9 Jun 2017

It was late for Deb to be heading home on this particular Friday. She’d had a busy day but written up some good business along the way so she was in good spirits. That feeling was helped along by the few drinks she’d shared with her workmates just before heading out. As she waited for the lift, Daniel, a relative newcomer to the company, joined her in the lobby. “Avagoodweegend Deb”, he said. She smiled to herself because even after a few months his Aussie slang still sometimes confounded her as to what the hell he was saying. This time she had no problems and replied, “You have a good weekend too Daniel”. As they rode down, he asked if she had anything planned and she replied that she was just going to relax with a good book and take it easy. Only a few minutes earlier they had been in a colleague’s office, the one with the well-stocked fridge, along with other workmates winding down after a long week. She’d been sitting across the office from Daniel and occasionally she had noticed his gaze linger on her after she’d say something amusing about some of her more difficult clients and colleagues. Maybe it was the drinks she’d just had or perhaps the fact that this day she’d dressed particularly sexy even down to the black seamed stockings and suspender belt under her high slitted grey pencil skirt. But as she responded to Daniel’s small talk she boldly looked him in the eye and gave him a very seductive look. He was leaning against the lift wall looking nice in his business shirt and tie slightly loosened around his neck. He gazed back at her not saying anything but clearly he was fixated by the way Deb had captured his attention. There was clear sexual tension between the two in the past few weeks and Deb wondered if he sensed it as well. They would always find little reasons to see one another during the day even if it just meant hand delivering printouts that had been left on the printer by the other. Little did Deb know that Daniel would sometimes deliberately leave his non urgent printouts on the printer just so that Deb might see them and bring them to him.

As they exited the lift and walked towards their cars, Daniel noticed that it looked like Deb had left her lights as they glowed dimly in the distance. “Oh dang”, Deb uttered, “I can’t believe I’ve done that! Daniel laughed, “I still can’t get over how polite you yanks are even when something happens that deserves some serious swearing!” “How do you mean?” asked Deb. “I dunno, I guess “dang” seems such a polite word when I’d be saying at least the F word! Not to worry, even if the battery is flat I’m sure we can get you going some way”. Deb was clearly pissed off at this development and all sexy thoughts she’d just had immediately disappeared with the realisation that she might be stuck at work while she sorted this out. Daniel popped the bonnet on Deb’s car and started looking at what was needed to get Deb on the road. He went off to find John, the building supervisor to see if he had anything to help start the car. He emerged a couple minutes later. “Well he doesn’t have any jumper leads but we’ve found this battery charger that might take a little while but it should get you on the road in an hour or so”. Deb was grateful that he’d at least found something and she looked on as Daniel located a power point, plugged the charger in and hooked it up to her battery. Seeing him take charge relaxed her and some of the sexy thoughts started creeping back into her head as she watched him leaning in over her engine bay.

