Written by ianssecret

14 Aug 2012

My wife and I went to the local casino in Perth on Saturday for a works party and what fun we had !

At the end of the night we were both totally drunk and joined the queue for the taxi. Two young guys near us were looking to share a ride to a place near our suburb so we agreed to share. One got in the front of the cab and the other guy jumped in the back with us -my wife in the middle. Almost immediately the guy in the back with us started flirting with my wife complimenting her on her dress and the lovely view. Being quite drunk I was just sat half sleeping. His mate got out the cab quite quick near the casino leaving us with a 20 minute cab ride just the three of us in the back.

The converstaion had turned quite raunchy with him asking my wife if her boobs were real or not then just leaning over and feeling her boob -she just said see real ! I felt a gentle stirring in my pants and said nothing. My wife just moved her coat from her lap over her boobs and legs -I thought to stop him from touching her -little did I know!

Next thing my wifes hand has gone to my cock and she is rubbing me through my pants. Being drunk I half turned to her and could see movement under the coat he had her boobs out and was playing with her nipples.I went instantly hard at this and just sat quietly. I moved my hand to my wifes leg and found bare legs -her dress had been pushed up ! I moved her coat slightly from her leg and was greeted by the sight of her legs apart and his hand buried inside her pants. My wife looked at me with a gave a smile that said look at me !!!

I looked over her and could see his flies were open and she was holding his hard cock in her hand gently wanking him.

We arrived at his house and he was desperate for us to go with him but I refused saying we had to go -he was heart (cock) broken !

Five minutes later we arrived home and never made the bedroom -my wife was soaking wet and so horny - she said she would have fucked him if I had got out the car with him and said ok . She explained the minute he got in the taxi he had rested his hand on her upper thigh and just started to rub her through her dress -being drunk she just enjoyed it !

We screwed like mad that night and again in the morning great fun and really horny.

Hopefully we will repeat the fun when we go again in a few weeks.