11 Jan 2018

A few years ago I accepted a job with a large national company in a general manger role for my designated area. It was a well known company and great to work for, and about 3 months in we had a large national 3 day conference organised in early December which was to also incorporate the end of year Christmas party which was going to be huge due to a very successful year.

I flew to Melbourne and met up with some fellow colleagues I already had met from the company and headed to the usual boring conference/awards/self praising dribble they usually carry on with. The took us out to dinner the first night and I met some new guys from the company, Gail, Abbey and Julie. I was particularly struck with Abbey, who was a carbon copy of Nigela Lawson who I always had a thing for!

Abbey didn’t seem to have much interest in me, friendly but chat was limited too her friends mainly, but with 8 of us at the table it was hard to hear anyway and we all had a great and friendly dinner. The night ended and we all went back to our rooms in the same building (the company had pretty much booked out about 10 floors!

The next evening was the Christmas party, and Helen one of the bosses organised a few pre-drinks in her room for a select group of us, with Abbey and Gail also attending. We had friendly chat, Abbey was gorgeous and was knocking back the champagne very quickly. I found out she was quite high up in the company and lived in Sydney while I was based in mid Queensland area.

We all headed off to the Christmas party and had a fantastic evening.

After dinner and late into the night, the crowd thinned a little and I ended up in silly conversations with Abbey, Gail and a few other. Abbey was very chatty and friendly and had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. We were both in bad marriages, and had a lot in common. Helen invited a few of us back to her room to continue partying, she had a large stash of alcohol in her room. The room had two large separate bedrooms and a large living area with a big couch and a couple of matching arm chairs. Abbey plonked herself down next to me as the champagne was flowing freely. We we already plastered and getting worse. Abbey and I were bonding well, but the champagne took its toll and as the night moved into the early hours I passed out.

I awoke and it was dark, everyone was asleep and to my wonderful surprise I was laying on the lounge spooning behind Abbey. They must have positioned me there as I’m sure I went to sleep sitting up on the other end of the couch. There was a light sheet over us as well.

My arm was over Abbey, close to her large generous breast which I had noticed all evening. I decided to have a feel and to my surprise Abbeys hand reached up and grabbed my wrist!

‘Shit!’ I thought I was sprung, but only momentarily as Abbey guided my hand through to her bare breast. She would have immediately felt my hardness behind her, and her hand moved back behind to rub my bulge in my pants. I returned the favour, unzipped and put her hand inside my underpants onto my throbbing hardness.

We were being very quiet, but started to make noise as she continued to pick up pace rubbing my cock. There was movement across the room as someone else was sleeping on one of the chairs, which scared the bejesus out of me.

I whispered in her ear ‘let’s get out of here’ and slowly and quietly as possible we regathered ourselves and got outside the room.

Once in the hallway, she said her room was a couple of doors down.

She grabbed my hand and lead me there. As soon as we entered we started kissing passionately and trying to take the others clothes off as quickly as possible. I couldn’t wait to see her naked, I had imagined it during the evening and now it was going to become a reality.

Her breasts were magnificent, voloptuous and perfectly shaped with a nice chunky nipple on the end. She ripped my pants of and we were standing the naked, still passionately kissing and feeling each other all over. We moved to the bed where she suddenly dropped to her knees and took my manhood in her sweet lips, I moaned and sighed. She leaned back to show her beautiful breasts and smiled, the dawn light coming through the curtains to announce her beauty. ‘I’ve been thinking about sucking you all night’ before latching on again. ‘I’ve wanted you from the moment I first saw you I moaned’. It was too much as I was over the edge in lusty desire, and she leaned back again and sprayed my pulsating cum all over her beautiful breasts. It was so intense I moaned loudly, no doubt the people next door would have heard.

She leaned back and licked the remain cum from the end of my deflating meat wand, and then with a devilish smile said ‘little bit excited were we?’

With this I picked her up and placed her on the bed, used the folded towel placed there to clean my love juice from her magnificent frame.

I knew it wouldn’t take long for Captain Happy to rise to attention already, I leaned in and we kissed passionately again, before working down to her gorgeous nipples, licking sucking and delicately biting much to her gentle sighs.

I moved down to her glory box and flicked my tongue around, she was so wet already and I couldn’t wait to plant my second load in there in the near future. I licked her to her deep moans, and flicked down to her bottom and gave that a tasting as well. She was truly delicious and I craved her, I wanted to gobble her all up.

A while later she grabbed a handful of hair from the back of my head and said “you got a job to do now - and it better last longer than last time!’ With a wicked smile.

I moved up slowly, and guided my now reinvigorate pork sword into the eye of her moist pool of happiness. Slowly we started moving together, her breathing deep and concentrated, I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, and thankfully this time I lasted the distance. I picked up the pace and hammered her nice and hard, she moaned and said how much she loved my cock, then drove her fingernails into my bum checks! ‘Give it too me!’ she moaned and as I exploded she did too, grabbing a pillow and putting it over of face to mask out the enraged yell from her orgasm. I was so turned on I don’t think I had every come so much!

We lay on the bed exhausted, laughing and touching before drifting off to sleep again. We awoke about 8.30 and had to be at the conference at 9.30! We had sex again, and were both very tired and hung over at the conference that day (as were most other people).

We didn’t go to dinner that night and had room service delivered to her room. That evening until sunrise I came 5 times which I hadn’t done since I was a teenager!

We have kept in touch, Have a secret email account with nudes sent to each other on a regular basis, I got promoted and left a year or so later to a different company and she is now very senior in her company. We are both still in our marriages and aren’t sure whether it is lust or we could make it work. I know I have never met anyone like her before or after.

She gave me the best passionate sex I ever had. For that I’m grateful.