Written by viperrix

13 Nov 2011

Over the last few months i have been corresponding with a really nice couple from Swingers Heaven, (Photo Study). We are all keen exhibitionists and voyeurs. Mr PS is a keen photographer and Mrs PS is an exhibitionist.

We discussed some sexy scenarios around being naked in public places, we came to an agreement last week, and decided to put our fantasy into action.

The fantasy came true this morning.

My instructions from Mr PS were to drive to the lower level of our local shopping centre, it was 8.30 am on a Sunday morning there were people around preparing for work and, people were going about there business. I drove down the wrong way to get into the lower level as they chain it off overnight, there i saw Mr & Mrs PS's car parked in the far corner.

I drove over to the car and found Mr PS with camera in hand, i noticed he had a video camera on a tripod, ready to record the event. Mr PS asked me to park my car next to their car and stay in the car and watch as Mrs PS showed herself off to me.

I know this was the first time Mrs PS had exposed herself in public to anyone other than Mr PS.

My heart was racing in anticipation of what Mrs PS would be wearing and what she would look like, as all my correspondence with Mr PS was written, we hadnt exchanged any pictures.

My cock was bursting out of my shorts, i was slowly stroking myself as Mrs PS got out of the car. She got out of the car and walked straight ahead of me giving me a great view of her exceptional figure. She was dressed in a long black coat and black high heel boots, as she walked she lifted the back of her coat to expose her perfectly tight butt, she then turned and looked straight at me as she opened her coat , she has long blonde hair and a beautiful face.

Mr PS began clicking away with his camera as Mrs PS exposed herself showing off her black G-string suspenders and black bra, with her pert breasts poking out from the half cup.

She walked back and forth,and took off her coat as she walked around the carpark. She stopped and took off her g-string to reveal a perfectly smooth pussy.

Mr PS directed Mrs PS to come over to my car which she did. I had my car door open with Mrs PS standing only in a pair of leather boots suspenders, she undid her bra to show me her firm breasts. Mr PS asked me to get out of my car and stand behind Mrs PS, he asked me to cup my hands around his wifes breasts, my hard cock was pushing against Mrs PS back. Mr PS was taking plenty of pics of me and his beautiful wife. Mr PS asked me to face his wife and for her to open my shorts, my cock sprang out of my pants to Mrs PS amazement as i wasnt wearing any undies. Mr PS took some more pics, i was looking the cars driving by, if they only looked up they would have seen a very sexy naked lady and me with my shorts around my ankle.

We are not 100% sure if there are any security cameras in the car park,if their are any they certainly will have some hot footage.

This whole experience lasted 45 minutes, we both got dressed and discussed doing something similar in the future.

What a very horny experience, i look forward to making a video or having some more pics taken in the future, with such a sexy lady.

This was an awesome experience, thank you again Photo Study