Written by gigglynurse

11 Oct 2010

You could feel the buzz running strong now, it had been an hour since you had quickly gobbled the cake in the bar upstairs at the shopping centre and that had been followed by two quick champagnes to wash it down, so you mused. Lol

Now you were out in the centre and feeling very wicked and you knew that he was as well as he continued to grope your bum, your boobs and press his body against yours as the both of you wandered in and out of stores looking at clothing and more. Target loomed before you and he glanced at you with an evil grin. You matched his eyes and both of you knew it was definitely time to wander through the lingerie section and perhaps find a few items to try on. Grabbing his hand you plunged between the racks of brightly colours knickers, bras, bustiers and g strings in search of some styles and fabrics to try on.

Already you could feel your puss becoming wet from the excitement and the effects of the cake buzz was causing you to feel every stride as the fabric of your own knickers was rubbed back and forth across the swollen mound surrounding your clit. Accidentally you backed out of a rack and as he was so close behind you your bottom bumped into him and you could feel his hard cock through the jeans pushing tight against the material. Reaching back you just had to grasp it and give it a good, hard and strong squeeze and you felt it harden even more.

Still clutching a few items of underwear in your hands you whirl around and fall into each others arms and kiss, oh god you kiss, kiss, kiss; sucking face, lips and tongues deep within your mouth as you feel teeth clash, lips mash and faces rub in frenzy. Hands roam freely over bodies, hips, thighs, backs and bums, pinching, squeezing, probing, oh yes please the probing, more more more. Panting now you break away, eyes locked if not lips as the fires inside burn clear, hot and urgent .

Thrusting a range of garments in your hand he commands you to find a dressing room and try them on, show me what makes you hot, or maybe just show me how hot you feel. A flick under his chin, a twist of your hips as you stride off to the rooms, your bum you know is rocking back and forth as he likes it, you know he is watching your arse as you walk away, mincing, swaying, rubbing your knickers over your clit, hard, sensitive, wet, buzzing, so good, seriously good, really really good.

The girl on the dressing rooms has already seen you and him in the racks, watched your behaviour as you kiss, clutch and press against each other. You feel that as she issues you with a check for the items you are taking in she knows what you are planning. You can sense it, see it in her eyes, her lips tremble slightly as she asks you “if he will be viewing the items as you try them on?”. You smile within, and even as you answer you can hear the lust in your voice, the tone is deeper, slower and has an edge of sheer fucking desire in it.

You drag him into the fitting area and sit him down as you open the doors to a small change room with mirrors all around, hooks on the wall and a small bench. Placing a kiss, long and hard on his lips you decide its time for a change. Blue lace fabric, the bra is push up, definitely, the knickers boy leg cut and you know he likes this style. You slide your own clothes off and pause momentarily as you remove your knickers to glance at the dampness already marking the crotch, a sure sign you are horny and needing a cock.

A deep breath and you call out, “here I come” as you fold back the door and present him with your lingerie enclosed body, boobs way to tight you decide and puss very firmly enclosed but you feel good anyway. He is sitting there mouth open, eyes wide he stares at you, your body, you boobs, and ever so slowly you watch his eyes slide down, down, down to the swelling you can feel in your body as the lips on your puss enlarge.

Make him wait you think, there are more styles to try as you retreat from his blistering gaze to grab the next outfit. Several more changes and your both faring rather well you feel, he is almost at the point of masturbating in the sitting area and you are increasingly aware you are stroking your own puss as you change knickers. The young girl in charge of the rooms is being very attentive and you sense she knows what is happening, can feel the energy and tension between you and is riding her own wave of excitement as she encourages you on and even directs other people to the far side fitting rooms.

You had changed maybe four items when he thrust his latest choice over the door for you to try on, a bra that seemed almost see though and a g string that was so brief it defied belief and as you slid it into position you felt it only just contained your swollen lips and wetness. This time there was no denying it, and he didn’t wait for you to come out of the rooms or call you over to the door. The door swings open softly and he slips into the room and drops to the bench behind you, a gasp of breath so intense you could feel it on your skin. You turn away from him, your bum pokes out and you feel his hands on your skin, soft, clean and so hot you can feel the energy crackle between you as his fingers play your body like the tune on a guitar. Your head drops forward and your hands reach out to the wall in front, a mirror wall actually and your hair falls about your face.

Vaguely you are aware he has risen behind you and has his hands running all over your body, smoothly, firmly, gently caressing. Hands over your back, down over your bum and between your thighs, you shuffle your feet slightly and widen your stance to balance and feel his fingers probe the elastic of the g string and slip within the confines to explore the wetness of your hot and eager puss. His other hand has cupped a boob and gently squeezes a nipple, your lips part and a groan escapes as the sensitivity starts to climb.

The change room girl softly calls out, “is everything all right in there ?” but you notice her own voice has lowered in tone and you can hear the huskiness as her own arousal increases. “Uhhhhh, were fine” you softly call back, just as he reaches down and lifts one of your legs and places the foot on the bench in front of you allowing him easy access to your now mostly exposed cunt from behind. You reach back with one hand, the other still steadying you against the mirror, and grasp at his exposed cock gently drawing him forwards as your poke your butt back a little more.

Glancing at the mirror in front of you there are two things apparent, he has his head buried in your neck and his eyes are locked on yours, the other is the view through the crack in the change room door. You can see the girl outside leaning against the wall her eyes also locked on the vision she can see through the crack in the door, her own leg raised on a stool and she has her hands down her own pants rubbing frantically at her own puss.

“Uuuunnnngghhhhhh” you grunt as his cock slips fully into the warm wetness of your body and his balls slap hard against the lips of your puss. You are climbing so fast and you can feel his cock swelling within you with each thrust taking the pair of you closer to a fast furious and satisfying orgasm. The knowledge you are being watched has increased the tension you feel and you begin to crash over the top as the first waves of pleasure ripple through your tummy and down you legs. You grunt even more and force your bum back hard onto his cock as your eyes are now locked on the vision of the girl outside, she has seen your orgasm begin and this has caused her to begin her own with waves of pleasure shaking her body as she plunges fingers into her wetness.

You feel his cock begin to swell just a little more and his breath comes faster as he nears the point of explosion and slams hard into your body forcing you to brace both hands on the wall as his cum spurts deep into the warmth of your body, your puss clenching in your own orgasm milking his cock of every drop.

Slowly you both relax as the urgency dissipates and you begin to come down. “so you like the g string more than the boy leg?” you ask with a grin on your face. His reply is simply “ we might have to buy the set as some of them appear to be a bit wet now” and laughing you both quickly dress in your own clothes and you notice with a glance the girl from outside has also neatened herself and is now back behind her desk.

Laughing you both leave and passing the girl on the counter declaring “we will take all these please” as she offers to put them in a bag for the check out counter. She winks at you and offers the comment “that was fun, I work every Saturday afternoon in case you want to try on some more styles be sure to let me help you both” and has her own giggle.