Daniel suggested that they sit in his car while they waited for her battery to charge. Deb said, “You shouldn’t have to wait with me, you should head home”. Daniel responded that he didn’t have anything on that night and just in case the battery didn’t charge quickly it would always be safer if he was there to give her a lift. Deb said she thought that was nice of him and climbed into the passenger seat of his car, after all it was going to get very boring quickly otherwise. As soon as the door shut she noticed that her stocking tops were peeking out from under her skirt’s hemline. Normally she’d pull down on her skirt but not this time. She was feeling cheeky and wanted to see what reaction such provocative behaviour would elicit from Daniel. The discussion topic quickly moved back to the subject being discussed in the office just minutes earlier. Deb had been explaining how an older lecherous workmate was always coming out with sexual innuendo and always used to refer to Deb in the third person and use the adjectives, “lovely” and “sweet” in front of Deb’s name whenever they met in the coffee room. He had made it very clear he would notice exactly what Deb was wearing every day as well as the preceding days. It creeped Deb out because it was so obvious that he had the hots for her and the lack of any sort of reciprocal behaviour from Deb should have sent the message back to him that she definitely wasn’t going there. “I guess some guys just don’t know how to take a hint”, Daniel responded. “I know that I would always err on the side of not saying anything for exactly that reason and the last thing I’d want to do is create an awkward working environment if the woman I liked didn’t feel the same way about me”. Deb asked Daniel to elaborate. “So if you liked someone you wouldn’t say anything at all?”. “Absolutely”, said Daniel. Deb then added, “You know there’s nothing wrong with dropping the hint. It’s only when guys persist after getting negative reaction from the woman that it starts to get on their nerves and create awkwardness”. “So would I be creepy if I made mention of the fact I can see your stocking tops?”, said Daniel cheekily. Deb responded. “Only if you were sleazy or creepy, that you’re not”. Daniel just smiled and replied, “Hmmmm so if I just came out and said I liked you, even if you weren’t interested it wouldn’t affect our working relationship?” Deb coyly looked at him and said “EVEN if I wasn’t interested in you Daniel, if you flirted with me, just the fact that you are so not sleazy would make me more than likely to flirt back! Uh oh, did I just say that? I think the alcohol’s talking now!” Daniel looked at Deb, carefully placed his hand on her thigh, and whispered, “You didn’t say anything about what you would do if a guy touched you”. “Well touching’s totally different. If you did that to me and you were a creep I’d durn slap that face of yours” She paused. “Lucky for you the last thing I think you are is a sleaze”. “Well Deb, I do like you, a lot in fact, I think you, look, sound and act incredibly sexy and I make excuses all day just to pop into your office to talk to you”. “Daniel, if you keep talking like that you can put your hand wherever you durn well like!!” With that, Daniel leaned over towards Deb, paused for a split second just an inch from her face, then kissed her passionately. Deb’s breathing sped and deepened. As he pulled away her mouth remained opened and she just looked at him with a mixture of disbelief, trepidation and expectation. Daniel acted on the last of those messages and kissed her again. She reached up and placed her hand on the back of his head pulling him into her. She slightly parted her legs as she felt his hand move from her stocking to her bare inner thigh. His hand was now under her skirt just a couple inches from her panties and her now suddenly moistening pussy. He moved his mouth down to her neck and nuzzled gently into it, kissing it gently before moving up again to her wet and welcoming lips. As they kissed he moved his hand around to the outside of her upper thigh, moved it up until he was cupping her beautiful arse and pulled her towards him as she lifted one leg over her other. With his free hand he started unbuttoning her blouse exposing the edges of a lacy black bra enclosing the smooth mounds of Deb’s quickly heaving chest. He stooped down and kissed the exposed parts of her breasts and deftly slipped his other hand back in between Deb’s thighs. This time he didn’t tease, his fingers found the gusset of her panties and he playfully used his finger to trace the outline of her pussy lips and then pushed the material into her moist opening. The only thing between his finger and her now pulsing clit was a thin lacy piece of material. She gasped and with a sharp uptake of air muttered, “Yes, fuck yes”.

“Don’t move”. Daniel pulled away from Deb, cracked the door open and briskly walked around to her side. He opened her door, reached down and swung her outer leg through the door opening. He leaned down, kissed her again and whilst their lips were interlocked cupped one of her firm breasts and squeezed gently. Deb swung her body around so both her very high stiletto heels were locked into the bottom of the door opening. Daniel kneeled down between her legs and pushed up on her skirt exposing her milky white thighs and her black panties. Daniel started kissing her inner thighs, teasing her by hovering near her pussy but not touching it. His hand lay gently on the area above her panties. All she felt was his warm breath on her dampness and she started aching for another touch in her most sensitive of places. Daniel took in the sweet smell of Deb’s already aroused pussy. In an instant he hooked a finger under the edge of her panties and slipped them aside exposing her now pouting and wet pussy lips. “It’s beautiful”. Without hesitation, his tongue found its way past her outer lips and immediately started driving in towards her aroused clit. Once he felt it he stiffened his tongue and started swirling small circular movements around it, occasionally flicking it and making Deb’s whole body shudder. Her clit swelled and firmed under his tongue. After working on her clit for a while his tongue moved downwards and parted her inner lips. He was overwhelmed by the gush of juices that met his tongue as he pushed it as deeply into Deb’s pussy as he could go. She pulled his head deeper into her as she ran her fingers through his hair. He could taste Deb’s arousal and lapped away at her, savouring the taste of this beautiful woman’s delicate pussy. Deb leaned back as he reached up and started pinching her hardening nipples through her blouse and bra. Without missing a beat from his tongue he squeezed two upturned fingers from his free hand into her wet opening and started stroking the her G spot with a come hither motion. He brought his other hand down to just above her clit and pushed in and pulled upwards on the skin just above her warm opening to make her clit stand out even more than it was. Within seconds Deb’s hips started bucking and her thighs clamped tightly around Daniel’s head as she felt the waves of her first orgasm wash over her. He could feel the muscles in her pussy rhythmically clamp down on his fingers as she started convulsing and crying out loudly. The unmistakeable sound of her orgasm could be heard echoing through the car park.

