24 Oct 2017

I was at the local one Friday night for a mates wifes birthday. We had dinner and were socialising when i spotted a really attractive mid 30s mum at the pool table. She was around 5'7 long thick black hair. She had 5" blacke suede heels and fake leather tights on that made her dancer/gym legs off to perfection. She had a woolen top on with a big rolled collar and what appeared to be a really full chest. I had a date with me and had to be happy with bumping into her at the bar a couple of times. I was kicking myself. I couldnt get her out of my head so i started stalking! Lol i tried facebook but couldnt find a thing. Moved up to getting all the local mums and school teachers i knew on the case. Still nothing. It was just hopeless. It was probably 8 weeks later OI had exhausted every avenue and was still thinking about her when i got a random text saying hey My name is Dee and i hear you have been looking for me. You could have knocked me over then of course i thought it was a mate geeing me up!. We chatted for a couple of days then she went quiet for weeks. We tried to line up a coffee or a drink a couple of times but she kept pulling out. I didnt care how hot she was i was getting the shits with being stuffed around and decided to forget about it. Fast forward another month (so 6 months after i first saw her) a mate and i were at the servo fuelling the jetskis to head over to the island for lunch when she pulled in. I said gday we chatted and she asked what we were doing. So i told her the plan. She said well if you dont mind me tagging along and i can be back by school pickup id love to come. No worries hop in i says. Then as with all women we just had to call on to the local surf shop so she could buy swimmers and a towel. We had a half hour drive to the beach and i hit her up as to why she was so cold towards me. She admitted she had heard all about me and my proclivities from my ex. She went on to say nothing was going to happen she wasnt looking for sex and definitely wasnt into swinging or wild sex. She just wanted a day on the water. I was fine with that. We left the harbour and headed out and you wouldnt believe it my ski shit itself. I mucked about for 5 mins before i suggested she jump on with my mate and they go look around while i tried to sort mine out. I had no luck with mine and rang another mate to come and tow me home. Dee and my other mate arrived back as i was tieing the ski to mate number 2s boat. It was decided i would jump on the other ski with those 2 while my mechanic mate took mine home to sort out. We headed off watched some whales had lunch and a couple of beers and then ran around to another bay to go for a swim. Dee had taken her sundress off and holy crap she looked fan bloody tastic in a white bikini and those boobs Wow! She was sitting in between us as we skipped around to the bay. The wi e and beers must hzve loosened her up a little as she seemed to be wriggling quite a bit and pushing the conversation back to being in between 2 strong fellas. We anchored up in about 18 inches of water and jumped off to go for a swim. Dees nipples were definitely out to be seen. My mate made a joke about them and she whipped her top straight off!! We went for a swim had a play splashing and dunking one another which led to a lot of not so accidental sneaky feels. I went back to the ski which was beached by now to get a drink of water i sat on the ski and drank. Dee walked over with a whole lot more hip swaying than before and said ate you 2 gay? Why havent you tried anything? I was a bit speechless as she leaned forward and rubbed my cock through my boardies. I stuttered and stammered as she pulled my cock out and started sucking. Goddamn she was talented. My mate was trying to discteetly watch from a distance when she popped her head up and said are you waiting for an invitation?? I moved in behind her and slid my cock into her as she blew old mate. We tried every combination position as we could and fucked away the afternoon needless to say we missed school pickup and end up with second degree sunburn but fuck it was the best day i have ever had on ski!! I havent heard a word from Dee since although i tried texting and calling. I did however notice some lovely new wedding photos a couple of weeks after that on fb. Call me slimy but i have since met her new hubby and we have had a couple of beers. I just sent him a txt to see if him and his girl want to come for a run on the jetski this weekend.