Written by Niceguyjohn42

4 Jul 2013

I have swung on and off for a long time. I meet a couple on a website whilst living in a small town in country NSW. I knew the husband, Phil from work. Anyway I replied to an add on a website and we arranged to meet at a motel. I did know it was Phil until he cam to the motel door with his with Jen. Anyway there was an oh shit moment at the door, then they came in.

i am in my early 40s and Phil and Jen are the same. I am 6 foot tall, a little over weight but very well hung, 8 inches but very thick. Phil is skinner, and he has a long thin cock. Jen is a lady with massive tits and a hungry pussy.

Anyway back to the story, there was some difficult small talk, we were all worried about making a move, this small talk lasted for 10 mins. Finally I got the nerve up to go over to Jen and run my hand over here, particularly over those massive boobs. She quickly got interested and start to kiss me, sinking her tongue deep into my throat and exploring my mouth. Fairly quickly hand were exploring each other and loosening clothes. Phil was over to the side of the room watching . We quickly got naked and I started to finger Jens soaking pussy, she immediate took my very hard cock in her mouth and started to ride it with her face. She took the whole thing down her throat to my balls, I quickly found out Jen loved sucking cock and was very good at it. She kept ridding my cock faster and faster. I could see Phil was in the corner wanking himself whilst his wife caused me to accelerate to exploding in her mouth, I cam hard emptying my load into her. She sucked and licked me clean. Then Phil cam over and kissed her deep and long so that he could taste my cum.

More to come....