After her climax subsided, Daniel slowly withdrew his slippery fingers. A string of Deb’s juices hung between her pussy and his fingers. He went to suck them clean and Deb quickly grabbed his wrist and immediately bent down to clean them off herself. She made a show out of sucking his fingers clean and dry, all the while gazing into his eyes as she did so. Daniel stood up before Deb and the first thing she noticed was his bulge right at her eye level as he steadied himself on his feet. She quickly ran her hand over the outline of his cock as it clearly went up and to the left under his pants. She squeezed the head of it through his pants and gave him an approving look as she did so. She didn’t even unbuckle his belt, she simply unzipped him, reached in, manoeuvred his cock out of his briefs and pulled it out through his fly. She grabbed it’s base and held it firmly, it’s head was wet and shiny from the precum he had oozed the whole time he was eating Deb’s pussy. Deb stuck her tongue out and tickled the end of his swollen knob with it. His cock bucked in her hand at the touch of her warm tongue. There he was standing outside his car, his cock in this gorgeous woman’s hand, totally at her mercy. At that moment she would have been able to make him do anything she wanted. All he wanted was to feel her mouth engulf his swollen shiny head and she immediately gave him that wish. As her lips began to glide over his head he felt her tongue begin to flick the underside of his knob. The sensations felt incredible. Deb started bobbing up and down. He could feel his cock against the back of her throat as she jammed as much of his shaft as she could into her mouth. She pulled back, spat on the head in the sluttiest way imaginable and then started stroking the spit over the full length of his stiff shaft before taking it in her mouth again. He was sorely tempted to force it down into the back of her throat but she was doing such a good job of it he thought better of it and save that for another time. Daniel looked down and beyond the incredible sight of his cock disappearing into Deb’s mouth he could see down her unbuttoned blouse exposing her amazing cleavage. He reached down and slipped his fingers into her bra immediately finding her stiff nipple. He squeezed it gently and she helped him pop her whole breast out of the top of her bra. He sucked on his finger and returned to the nipple this time pinching it with wet slippery fingers. Deb reached down into her panties with her free hand and started massaging her now neglected clit while she sucked and licked on Daniel’s throbbing cock. She noticed how wet she was and she already knew she would be able to take his rock hard cock with ease.

