and tasted so sweet and he really knew how to suck a cock mmmmm.then she swung around in the 69er position sucking me off while her hubby stuck his cock insid her.itell you it was the sexest thing i had ever seen watching his cock going in and out of her pussy.then he bloww his load on her arse and it was a huge load too.then she bent over to let me finnish off but she let me stick it straight up her arse,pounding her so hard she was screaming with pleasure anf just as i whent to blow she pulled it out swung around and stuck it in her mouth and she took the whole lot till i blew straight down her throat i tell u it was so sexy .to this day i still have not meet a women who can deep throat like her mmmmm best fuck i eva had