24 Dec 2016

Very occaisionally i have made good friends on here for swinging but so far no bi wingwoman. .a few weeks ago i drove to meet a great couple . Id pulled up at a park and sat by the beach drank some flask tea had a smoke and enjoyed the sun and watched the bikini clad backpackers shower and do the sneaky sexy towell change had a swim and shower a slap of cologne excitement building nicely and feeling fresh im welcomed with a firm handshake annd offered a cold beer "come upstairs the kids are still up "marks wife was sitting outside taking in the ocean view ...great big brown eyes cheeky face "hi im Laura "i think id known how good this was going to be all along but still i thought this is christmas in november anyway by the time we'd had two beers the kids were down ....she was naked and mark was eating her when i saw her next so i kissed her gorgeous nipples bit them her response was just beautifull to watch the way she pushed against marks face arching her back and pumping my cock ...mark slid his curved hard cock along her lips and pushed inside her was so wett so i reached down with my mouth and sucked her hard long clit marks cock pushing and pulling her labia an inch or so from my wide awake eyes then her mouth surrounded my tender hot hardness i was wanting to cumm in just minutes of this happening but it was so good i just controlled amazed at the sexual energy available ....four hours or so later we surrendered to sleep if you want to hear what happened that night and next day leave a few comments and likes ??