As amazing as Deb’s mouth felt Daniel was impatient and just wanted to have her there and then. He pulled her out of the car. She was limp in his arms, she had no idea what he wanted to do with her. Soon it became very clear. He spun her around so she was facing away from him and bent her over so her hands were on the seat cushion in the car. Her skirt had slipped down again so he grabbed its hem at the sides and slid it back up over her hips exposing her sexy G string again. He ran his hand up her thigh revelling in the transition he felt from the warm nylon to the coolness of her smooth skin. She looked back over her shoulder as he slipped her panties aside again exposing her wanton tight little pussy again. He pushed her legs apart to give him better access and to lower her hips as the combination of her heels and slender legs would have had him standing on tip toes to align with her pussy. He unbuckled his belt and let his trousers fall to the ground. He started stroking his cock along the underside of her wet opening. She was waxed smooth so the wetness coating the top of his cock was being transferred to her skin above her pussy. It felt slick and smooth as Daniel pulled right back until his head was poised at her opening. He would then hesitate for a second making her feel that this was the time he would angle it just right and drive it home. However he didn’t. He just stroked the full length against her wet pussy lips and clit making her whimper in anticipation. Finally she knew. She could feel him bend his knees a little and angle his cock upwards. It engaged with her wet opening. She helped it along by angling forwards so that he would have no choice but to drive it home this time. And drive it he did. She felt her whole insides spreading and stretching to accommodate Daniel’s thick cock as he drove it into her. Inch by inch she took it all into her pussy until finally she could feel his hips against her and his balls up against her opening. He stopped to just relish the feeling of finally being buried inside this amazing woman’s pussy. “Oh God” she muttered, “I love being taken from behind”. She hadn’t felt filled up like this in what seemed like an eternity. He was taken aback by how snug and tight it felt. She turned back towards him, grabbed his tie and gruffly demanded, “Fuck me hard Daniel”. He didn’t need to be asked twice. He started long slow strokes into Deb’s warm tight pussy. She gazed back at him and hung on his tie as they fucked, almost choking him. He could feel every ridge and ripple in her pussy as she could on his cock. Each time he withdrew she could feel her juices being drawn out and running off her lips and down her thigh. His hands strongly gripped her shoulders as his tempo increased and he started pulling her back onto his stiff root. She couldn’t get over how hard he was and how he filled her up. Her legs were like jelly as he pounded her deeply from behind. Deb started adding to the motion by rocking her hips in time with Daniel’s thrusts. Daniel just could not believe that here he was, buried balls deep in this gorgeous woman who barely 20 minutes earlier was sharing a polite drink with him in a workmate’s office and he wondered if Deb was feeling the same thing. He thought, “Could either of us ever have imagined that this could have happened?” He reached around and started playing with her clit with one hand and holding one of her swaying tits with the other. She reached under and wrapped her fingers around his cock as he pumped in and out of her tightening her grip and giving him the most incredible sensation along his length. He would pull right out and piston back in and she was so wet you could hear her pussy gasp air each time he pulled out. Within seconds the feeling of his fingers as well as his balls slapping against her clit brought her to her second mind blowing orgasm. He felt her pussy tighten as she came and he daren’t pull out in case he wouldn’t be able to get back inside her again. His stroking continued and with it her orgasm seemed to be extended forever. He wanted to feel her cum from deep inside her. There they were, joined together, not caring if someone else walked in at that moment.

Daniel finally pulled his stiff glistening cock out of Deb’s now relaxed pussy. She straightened up, turned around and bent forwards taking his apple shined head back into her mouth. She sucked off what juices she could and then licked down to the base to clean up what she couldn’t get into her mouth. She grabbed his shaft and led him around to the front of the car. She slid her panties down and stepped out of them before sitting back on the car bonnet. Daniel grabbed one of her legs and raised her ankle up to near his shoulder. Her other leg lay flat along the bonnet of the car. Daniel let his cock lay on Deb’s tummy before pulling back and guiding it back inside her pussy. They both looked down and just watched in lustful awe as he hugged her leg and made his thick rod disappear inside her slick juicy pussy, her wetness allowing it to stroke effortlessly in and out. Deb popped both of her heavy tits out of the top of her bra so that Daniel could play with her stiff nipples whilst they fucked. Her tits swayed with each thrust of his hips unless he was firmly holding them. It took every ounce of his will power not to cum at the incredible sight of him fucking Deb on the bonnet of his car right before him. Occasionally he would pull out and bend down to taste Debs just fucked pussy. It tasted sweeter than before immediately after he pulled his cock out as it was simply oozing with her juices from deep within her. What an eyeful someone inadvertently driving into the carpark would have had. This hot couple lustfully shagging on the bonnet of a car completely oblivious to all around them. At that point Deb said, “Dan I want to fuck YOU now”.

