Written by batsam

22 Nov 2013

My wife & I decided to spend the recent long weekend camping to distress & relax away.

We drive the hour from home to our camping area only to find quite a few other folks had the same idea. A bit disappointed with all the other people around we found a spot that was suitable to set up our camp.

After set up we both go down to the creek for a swim & cool off from the heat & the wife decides to take off her top & get some sun on her d cup boobs as there was no-one about. I continued to float around in the water.

It wasn't long until I noticed some guys & there wives walking towards where my wife was sunning. The guys had a good look as they strolled past & were copping arm punches from their wives.

We decided then to go back to our camp & chill out there. As I was organising our camp site a car drives up & out jumps my wifes lover, unbeknown to me she had invited him out for the weekend so she could spend the weekend having fun with him, she did say she couldn't go long with out feeling his monster cock inside of her & she says 3 days without it was too long.

Luckily I like this guy & we crack a few beers & start to enjoy some relaxation with my wife already sitting beside him stroking his cock. After about 15mins of chat & lover boy having his cock played with he gets up & grabs my wife by the hand & walks her off into the tent. he lays herself on her back, he throws back her sarong & starts a long session of eating out my wife & bring her to multiple orgasms, Her orgasmic screams were a little bit loud as I could see people looking over in our direction & probably wondering what's going on. When I stopped looking at the other campers I looked back at the tent to see him fucking my wife doggy style & driving his huge cock into her & it wasn't long before her drove one last time & emptied his balls into her. They both then laid on the mattress kissing & fondling each other until she had got his cock hard enough for her to start giving him a wicked blowjob taking as much of his cock in her mouth as she could as she rolled his balls in her hand. She continues this until he says he's gunna come & he lifts her head off his cock & lays her on her back, lifts her legs up on his shoulders & places his cock in her already cum filled pussy & pumps her again, her groans of pleasure a getting loud again & I could see people looking our way again & a few guys stopped & were talking together while looking at our camp. I looked back at our tent to see him placing his huge cock in my wifes arse & her pleasure growing as she orgasms again while he is pumping her bum full of another load of cum.

They come back out of the tent & join me in drinks gain with my wife having a very satisfied look on her face & him smiling like a Cheshire cat. I told them that they might have to keep the noise down as people were staring at us.

As the day got older more campers were arriving, adding to my displeasure as I really wanted a quiet weekend with my wife. The campsite behind us was growing larger as more guys & there partners were arriving to join them.

As night was falling people were continually walking past our camp to get to the creek saying hello in passing. A few guys from the camp behind us walked passed & said hi as they checked out my wife & they decided to stop & have a short conversation. We found out then that they were a church group out for a weekend religious retreat. I was wondering then what they thought of us with my wife then placing a hand on each of our legs as she sat between us. The fellas looked on at her & I bet there minds were going into overdrive as she gabbed our crotches. They then left with noticeable bulges in there bathers.

Later that night & after quite a few beverages the wife was getting a horny again & wanted more of her boyfriends cock & so she kneels down in front of him & releases his cock from his shorts & starts to blow him right there out in the open & only protected from wandering eyes by my car. Once again she was giving one of her awesome blowjobs & his pleasure was growing with every second. It was then I noticed a camper walking nearby to us on his way back to his camp. As he got closer I could see him look over to see my wife on her knees blowing another guy as I watched on. It was quite funny as he walked into a tree stump as he wasn't watching where he was going. He limped off to his religious group & I could see him talking to other guys.

My wife meanwhile has released his cock from her mouth & wanted him to fuck her right there so he stands up & leans my wife up against the car, lifts her leg & drives his cock straight into her & pumps her pussy furiously. I could see the guys from the other camp walking toward us with not very ninja like skills trying to get a good look at my wife being fucked by another.

Her lover pulls out of her & his huge cock was rock hard, he spins my wife around & lays her on the bonnet of the car with her arse pointed at him. He lubes up her bum & drives his cock into her arse again as these other guys looked on. I could see how excited they were as a couple of them were fondling themselves. He was pumping my wifes arse as he held her hips to pull her back onto his cock with every stroke until he holds her there as he fills her up with another load of cum. The onlookers were visibly gobsmacked to see a sex act right in front of them.

Boyfriend looks over & sees these guys watching & indicates to them to come over, very tentatively they move on in & asks if anyone wants to be a devil for a minute & join in. My wife was quick off the mark & dropped down in front of them & grabbed at their cocks & managed to pull down one of the guys shorts & grab his cock, he did not move but his cock was rock hard. My wife started to blow him & I could see his pleasure, the other 3 guys dropped their shorts immediately & my wife had 4 god loving guys cocks around her & started to play with them all. It wasn't long before one of the guys shot his load & followed by another, my wife had cum on her shoulders & tits & then it happened. The wandering guys had been busted, the jig was up, their wives had found them with cocks out in front of my wife. These guys were in serious trouble & I could tell that the confession booth would be in use overtime haha.

That was what made my weekend as the very next morning the religious campers had gone & we were able to enjoy the rest of the weekend without campers right behind us.