She asked Daniel to lie back on the bonnet of the car, his upper back on the windscreen angling him up nicely. She kicked off her heels, jumped onto the car and straddled him, poising her pussy directly over his hips. He guided his cock directly up just in time to feel her pussy lips kiss the head and start to slowly sink down and engulf his erect hard on. “Fuck yes”, moaned Deb as she started grinding her clit into Daniel’s pubic bone. She just stayed down, impaled on his thick shaft moving her hips in circles followed by forward and back bucking motions. She could feel the ridge of his cock’s head “click” against something deep inside her pussy. He held onto her arse for dear life as this incredible woman just fucked the life out of him. She would raise her hips almost to the point of letting his head slip out but then she would just drop down hard making sure that cock stayed buried deep inside her hungry pussy. Her gorgeous tits were just inches in front of his face. He would be sucking one nipple whilst running moistened fingers around the other before swapping around. Her nipples were as hard as pencil erasers and his tongue danced a merry dance around them making Deb force them even harder into his mouth. She was balancing on the balls of her feet as she rode Daniel within an inch of his life. He sensed that she was tiring a little so he placed his hands under her thighs to help her on her upstrokes. He paced her motion so that he wouldn’t cum because this position and the sight of her above him had him ever so close. His fingers were feeling her pussy around his shaft and he revelled in that feeling of his cock gliding through her smooth outer pussy lips. He moved his fingers to her clit and started stroking it. Within a few seconds Deb grunted and sunk down hard on him as she started cumming again. Her nipples became impossibly stiff and her pussy massaged the length of Daniel’s cock as she continued to orgasm for what seemed an eternity. After she managed to get her breath back Daniel commented. “That was a good one then?” Deb just smiled a sexy smile at him and said, “Your turn now”.

She lifted off and immediately settled down next to Daniel taking his still stiff cock back into her mouth. He was so engorged she could barely get his head into her mouth. As she started a combination of sucking and stroking Daniel sensed that she was on a mission. Clearly he could control himself whilst fucking but would he be able to resist her swirling tongue and incredibly adept hands and mouth. She kept spitting on his head to keep his cock slippery and easy to stroke. As she worked on him he could sense his orgasm was building up deep within him. When he realised that her goal was to milk him there and then he uttered, “Babe, you’re going to make me cum, I’ll warn you just before so I don’t cum in your mouth OK?” At that comment her mouth came off him and whilst still stroking his rod with one hand placed one finger on his lips as if to say “Shhhhh”. As soon as her mouth enveloped his knob again Daniel let out a moan, “Oh god, I’m cumming”. Instead of removing her mouth from his bucking cock, Deb just increased her pace sliding her hand up and down his now well lubricated shaft whilst his throbbing head kept sliding in and out of her mouth past her full red lips. Stream after stream of hot cum shot out of Daniel’s cock straight into Deb’s mouth. She pumped, stroked and sucked on him until the bucking stopped and his orgasm died down. In between breaths he just looked at her in amazement and said, “Oh my god Deb. That is the hottest thing I’ve ever had happen to me”. She lifted off him and with her mouth closed just smiled at him. She then parted her lips a little to show him that his cum was still in her mouth. Fully expecting her to spit it out Daniel watched as Deb just tilted her heavenly face back and proceeded to swallow every drop. “Didn’t expect that did ya?” Deb exclaimed. Daniel just shook his head. He was speechless. He kissed Deb deeply and passionately. “You are unbelievable. I could never have imagined”…. Deb shushed him again and they climbed off the car bonnet and started getting tidied up. “I think we’ve now got something to do this weekend” purred Deb…..“Do you think the car will start now?” “I don’t know” replied a still shaky Daniel. Just as he started working his way to her car again and as Deb did up her last button and pulled her skirt down to just above her knees, John the building supervisor walked around the corner. “I’m not sure why you didn’t want the jumper cables Daniel, I told you then that they would get you moving right away. Just take them already and start enjoying your weekend OK?”. Deb, without missing a beat just looked at John directly. Completely unfazed by how close they came to getting caught she said in a direct voice, “Just in time John…..We were getting bored waiting down here”. She then smiled at Daniel, “No jumper leads hey? Nicely played Sir”